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Character: Ragnar Lothbrook
Residence: Lakeside Mansions
Employment: Curator at the Museum of Natural History

Player name: D
Timezone: GMT
Public contact information: discord etc tbd

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Ragnar Loðbrók
NAME Ragnar Lothbrook
AGE Appears to be 38

HEIGHT 6'00"
BUILD Muscular
HAIR Blondish
FEATURES Distinguishing marks

HOMETOWN Kattegat, Norway

Stuff about Ragnar

Ragnar is a legend. He's not just saying that to brag, promise. He really is a legend. The way Gilgamesh is. And Odysseus. Except cooler. More hip and modern…

But he learnt things. He build up collections of artifacts and ideas, he made money. He took jobs, he embraced the ages of education, of easier travel, of improving technology. Oh, every so often he would try and end his life, try a new weapon or drug or method, try anything to end his suffering. But Ragnar had to embrace what he was given. He graduated from several colleges with several degrees. He learnt a vast amount of languages. And the piano.

His travels have finally brought him to Repose, and it feels like home. Things lurk here that are as unnatural as he is, and the air tastes good.

Ragnar is a gentleman. He is smart, rather sarcastic, but he has all the time in the world for your bullshit, so he is also infinitely patient. He has learnt how to forge relationships with people that doesn't necessarily end with him heartbroken and lonely, so he is always open to being around people and experiencing them.

Part of him will always be a king, though. Part of him will always seek power and approval and domination.

Part of him will also always want to die.
Ragnar certainly has a presence. It’s been cultivated over time, enforced whilst he was still a warrior and a king, and honed through his years of wandering the world. He is a man that people notice when he walks into a room. It isn’t that he’s imposing, he’s just- there.

He’s also quite a quiet man. He’s taken up listening, and you will get his full attention if you’re telling him anything. Which can be quite intimidating, but he really tries not to be.

Ragnar is very rarely flustered, very rarely stressed, so the first time you meet him he’ll probably be in some kind of relaxed pose, possibly reclined. He’ll also try and make you feel as relaxed as possible. He has forever, he isn’t going to be upset by much. He’s a positive presence.

Ragnar is six foot of muscle and charm. He knows he’s good looking, but he tries very hard to not be arrogant about it.

Most of the time he has some facial hair going on, and it’s a nice beard more often than not. Sometimes it gets a little long and straggly, sometimes he shaves it all back and starts again, but there’s almost always a beard going on.

Fashion wise, Ragnar will usually go for a hoodie and jeans. When he’s not expected anywhere he looks a little bit like a hobo, by his own admission. But he scrubs up well and looks good in a suit. He has the money to splurge on nice clothes, and he does just that. For work he is always well turned out, strolling around the museum in a casual suit.

Commanders are natural-born leaders. People with this personality type embody the gifts of charisma and confidence, and project authority in a way that draws crowds together behind a common goal. However, Commanders are also characterized by an often ruthless level of rationality, using their drive, determination and sharp minds to achieve whatever end they’ve set for themselves. Perhaps it is best that they make up only three percent of the population, lest they overwhelm the more timid and sensitive personality types that make up much of the rest of the world – but we have Commanders to thank for many of the businesses and institutions we take for granted every day.
Ragnar is a calm man, but he’s also a man who knows what he wants. He isn’t one to be underestimated. He’s charming, too. He likes people, doesn’t care which gender, he enjoys attractive company and will make it well known that he thinks you’re nice to look at. He isn’t big headed enough to assume that everyone wants to sleep with him, but there’s no harm in flirting a little. Ragnar is fiercely loyal. If he considers you part of his family, he will protect you at all costs. Whilst he has quite a big heart, Ragnar is reluctant to allow himself to fall in love with anyone again. He’s let it happen a few times in the last few centuries, but it has never been allowed to work out. He’s immortal, his lover will die. They always die. If he thinks he’s getting too close to someone, or thinks there’s a chance his feelings are going to be a problem, he’ll pull away. Curiosity is a trait that Ragnar has always possessed, but his years of wandering have only increased his desire to explore and learn. He likes to find people he can talk to, smart people with diverse interests, even if they are very different for his own.
Sanctuary Welshy Arms
This is our sanctuary// We can find shelter and peace// This is our sanctuary // You are, you are safe with me
Bones Galantis (feat. OneRepublic)
You're like the opposite of all of my mistakes// Tear down the biggest walls and put me in my place// I know that kind of comfortable you cannot replicate// You feel like home
Atticus McVickers
Friend. Fellow fan of old things. Invited to Valhalla
Leander Miller
Acquaintance with benefits. To be protected at all costs.
Pippin Pinkerton
Spunky, Celtic nerd girl. Likes ghosts.
Connor Xander
Born in present day Norway in the beginning centuries of the common era, Ragnar was always going to be king. From childhood, he had every intention of being a ruler, not just of his village, nor any land surrounding them. No, Ragnar was going to discover the undiscovered, he was going to hunt glory, he was going to be better than anyone who had come before him-

Many stories were told of his life, of his escapades, his family, his children, his lovers and conquests. His early raids brought him glory, his decisions earnt him enemies, his strength guaranteed his lordship, as he had always intended. Ragnar never went into anything half-heartedly, and he believed the gods to be on his side, he believed that Odin blessed his path.

I would worry less about the gods and more about the fury of a patient man.
But gods, as anyone who is familiar with any other mythology will know, are tricky and easily displeased. Oh, Ragnar never called himself a god, no. He had some humility, hidden deep within his glorious, righteous breast. But somewhere along the lines one took offense to him, and cursed him. Or it might have been one of the monks he raided and their God- it was hard to tell.

You will never die. No man, nor woman, nor beast, friend nor foe, god nor monster shall be able to slay you.

A curse? Ragnar had laughed. A curse to be unslayable? How could one possibly see that as a curse! Ragnar was a warrior, he could not be killed, he was surely unstoppable!

Don’t waste your time looking back You’re not going that way.
What the warrior in him failed to consider was reality of this beyond warfare. What he failed to consider was that it made him reckless, made him lead men into battles they couldn't win just because he would not be defeated. Left him surrounded by bodies of his brothers against armies far bigger than himself. Immortality made the people he loved grow old around him, made them die. His lovers, his children, his grandchildren all grew up around him and passed onto the great halls of Valhalla, whilst Ragnar didn't age.

People began to avoid him. He was unnatural. He was unlucky. And so he was alone.

He tried to stab himself through the chest. The wound healed. He had a man cut out his heart, and even as he held it in his hand a new one grew back. He had another behead him, and awoke in ashes days later, his burnt body reanimating like a phoenix. Cursed. Unnatural. Ragnar left the land he had conquered, the land he had ruled, and began to carve out new lives for himself in different countries. He fought in wars for something to do, he took lovers and fought beasts and claimed glory, but could never bask in it. He had to move on before his curse was found out.

All the more pitiful were the times he found himself in love, when he allowed himself the pleasure of normalcy, only to be there as they aged, as they passed on without him, left him aching and so painfully alone.

Since arriving in Repose, Ragnar has settled himself down working at the Museum of Natural History, curating the Viking rooms, looking after the artefacts and imparting his wisdom on people. In his first summer he hosted an exhibition at the museum on burial rituals from around the world. His first town event happened not long after he arrived, too, when he began receiving postcards. His correspondence lead him to meet Marta.

I cannot stop thinking about deathbut my own death continues to elude me.
Recently his lurking around the museum also brought him Atticus. They enjoyed a few hours wandering around together, and Ragnar very much enjoyed his company.

Ragnar met Leander on a night out as he was scouring the bars looking for company. A little unethical as a cure for loneliness, some might say, but Ragnar has money. And he likes Leander. To the point where he wants to give the other man a better life. Not really as a long term lover, perhaps, but as a companion certainly. He has offered him a place to live and a potential job that might take Leander off the street corners.

When your time comes you must lead with your headnot your heart.
His secret santa brought Ragnar his wish, and he is now the proud daddy of a puppy, named after the love of his life the best friend he ever had, Athelstan.

Skill Info
NAME // D AGE // 30+ TZ // GMT PB NAME // Travis Fimmel CODE

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