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[24 Feb 2020|11:43am]


Who: Dan and Bill
What: Another book another date
Where: Dan's house

Tit for tat. )

[23 Feb 2020|06:16pm]


WHO: Bill & Dan
WHAT: A book and a conversation
WHERE: Bill's garden house
WHEN: Recently

the fire in me could win a marathon )

[22 Feb 2020|08:43am]


Do we just not talk about the weird stuff that goes on here?

So. I've been on exactly two door adventures since I got here. I'm kinda feeling like I should change that. Go through with a very specific list of parts and see what I can find. Anyone want to come? I still have Norman's credit card

Private to Richie [22 Feb 2020|10:08am]


Private to Richie. )

[20 Feb 2020|08:36pm]


WHO: Stan and Richie
WHAT: Just two guys being dudes
WHERE: Their house
WHEN: Tonight

Duding it up )

[20 Feb 2020|08:14pm]


WHO: Claire and Peter B
WHAT: Keeping the magic alive
WHERE: Their house
WHEN: Tonight

Oh yeah, I can feel it )

[20 Feb 2020|01:00pm]


All right. Sure. This is normal. I guess I better get straight to the point. Where the fuck am I? Also, if this is some kind of test, fine. Whatever. Can we get it over with? Cause I've got somewhere to be and another me to replace.

[20 Feb 2020|12:17pm]


Hi. It's Kaitlin. I just liked you all so much I had to bring more people. This is Marina Andrieski from The Magicians. She's from Timeline 23, so her life's been different from Marina!40, but that doesn't really make her any less Marina.

She legit just took the chance to leave the 23rd timeline b/c Josh!40 opened a door to the 40th and hey. She knows she's dead there. Time to take the place of herself. K. Only now she's here. So that's awkward. Basically hedgewitches are cooler than Magicians. Or maybe I'm just biased.

[20 Feb 2020|09:34am]


Character Added:

[17 Feb 2020|01:26pm]


WHO: Weiss Schnee & Starkiller (b/c the numbers said it must be so)
WHEN: February 17th
WHERE: Outside to start
WHAT: Weiss is trying to figure out her life a little

Ugh )

[17 Feb 2020|03:06pm]


Who: Superhusbands
What: Valentines
When: February 14th after the party
Where: Out then in

Ever mine, ever thine, ever ours. )

[16 Feb 2020|05:42pm]


WHO: Constantine & Dan
WHAT: Dan owes Constantine dinner, because he was magicked and kissed him at that weird party
WHERE: House with the blue door (Dan's abode)
WHEN: Tonight

i hold fate from a string )

Private to Dan [16 Feb 2020|09:47am]


Had time enough to figure out that menu, mate?

[15 Feb 2020|11:56pm]


posted during this thread

Hello! I'm Weiss, and I just met Octane. He's super nice and like just a little cute.
Just kidding. He's a lot cute. And totally hilarious!
He's totally not the one typing this because she thinks her device is broken.
I mean. Me. Or. What?

[15 Feb 2020|09:22pm]


WHO: Octavio Silva and Weiss Schnee!
WHAT: She's new, and Octane is less new!
WHERE: Around town!
WHEN: Moments after This!
RATING: W for Welcome to the Jungle!

Okay, he was really terrible at this. Where was Sirius when he needed that beautiful man. )

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