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Mar. 5th, 2021

[info]witchy_wanda in [info]fandom_psls

In dire need of a Vision RPer for my Wanda.

[info]tasethis in [info]ratedx

Peter/Pietro Maximoff for Darcy Lewis under the Hex of Westview, please?

[info]aiminghigh in [info]fandom_psls

Recently picked up Avengers the video game and fell madly in love with Kate Bishop approximately 12 seconds into playing her story arc they threw up there.

If you're willing to write with someone who knows absolutely nothing about Kate aside from bits and pieces of game material and whatever I can scour on the internet, please inquire within. (This probably means AU would be the best route, I suppose.)

Looking for het lines, something laughably fun, and with Marvel folk. Clint Barton would be fabulous. (And yes, this journal is still a wee bit under construction.)

Mar. 4th, 2021

[info]feldh in [info]ratedx

something het or poly for her?

[info]somnium in [info]fandom_psls

does anyone want to bring in more of the gangsey over at [info]crownplaza. i'm thinking about holding ronan.

[info]tozawa in [info]ratedx

futa/futa lines? looking for docking kink.

[info]monsterouslove in [info]ratedx

Looking to fill some of the dark lines here. Het with me playing the guy or femme. Bring me your innocents, your clever girls, and your spirited survivors.

If we chatted before my unexpected hiatus, please feel free to hit me up to continue the conversation.

[info]kadenwilliams in [info]ratedx

So I'm thinking my guy is either a high school senior or college freshman/sophomore and he's either got a hardcore rival or close friend that he's known since they were kids. The other guy has a really cute boyfriend and a playful little bet was made between him and the boyfriend that if he could score better than his rival/friend in the championship game, then the boyfriend has to let him fuck him. Looking for someone to play that boyfriend.

We could play it as the rival/friend doesn't have any clue about the bet or that he does know and it was all originally thought to just be a joke and doesn't know his boyfriend followed through, or even that all three were in agreement to it because it was supposed to be a one time thing but he didn't think his boyfriend would like it enough to keep going back for more. Or the agreement between all three just involved him giving my guy head, but he ended up unable to help himself and took it a step further without telling the bf. We can also combine ideas. lmk if you're interested

[info]dornanjmie in [info]ratedx

something het or slash for jamie dornan? very few limits

[info]chlmet in [info]ratedx

[info]inviting come have some fun

[info]sarcasticfriend in [info]fandom_psls

I would love to see the following characters over at [info]crownplaza:

Teen Wolf
Malia Tate, Lydia Martin, Erica Reyes, Liam Dunbar, Kira Yukimura, Hayden Romero, Danny Mahealani, Coach Bobby Finstock, other Hale family members

The Maze Runner
Frypan, Gally, Aris, Brenda, Jorge, Harriet, Sonya, and anyone else not taken

DCEU: Birds of Prey
Helena Bertinelli, Renee Montoya

[info]darkstalker in [info]ratedx

some unexpected events came up in my last go so i commented the people who answered my old ad but still looking to play morrigan aensland against a (un)lucky lady or two for some journal-based supernatural related fun. open to playing against other fandom characters as well as oc's. comment here or in the journal for a custom!

Mar. 3rd, 2021

[info]obam in [info]ratedx

I’d love to find something het for him for the new year! I’d be down for pretty much anything! Open to playing him as himself or as a pb, just really want to write! Also would totally play him against a pb! Feel free to comment my journal or add me on wire @barackandrolla or on discord @ barackandrolla#5750!

[info]kedra in [info]ratedx

Returning home all done at boarding school, she's looking to have some fun. Would love a parent, step-parent, siblings, or step-siblings for her to toy with. She'll be accidentally sending them a little something, knowing full well she's messing with them because she knows what she wants. Open to males and females of any age. Comment the screen post so it's easier for me to pay attention, please.

[info]deltoids in [info]ratedx

an older male for a dom asher angel, romeo beckham, joshua bassett, dax newman, vinnie hacker, hayes grier, grayson dolan, darrell jones, brayden bradshaw, noah centineo, or jacob elordi? dad, uncle, teacher, employer/employee, coach, neighbor, etc. taboo backstory and adult themes are likely here but looking for something that goes deeper than smut alone. not interested in playing something out that feels like bad porn.

[info]stlar in [info]ratedx

looking for a short and sweet dirty scene with any of the girls in my icons. mostly looking for men. any kind of line, but partial to ones where they think they're fucking someone else only to realize it's not who they intended.

[info]j_thomas in [info]ratedx

[info]aspendale A younger sister for this guy from outside the family? He's an outsider who knows the family secret and could use some conflicted feelings. Open to PBs.

[info]thomashaddock in [info]ratedx

any female porn star or wrestler pbs for my henry cavill pb to breed? 30+ faces preferred.

[info]inviting in [info]ratedx

[info]inviting is a laid back celebrity smut community (and covid free!), we encourage a lot of interaction and all orientations, kinks and celebs welcome. lots of celeb faces available. come have some smutty fun, but also get to know what makes your fellow celebs tick!

[info]gerwin in [info]ratedx

looking for something slash for a michael yerger pb. ideally something with a balance of smut and plot. down for sol, fantasy/supernatural, and sci-fi, just looking for something different!

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