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→ 004 [10.02.19 at 9:05p]
Four interrogations took longer than I expected but I think I've made enough progress that it won't be much longer now until I can return home. For now, I have paperwork waiting on my desk.

| Hector |
If you're able to get away, you might be able to witness a few names. I think this one is ready to talk.

| Greg |
You still owe me that drink and dinner.
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→ 003 [07.22.19 at 7:14p]
Today was quite interesting. I don't think I've been as busy in the last few weeks as I was today and I have a full case load tomorrow with paperwork. Which means Greg's paperwork too

Seems the Ministry has started really cracking down. Lets hope they choose the right people instead of alienating those that already feel on the outside and shouldn't be.
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→ 002 [07.10.19 at 9:21p]
I think my hand is starting to cramp after all the reports I've written following the raids and interrogations. Does me proud to know that the Ministry is taking every step it needs to, even if that does lead to an alarmingly busy week in th department. I had four interrogations today alone.

Greg, you're buying me dinner. That isn't optional.
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→ 001 [06.22.19 at 10:54p]
There is nothing in this world a nice cup of tea, some Pumpkin Pasties won't fix. Spent the majority of my day at the Ministry in an interrogation room finishing out my portion of a case. Tonight, I'm going to sit back and finally enjoy a few many Pumpkin Pasties which have been calling my name since early yesterday when I purchased them.

I also have to spend tomorrow going through the last of Vinny's Crabbe's things. His mum asked for help and I couldn't say no to her. Why couldn't she ask Goyle again? Tomorrow looks like it will be dreary in weather too.
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ooc contact [06.05.19 at 7:19p]

It is impossible to suffer without making someone pay for it; every complaint already contains revenge.
   Friedrich Nietzsche

[05.25.19 at 3:30p]

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