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Feb. 26th, 2021

[info]justfullofit in [info]slashsls

Looking to fill a specific line as I dip my toes back into the world of writing. I don’t want to spend time mapping out the ins and outs I prefer to just start writing and see how we go!

Character A and Character B went to high school together in a SmallTownTM. Character A was well liked and popular, friend to all and general ladies man. Character B was “different”. But they were friends regardless. After high school Character A left town to get a law degree and romp around the big city. Character B either stayed in town or went off somewhere and then returned for some reason. Now something has brought them both back to town. Character A is still a picture of heterosexuality and a ladies man where as B is flamboyant and “out”. But a few drinks (and a few more) lead to boundaries being stretched and pushed.

It could be a one shot or more and I’d like to play character A.

Comments are screened.

Feb. 25th, 2021

[info]osdo in [info]slashsls

This newly single father moved to a small town (or back to his hometown that he left almost 20 years ago) to give himself and his kid a new start. He's a bit stressed, a bit uptight, and is quitting being a workaholic cold turkey. I'd love to find a guy who can help him learn to relax and have fun again. Maybe a new neighbor, an old friend, his kid's teacher. I'm open to ideas! I'm looking for plot and fluff with a good dose of smut thrown in here and there.

[info]strangerlove in [info]slashsls

Looking to fill a couple of lines. Comment here or my journal if interested.

1. Character A is a loner, more of an introvert. He's been this way most of his life. He has a few "friends", but he spends most of his time alone scribbling away on a book he dreams of publishing someday, listening to music or painting. Enter character B. He's the opposite of A. Outgoing, charismatic, charming and worldly. The two are opposites, but there's an attraction. The line will explore their relationship. I prefer to play A.

2. Two strangers meet at a late night diner. I want to discuss and brainstorm this line. I have a few ideas, but nothing is concrete. I'm up for mystery, angst, love, long distance love, heartache, hurt and more. Let's talk and see what we can come up with.

[info]jsmomoa in [info]slashsls


stephen amell to dp grant with me! or you know, pretty much anyone to pass around and share gustin with. more one on one psls, especially ones with toppy twinks. henry cavill to come and lemme worship him endlessly.

[info]greenwalex in [info]slashsls

looking for someone to play ryan ross or taylor hanson for me

Feb. 24th, 2021

[info]thenextone in [info]slashsls

CW: suicide, murder

Seeking a slash line based on the idea of an element of ‘Kill the Next One’.

My character has been interrupted in a suicide attempt and offered the opportunity to join an organization for people who don’t want to live anymore, per the book:

“Their aim was to ease the grief of their loved ones by making their suicides look like murder. Each member would kill the next one on the list. The price of joining the chain was to take revenge for an unjust death”.

Your character could be:

A. The person offering the deal (maybe on behalf of an organization he no longer trusts?).

B. The person who took the deal before him and is waiting to be killed.

C. The person sent to kill my character as part of his own deal who jumps the gun comes too early.

D. Someone else I haven’t even conceived of oh my.

Let’s figure something out :)
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Feb. 23rd, 2021

[info]tommylee in [info]slashsls

looking for something long term for tommy lee, something fun would be amazing!

[info]bad_username in [info]rpvents

I'm genuinely over having this little bit of brain power, these specific muses and not enough time.

And it's becoming really hard to shake this stupid feeling that I'm constantly failing people. See, I even know it's stupid.

Feb. 22nd, 2021

[info]keerj in [info]slashsls

dirty customs?

[info]scamerons in [info]slashsls

hoping for a potentially long term line, he's the head of a growing business and seeking a personal a personal assistant. it's the sort of position that could open almost any door if you can make it through the year. what wasn't fully advertised was the expectation that they'd be serving every need of their new employer, finding themselves on their knees during business meetings or bent over a desk in full view of the rest of the office at his whim. But it's just business as usual for this company, no one bats an eye at it, and they just have to get through the year.

journals only, comment here or in the journal.

[info]darkappetite in [info]slashsls

Looking for muscle hunks for this vampire to top while he drinks them.

[info]neverfore in [info]slashsls

Imagine a fantasy world where the different cultures are insular, where dwarves and elves and humans have only read or heard stories about each other until one day, when desperation against a common enemy brings them together, suddenly they meet.

Looking for a line with culture shock, maybe language barriers, star-crossed lovers (but they're not the only ones) and trauma bonding during a war or siege. Hoping for something equally plotty and smutty. Elf/dwarf or Elf/rugged mountain man. Will play either elf or other, would love to double up characters and play both. There are ideas involving incest and a/b/o if either of those are of interest but aren't must haves.

There's a screened post at my journal or here.

[info]wyattj in [info]slashsls

would someone be down for playing either ryan gosling or another male with the personality of brian kinney?

Feb. 21st, 2021

[info]paolom in [info]slashsls

Looking for a long term slash psl (no games) against Jon Kortajarena.

[info]shady_af in [info]rpvents

I'm incredibly frustrated that I can't seem to tag my SLP. It's like all passion has been sucked out of me. I haven't even read her tags, which is never like me. I used to always be excited to write with her. She's an amazing writer and I enjoy our kids and the multiple lines we have. But something holds me back and it breaks my heart. She's been super understanding and patient with me. Yet, I wish I could tag them and I don't know what to do about it. I feel like I'll just disappoint her and I don't want to do that. She's got lines in a comm to keep her busy, thankfully. I just hate that I'm slow to respond and the more I think about it, the more conflicted I feel. I've struggled with depression, so that's a big chunk of it. I guess I shouldn't put as much pressure on myself as I do, but I'm annoyed I can't tag like how I used to.

[info]aayan in [info]slashsls

looking for a long term slash line

[info]gottmik in [info]slashsls

looking for someone that would either play another queen against a certain queen, a rock star/actor against one or play a drag queen against a musician

Feb. 20th, 2021

[info]gallifreyan in [info]rpvents

I'm so sick of people acting like conflicts and personality clashes from years ago are a good reason to completely blacklist certain people when it comes to RP. It might not come off so disingenuous if they didn't simultaneously continue writing with people who have been terrible. It feels like there's this pervading notion that these two are some massive problem when honestly they just mind their own business and keep to themselves and their friends. Which is hardly the biggest sin to ever occur in RP.

I think the biggest thing for me is the hypocrisy. Like okay. If you don't like someone, you don't have to write with them. But don't act like they're these pariahs of RP that nobody should give the time of day to, while simultaneously continuing to write with other people who have actively done negative things to you. At this point it honestly feels like people are holding on to grudges from years ago and it's exhausting.

Sometimes they weren't even the problem. I can acknowledge that my own conflicts with them were largely my own fault. And we've communicated about that and moved past it. And I really feel like it's easier for some people to blame them for everything and hold a grudge than it is to just critically examine their own motivations and actions.

And honestly sometimes it feels like people who don't even know them hate on them for no reason other than it's the cool thing to do.

Like, I've been guilty of it myself in the past. I held on to things for way too long. But there comes a time when you have to stop holding a grudge for the sake of it and acknowledge that none of us are perfect and move on. And certainly there's a time to stop acting like they're the devil incarnate.

I don't know. Maybe this is pointless to post and nobody gives a shit what I think. Or maybe it's just going to start a fight. But I just feel like they don't deserve to be treated the way they are by people.

[info]sanchez_ in [info]slashsls

younger henchman for a secret affair with this drug lord? open on kinks. open on faces, but would adore a young benicio del toro (circa 1989 License to Kill) open to simply writing an AU of that movie. screened here and in the journal.

[info]forrants in [info]rpvents

Not sure if I'm on this hill alone or not...

It's really frustrating me that PBads is taken over by smut and kink ads right now when that stuff would normally go over at RatedX. I don't begrudge anyone that doesn't care, it might just be a me thing.

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