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Come Play with Us! [19 Apr 2019|11:43am]


[info]timeloopmod Nakia, M'Baku, Peter Quill, Gamora, Drax, Mantis, Bill Foster, Ava Starr, Scott Lang, Jim Rhodes, Howard Stark, Talos, Maria Rambeau, Jessica Jones, Karen Page, Foggy Nelson, Wanda Maximoff, Karl Mordo, Christine Palmer, Vision, Betty Ross, Phil Coulson, Melinda May, Fitz, Simmons, Mack, Luke Cage, Misty Knight, Claire Temple, Ned, Michelle Jones, May Parker, Frank Castle, Pietro Maximoff, and more! + options for MCU versions of 616 characters!
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[19 Apr 2019|08:36am]


I would love some Magicians cast for my Julia at [info]saveatlantis and/or [info]revoltmods!
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[19 Apr 2019|12:55am]


Possibly the longest of all shots, but does anyone else out there have a muse in the Star vs. the Forces of Evil universe? I'll wait for the crickets to start chirping.
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[18 Apr 2019|10:35pm]


It figures that Aiden and I are on the evil side in my dreams. And now I have a better idea of what exactly is going on, but it still sucks that we're on the opposing team. Then again, there's also something bigger going on than what we're a part of. At least we don't have anything to do with all those murders, except Boyd's.
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[18 Apr 2019|10:20pm]


Naturally, gathering together the power of these Sith ghosts would require some effort, but I was side-tracked in my quest by the Empire needing my services.

I was sent to destroy a target at the Foundry, only to discover this target was Darth Revan, the Jedi-turned-Sith-turned-Jedi who'd provided a great deal of inspiration to me. My strike team overpowered them, and yet they escaped. How they survived for three hundred years is a mystery I'd pay a great deal to have solved.

It was, at least, a very nice distraction from the ghosts in my head driving me insane. However, I am now on the track of a ritual that should heal my mind and allow me to control this power.

In other news, I discovered my Starship while I was hiking this afternoon. It's rather utilitarian in nature and I will have to do some serious redecoration to make the interior livable, but it is formidable in combat and has a very long range.

Although... The incredibly comfortable bed can stay.
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[18 Apr 2019|09:02pm]


A Warlock, a vampire and a werewolf become imprisoned in Edom...

No, that's not the beginning of a bad joke, it's my first dream in quite some time. Alexander and I moved back here a year ago and that's the first dream I've had since. I knew Meliorn turned out to be a dirty traitor, but I hadn't expected that he was going to bring us to Sebastian in Edom of all places. I can only guess that this is not going to have a good outcome.

In other news, I decided to create a tunnel of sorts from our living room, upstairs, to mine & Alec's offie in the club so that Chairman Meow can come down when I'm working in the office. He always seems perturbed that we've left him alone for hours when we come up at the end of the night so now he doesn't have to be alone if he doesn't want to.
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[18 Apr 2019|08:52pm]


Mercy's Clinic )
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[18 Apr 2019|08:51pm]


Thinking of signing up for some dating sites. How's this for my bio?

cut for image )
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[19 Apr 2019|01:28am]


Who: Alex Manes & Michael Guerin
What: Actual conversations, checking in after Michael's dream
When: 16th April, evening
Where: Michael's trailer
Rating/Warnings: PG-13, some swearing

I don’t know who I am. )
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[19 Apr 2019|01:22am]


Who: Gaby Teller-Mason & Michael Guerin
What: Drinks after work
When: After this
Where: Their usual bar
Rating/Warning: PG

He called the bartender over ordering two beers. One for him and one for Gaby. Screw her lemonade. )
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Mena's Character Roster [19 Apr 2019|12:58am]


Mena's Current Cast )
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[18 Apr 2019|06:24pm]


“” )
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MJ's character roster [19 Apr 2019|12:18am]


Currently played characters )
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[18 Apr 2019|03:16pm]


Who wants to go dancing?
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[18 Apr 2019|05:35pm]


I am seriously missing writing this adorable katsudon with a Victor Nikiforov. Anyone out there write in the Yuri!!! on Ice fandom?
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[18 Apr 2019|10:00pm]


To: Alex
From: Kyle
Date: 18th April

You have (3) unread message(s) )
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[18 Apr 2019|09:37pm]


WHO: Emma Swan & James Potter
WHEN: {backdated} Tethered Plot
WHERE: James' place
WHAT: Emma and James have a rude awakening and find out they're joined for the week.
RATING: PG-13 (some cussing)
STATUS: Complete

One mystery down, actually, probably only mystery down. )
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[18 Apr 2019|10:53am]


Alright, I haven't been too bothered by the crazies out there until we've had to break up a literal riot at one of the stores.

They threw water bottles at us in protest, then someone else would snatch it up to take to their hoard. There are no more on the shelves and I can't demand they bring more out of the back because there isn't anymore. This is black fucking Friday on bottled water. It's a real thing.

By the way, getting hit with them draws blood. Ten arrests and a huge headache later I can finally sit and do paperwork. It's going to be a long day - again.
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[18 Apr 2019|10:48am]


This is a bad time to own a bar called Purgatory.
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[18 Apr 2019|09:52am]


I woke up covered from head to toe in blood.

My dreams...I...
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[18 Apr 2019|10:36am]


WHO: Clint Barton & Liv Moore
WHERE: The Morgue x_x
WHEN: Recently
WHAT: Clint drops by the morgue in search of medic supplies to half-ass fix himself; instead he gets Liv.
WARNINGS: Mild language, injury.
STATUS: Complete.

Have a nice night. Try not to get shot on your way home. )
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[18 Apr 2019|12:07am]


I had another weird dream about being fighting people naked. Who are also naked. Which is something that the psychology department would have a field day with, I’m sure. But then ...the dream shifted. I was losing this weird nude kickboxing tournament and collapsed. And then all of a sudden Armin and Mikasa are there, holding me to their chests and crying with Armin holding my hand, our fingers intertwined. I’m back in the Dream world, but that isn’t possible? I died in them. Got eaten by one of the titans. I really don’t understand how I’m dreaming about it now.

When I woke up, my 3dmg, the gear we swing from buildings and trees with as well as fight the titans with, was at the foot of the bed.

I really don't understand what's going on. Can you ...undie in the Dreams?
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[17 Apr 2019|05:33pm]


Who: Hanna Marin and Caleb Rivers
What: First time meeting
Where: Coffee shop
When: Sunday, April 14
Rating/Warning: Low/none
Status: Complete

I feel like you’re gonna be trouble, Caleb. )
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[17 Apr 2019|06:17pm]


Made it to mom's place today with Olivia and my sister's partner's kid. I'm really not going to complain about getting to see my mom for a couple of days for the first time in five years, or about getting away from all the doomsayers, but...

Is it strange that I feel like I should still be there? There's nothing I could do back home, but it still feels like I should do something.
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txt to Cisco [17 Apr 2019|06:01pm]


>> How would you like to help me work on some advanced tech
>> Might be alien, might not, I'm not sure yet
>> and also do a solid for a friend?
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