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[05 Mar 2021|08:06pm]


In dire need of a Vision RPer for my Wanda.
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[05 Mar 2021|07:21pm]


Question for you folks. Assumin' you could come back from it, what's the most dangerous or deadly thing you'd try?

Caveat, it'll still hurt.
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[05 Mar 2021|06:58pm]


I'm gonna start a fight club. Who's in?
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[05 Mar 2021|01:08am]


Recently picked up Avengers the video game and fell madly in love with Kate Bishop approximately 12 seconds into playing her story arc they threw up there.

If you're willing to write with someone who knows absolutely nothing about Kate aside from bits and pieces of game material and whatever I can scour on the internet, please inquire within. (This probably means AU would be the best route, I suppose.)

Looking for het lines, something laughably fun, and with Marvel folk. Clint Barton would be fabulous. (And yes, this journal is still a wee bit under construction.)
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[04 Mar 2021|08:51pm]


does anyone want to bring in more of the gangsey over at [info]crownplaza. i'm thinking about holding ronan.
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Txt to Anna [04 Mar 2021|09:28pm]


>> We're having lunch with Kristoff Sunday!
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Network: May Parker [04 Mar 2021|11:50am]


[ mood | depressed ]

Last night's dream started off sweet and ended on a depressing reminder. Anyone want to eat ice cream and watch silly movies with me?

[Peter Parker]

You swear you are still being careful? I can't lose you too.

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[03 Mar 2021|09:51pm]


I would love to see the following characters over at [info]crownplaza:

Teen Wolf
Malia Tate, Lydia Martin, Erica Reyes, Liam Dunbar, Kira Yukimura, Hayden Romero, Danny Mahealani, Coach Bobby Finstock, other Hale family members

The Maze Runner
Frypan, Gally, Aris, Brenda, Jorge, Harriet, Sonya, and anyone else not taken

DCEU: Birds of Prey
Helena Bertinelli, Renee Montoya
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[03 Mar 2021|05:53pm]


Characters: Clark Kent and Dick Grayson
Location: In Town
Time: March 4th
Warnings: Low
Summary: Date Night
Status: Closed | Complete


You'll let me be your man
And please, say to me
You'll let me hold your hand
Read more... )
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[03 Mar 2021|03:05pm]


I have an actual vacation coming up. I'm not sure what to do with this.
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[03 Mar 2021|02:02am]


I have Edrisa here from Prodigal Son, and I'm looking for psls. Bright would be great, but I'm particularly interested in Dr. Martin Whitly.
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Long shot. [02 Mar 2021|10:43pm]


This is a total long shot but I’ve recently gotten into Apex Legends and I’m wondering if someone would like to play in that verse? Bangalore or Loba preferred but any accepted.
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[03 Mar 2021|12:35am]


It's March, March means being able to find mint chocolate things everywhere. I'm specifically looking at you, McDonalds. I'm not sure about all of them, but the one closest to us doesn't have the shamrock shake available. I get it's a limited item, but it's just the beginning of the month.
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for wtvn [02 Mar 2021|09:36pm]


Any Ghostbusters fans out there? Could really use Winston to complete the original team.Though honestly ANYONE from the additional teams would be amazing too!
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[02 Mar 2021|04:47pm]


Who: Clara Oswald, Dick Grayson, Donna Troy, Raven & Winn Schott
What: Bringing Donna back into existence after the Dreams erase her from it
When: 2 March 2021
Where: Winn’s apartment/Donna’s Condo/TARDIS
Warnings: References to abuse, loss of child
Status: Log | Complete

Do you know who Donna Troy is? )
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[02 Mar 2021|04:15pm]


So, found out that Mount Weather was jamming our radio signal. We ended up going out on an expedition. Myself, Abby, Clarke and a few others. Since it took a bit of convincing, but Abby's ready to head out to get our people back. (Also, Finn is still losing his shit).

Dream me got stuck in a tent with Abby, so I'm going through the channels and find one that they weren't jamming, cracked the encryption code on it so we could use the satelitte in order to listen in on them. Because the idiots wanted to blow the tower, but Abby backtracked on that. So we had a backdoor in order to listen in on Mount Weather. Also, it looks like the acid fog? It was sent by Mount Weather. They were trying to kill us.

It cleared and dream me flat out told Finn "We all have battle scars, Finn. Suck it up and build a brace for yours."

Also, Jaha showed up and said that he had a message from a Commander. "Leave or die. We have two days."
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[02 Mar 2021|12:57pm]


Who:Dick and Clark
When:Same day as the drunk net.
Where:Their place
Warnings:mentions of death so possibly R-ish for that if you aren't in a headspace to read about it.

Drunk wasn't a thing he experienced terribly often... )
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[02 Mar 2021|01:46pm]


looking for a home or some chill psls for this tin-headed loser. he's 616-based, but his side of the multiverse allows for universe-hopping, so bring me your 616ers, your ultimates, your mcus, your- pick your marvel universe at will. would generally love to do some canon au things or some multiverse crossover things especially (like rewriting the entire tragedy that is tony stark: iron man and cantwell's trashfire of a run).
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[02 Mar 2021|01:38pm]


The baby doesn't have a name, yet. Rick's kind of gone off the rails, but who can blame him? Lori's dead and we got a little one to feed. Maggie and me went to ransack a day care, found some bottles and formula, and a opossum for the rest of us. I gave the baby her first bottle, called her Li'l Asskicker. It was a weird level of normalcy in the middle of our messed up lives.

While Maggie and me was out, I picked up a Cherokee Rose to lay on Carol's memorial. We ain't found her body, or seen her shuffling around like the undead, but ain't no way she survived that attack. I miss her. I woke up feeling heavy hearted and maybe even a little depressed. Morale's gonna tank if that baby don't make it.
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[02 Mar 2021|12:25pm]


Took long enough to finish that dream.

Went to this town to investigate the disappearance of those two. No one knows anythng except this girl. They tell me where to go and said the couple left town. Weren't there more than ten minutes. Spoiler alert? LIE. I was following the path they said they took when the EMF reader started freaking the hell out. And it led me to this fugly looking scarescrow. That had the same tattoo as the person that went missing.

C'mon. Coincidence?

I tried to help this couple who were going to be the next targets and wound up putting them off and getting escorted by the shady cops out of town. Score one for me who saved the couple. Nothing this time for the creepy Pagan god possessing the even creepier statue. A Vanir according to local professor.

Aww, Sam. We had quite the bro chat. You still left to find dad though. But you did come back to save my ass. So uh, thanks for not letting me be a fertility sacrifice to leatherface.
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[01 Mar 2021|07:07pm]


Dean Winchester for a psl? Open to canon or AU, and I can also play Lisa.
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[01 Mar 2021|06:05pm]


During the whole chaos with the collapsing city, our ... friend ... was taken by Shinra. There's something special about her, and we're not about to let her be hurt.

Climbing 80 stories of stairs, though, she better appreciate all the hard work we're putting into saving her!
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Txt message to Anna [01 Mar 2021|04:32pm]


>> Do you want to go to Disneyland?
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Log -- Jiang Cheng || Wei Ying [01 Mar 2021|05:23am]


‣  WHO: Jiang Cheng || Wei Ying
‣  WHAT: Rough dream fallout
‣  WHEN: After this
‣  WHERE: Park, random
‣  RATING | WARNINGS: Low || No warnings applicable
‣  STATUS: Complete || Log

Bond is stronger than blood. The family grows stronger by bond
Read more... )
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[01 Mar 2021|04:46am]


The dreams came fast tonight. Our battle against the empire continued apace as my friend fought to free two nations from the shackles of imperial subjugation.

But the strength of Zenos, the Emperor's son, nearly destroyed us all. I woke, feeling nearly as drained as I had after that nigh fatal blow.

I've just woken up and by the twelve I need a nap.
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