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Claire is strong-willed and confident but quick to connect with people, probably due to her happy-go-lucky sunshiny disposition. Through extreme fear and pain she does still tend to display a relentless sense of optimism even when the odds are stacked against her, and will never be the first to give up hope. In fact, she can more easily be the one to annoyingly continue rallying people up despite adversity. Claire has a knack for dealing with and becoming protective of little kids, probably due to her own childhood as an orphan. She is compassionate, positive and even inspiring but never a doormat. There are lines she has drawn firmly and when they're crossed she isn't the kind to go easy on whoever did the crossing. Once you've fucked up, you've fucked. Up.

Ever since the whole Umbrella debacle she distrusts big corporations, scientists and authorities in general (her brother, Leon, and Barry Burton being the exceptions that prove the rule). She has a knack for defending the little guy (especially if they're literally little guys) and has a mouth on her when things don't go her way. Claire has absolutely no problem calling anyone out when she disagrees with the way they are doing things and she doesn't much care what their rank, authority or status is. Other curiosities include loving the color red, Harley Davidsons and having a deep connection to her brother.


  • BEING RAISED BY HER BROTHER. Claire was only a kid when she and her brother Chris became orphans, though Chris was old enough both to care for her and keep her with him. They formed an enormous bond out of these circumstances and he's taught her much of what she knows about life. The way she was brought up also made Claire sensitive to the needs of kids and a little more willing to listen to them than your average adult at any given time. Though it wasn't always easy, she wouldn't exactly say she had it hard either. At one point she even told a little girl, Shery, that at least having this happen to her gave them a chance to bond by sharing experiences.

  • GETTING MILITARY-LITE TRAINING. Chris skipped college and enlisted in the US Air Force, where he befriended Barry Burton. Claire befriended both Barry and his daughter Moira, who became sort of family, and began training with her brother in self-defense and beyond. She learned hand-to-hand combat and how to handle combat knives and firearms, thus ensuring she would be okay by herself when Chris was eventually shipped out. Claire was able to grow more confident by having this knowledge, and became someone you only messed with once. It wasn't as though she lorded her strengths over people, but underestimating her was never a good idea.

  • COLLEGE & MOTORCYCLES. After high school, Claire went to college while her brother moved to Raccoon City with Barry to serve in S.T.A.R.S., the special police of Raccoon City. In college Claire developed her interest in motorcycles and their customization. Chris also liked motorcycles, and even gave her her very own version of his biker jacket, with the "Made in Heaven" logo. Hers was red, however, as it was her favorite color. Despite being busy with college and boyfriends and whatever else, Claire's interest went deep enough that she learned a fair bit of mechanics in order to customize and renovate her own bike, which she worked hard to be able to afford.

    RESIDENT EVIL 2 In September 1998, after not hearing from her brother for several weeks, Claire left school and went to Raccoon City to find out where he was. She stopped at a gas station in the outskirts of the city, still unaware of the zombie outbreak that had engulfed the city for several days now. Claire quickly caught up with the zombie situation and was saved by Leon S. Kennedy, who had also stopped at the station. They decided to drive to Raccoon City together, since they were both bound for the police station, and so Claire left her motorcycle and joined Leon in a car. After driving towards the city, they were separated by a fiery accident and Leon vowed to find another way through and meet her at the station. Claire made it there faster, and met Officer Branagh, who had been bitten but was still fairly alright. He helped her navigate the treacherous and collapsed RPD Station. There, she found everyone at the station had turned into undead abominations due to the virus, and there were beasts called "lickers" roaming about. Eventually, Claire met up with Leon with only a fence separating them only for him to become surrounded by zombies on account of the ungodly noise a helicopter made crashing through the station. While Leon ran for cover Claire continued searching, finding the remnants of Leon's welcome party and eventually a way down to the parking lot.

    Here, Claire found Sherry Birkin, who seemed to be terrified and chased by another horrifying monster whom Claire managed to shoot off a catwalk. They later crossed paths with ruthless psychopathic Chief Irons, who kidnapped Sherry for her pendant. Sherry dropped it near Claire, however, and so Irons threatened to kill Sherry if Claire didn't go to the orphanage where they were holed up to deliver the pendant. Now with a second purpose Claire went back to the station to find a way out of there and onto the streets. She finally entered the S.T.A.R.S. office, and found Chris' diary which read that Chris was no longer in Raccoon City, but in Europe investigating Umbrella Headquarters. In his writings he also asked Claire to forgive him for not telling her where he was going. Joining the party was also a gigantic, menacing, horrifying monster man who seemed hellbent on punching her to death.

    Before Claire could make it, however, Irons was killed by Sherry's dad William, who had injected himself with the G-virus and turned into a mutant Annette called "G." Sherry and Claire reunited, but after being attacked by 'G' again in the elevator down to the Umbrella lab, Sherry was implanted with the "G" larvae. She was sealed in the waste storage vault for safety by her mother, Dr. Annette Birkin, who continued the research on her daughter while trying to find the vaccine. Claire was appalled by the blind coolness with which Annette treated Sherry and her situation, and angrily vowed to save her if her own mother wouldn't.

    Claire managed to find Sherry and carried her to the underground laboratory for treatment, under her mom's eventual guidance. Hardy as all hell, "G" attacked and mortally wounded Annette, but not before she managed to instruct Claire on creating the antidote. Fighting zombies and creatures throughout the lab, Claire finally obtained a vaccine to stop Sherry from mutating into "G." When the facility's self-destruct system was activated, Claire and Sherry escaped on a train with Leon, with whom they eventually reunited. Leon and Claire teamed up to defeat "G" once and for all, and the train car it attacked was disconnected and sent hurtling back into the imploding lab. They finally walked away into the daylight together, and Leon promised to take care of Sherry and urged Claire to continue her search for Chris.

    RESIDENT EVIL: CODE VERONICA Following her experiences in Raccoon City, Claire went out in search for her brother. From his letter and journal she believed him to be at Umbrella Europe's Paris Laboratory, which she infiltrated in December, ending up captured by the facility's security forces. She was taken to Rockfort Island, Umbrella's own black site prison, by Rodrigo Juan Raval. Claire's arrival coincided with a sabotage operation conducted by HCF, a paramilitary group under the command of Albert Wesker. The saboteurs succeeded in releasing the T-Virus and Umbrella's local paramilitary forces were wiped out. Feeling sorry for her, Raval released Claire from her cell, though he believed she would eventually die anyway.

    Resourceful and smart, however, Claire made it up to the surface where she met Steve Burnside, a seventeen year old who was interned following his father's betrayal of Umbrella on the black market. The two searched for an airport to escape the island, but were repeatedly hampered by Alfred Ashford, 7th Earl Ashford, the island's commander, who believed Claire to be linked to the saboteurs. Before they found a plane, Claire was able to get in contact with Leon via a computer; Leon, who had gotten a job within the US government's covert Anti-Umbrella Pursuit and Investigation Team, got in contact with Chris and sent him her location.

    Escaping Rockfort, Claire and Steve discovered Umbrella's Antarctic Base had fallen to a T-Virus outbreak brought there by the retreating Rockfort personnel. During their search of the facility, they found it was located several miles from an Australian polar observation base, and made plans to take control of a truck to drive there. The two ran into Alfred, who had followed them, but in their fight with him he was shot and fell off a ledge, where he was able to awaken his sister, Alexia, who had mutated from the T-Veronica virus infection. After an encounter with the Ashfords' father, Alexander, Claire and Steve found the truck and drove off. They were soon after set-upon by plant-like tentacles, which knocked the truck over, and the two were dragged back to the base as Alexia's prisoners.

    Claire awoke to find Chris, who had tracked her to Antarctica from Rockfort Island. Faced with the new threat of Alexia, and the arrival of traitorous former S.T.A.R.S. member Albert Wesker, Claire hurried to find Steve, who had been taken for T-Veronica research. Steve mutated into a large creature after she found him, but his refusal to kill her led to his death at the hands of Alexia's pods. Before dying Steve confessed his love to her, which was awkward and premature, but Claire went along with it so as not to let him die disappointed. When her brother set off the facility's self-destruct system, she was taken by Wesker as a hostage after his men had confiscated Steve's corpse for their own testing. Chris led Wesker's men into a fight, giving her time to prepare a Harrier jet for take-off. Chris arrived mere seconds ahead of the explosion, but they were able to escape without damage to the plane.

    Back home again at last, Claire began visiting Sherry during her house arrest while in U.S. government custody, and later with unrestricted visitation rights permitted by her legal guardian.


Claire is trained in hand-to-hand combat by her military brother and capable of holding her own against powerful foes.
Weapons training
Claire knows how to handle combat knives, pistols, shotguns and grenade launchers.
Mechanics + metalworking
As part of her motorcycle customizations hobby Claire knows a fair bit about vehicular mechanics and metalworking as well as industrial painting and fine tuning vehicles.
Allied to a fit and healthy body Claire possesses amazing mental fortitude and a can-do attitude as well as tenacity that works to her advantage in dire situations.
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