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ignore the journal [10 Oct 2019|04:49pm]


anyone interested in a femme psl against rhea ripley?
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[09 Oct 2019|07:48pm]


Pretty much jack-shit of a welcome at one place I’ve tried. Any homes out there where newcomers are welcome? Doesn’t even have to be wrestling-exclusive.
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[09 Oct 2019|03:17pm]


if you're a part of that rookie league that doesn't stand a chance against the big time, [info]indiepromotion would love you. i won't, but i don't love anybody. except my wife, mox, and beer.
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[07 Oct 2019|12:32pm]


het psls? charlotte would especially be great.
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[06 Oct 2019|03:11pm]


Thinking about letting this girl out to play. Any takers? Considering PSLs or possible home. Comments are screened, so shoot your shot.
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[02 Oct 2019|07:18pm]


Give me a Kingdom to rule over and I’ll make all of your wildest dreams come true...even the naughty ones
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