July 2018

Heaven ablaze in our eyes
We're standing still in time
The blood on our hands is the wine
We offer as sacrifice
Come on, and show them your love
Rip out the wings of a butterfly
For your soul, my love
Rip out the wings of a butterfly
For your soul

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Feb. 14th, 2017

Happy V-Day 2017

Pucker Up: My character receives a kiss from yours, but the phrase ‘Pucker up, buttercup’ must be used at some point.

Love Letter: Your character writes mine a love letter, be it good, bad, funny or just plain silly.

Candy Hearts: Our characters share a sweet moment together that is promptly ruined by ____ (Anon specifies, if blank, be creative).

Chocolate: Your character attempts to make mine a candy themed gift for a present. Chocolate must be included. Bonus points for creativity and taste.

Pick Me Up: Your character attempts to woo mine with all manner of pick-up lines.

Romance: Your character tries to romance mine. Tries, being the keyword here.

A Dozen Roses: Rose petals on the bed, a flower on a desk, whatever it is, your character gives mine roses in one fashion or another.

Dinner: Our characters go out for a romantic dinner— or stay in. Your choice.

Blind Date: Your character and mine are talked into going on a blind date with each other.

Be My Valentine: My Character has just asked you to be their Valentine, your response?

Love: Your character confesses their feelings for mine with a simple “I love you”.

Unwanted Advice: My Character gives yours a little bit of unwanted advice on how to ask your valentine out. Do you take it?

Bromance: Singles unite! Forget the mush, your character invited mine over. How does the evening go?

Wine: Our characters share a toast, one is a little tipsy (anon specifies which) and spills their drink on their partner. Reaction?

Cards: You remember those little cards they sold in the store? Your character gives one to mine, bad candy and stickers included.

Stockings and Lace: Your character prepares mine a sexy surprise for the evening.

Holding Hands: Our characters go on a walk, a little bit of hand holding included.

The Whole Nine Yards: Your character is a hell of a boyfriend/girlfriend and has planned an entire Valentines day surprise. How do they go about it? (This could be a longer prompt, please consider who you are giving it two and understand if they wish decline.)

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Dec. 8th, 2016

Merry Christmas!

Seasonal Prompts

1. My feet are cold
2. We are having what for dinner?
3. Is today special?
4. I’m sure, I don’t deserve this
5. Where is the booze?
6. Aw - you shouldn’t have!
7. Thank you, I love it
8. I don’t sing
9. How many blankets do we have?
10. Have you got wood?
11. You can fight tomorrow
12. Is it over yet?
13. You actually made this yourself?
14. Just like a real family
15. No-one should be alone today
16. Eww - do I have to?
17. [Insert name here] would never ask me to do this!
18. I’m not wearing that!
19. You have some strange customs
20. I do not kiss on command

Mar. 21st, 2016


50 Random Word Drabble


Pick a word and I'll start a drabble using that word between our chars! You can even put two if you'd like! ;)

Feb. 14th, 2016

V-DAY Drabble

Pick one and I'll write a drabble about it between our chars. <3

Parthenophilia: I’ll write my/your character taking the others virginity
Intimate: Our muses doing some hot and steamy together
1Oral: My character will perform oral sex to yours
2Oral: Your character will perform oral sex on mine
1Drunk: One of our characters will be drunk while having sex
2Drunk: Both our characters will be drunk while having sex
Ablutophilia: I’ll write our characters making love in a bath or shower
Advantage: Either my character or yours will take advantage of(seduce/rape) the other while they’re feeling vulnerable.
Agoraphilia: I’ll write our characters having sex in a public place
Bath: Our characters will make love/have sex in the bath.
Be my Slave : my character will be your character’s sex slave
Benefits: Our characters will make a friends with benefits arrangement (SEXUAL BENEFITS)
Bind Me : my character will tie yours up. Be it rope, silk, leather, chains our whatever strikes your fancy~
Blindfold Me: my character will blindfold yours in order to have their fun(sex)
Bows: Your character or mine: dressing/undressing the other(then sex)
Claustrophilia: I’ll write our characters having sex in a confined/small space
Coprolalia: I’ll write my/your character talking dirty to the other
Costume: Your character or mine: dressing up for the other(then sex)
Cream: A drabble(or rp) about our characters being intimate.
Date: I’ll write a drabble of my character taking yours out on a date…after which they have sex.
Deny Me: my character will either deny your character’s advances or deny them a ’ happy ending(they have sex but one wont let the other orgasm)
Dominate Me: I’ll write a drabble about my character dominating yours. Or vise versa.
Endytophilia: I’ll write my/your character having sex while clothed/partially clothed
Fetishism: I’ll write your/my character/our characters having sex/playing with an intimate object.
Haptephilia: I’ll write my/your character becoming aroused by my/your character’s touch.
Hematolagnia: I’ll write our characters having sex with blood play
Kink Me : pick a kink,(nearly) any kink. Our characters will have fun
Kiss Me Sexily : my character will kiss yours in a far more… Sexy manner. Perhaps along their body?
Lick Me: my character will lick yours in any specified place or manner.
Love Me: my character will express their love of yours (romantic, platonic, or sexual)
Love Me (fluff): I’ll write a fluffy drabble about our characters.
Masochism: I’ll write my/your character being dominated/humiliated by my/your character
Neck: My character or yours, biting the other one on the neck.
Odaxelagnia: I’ll write our characters biting each other in a sexual manner
Own me: My character owns your character.
Please Me: my character will do anything to please yours
Polyiterophilia: I’ll write our characters having sex together with multiple other characters.
Public: Our characters will make love in a public area
Secret : Our characters will have sex while trying to remain hidden
Seduce: my character trying to seduce yours or vice versa
Shag Me: I’ll write a dirty drabble about our characters. specify
Somnophilia: I’ll write my/your character waking the other up by sex
Submit to Me : my character will yield sexual dominance to yours or reverse,your nuse submits to mine(specify)
Suck Me: my character will suck on any body part of your character
Thighs: Our characters sharing a sensual moment between each others thighs(sex,oral sex,biting,kissing,other(specify)
Touch: My character will touch yours or vice versa in an intimate way
Triolism: I’ll write our characters in a threesome
Use Me : my character will use yours for their own sexual pleasure.
Let me use You: my character will let them-self be used by yours for sexual pleasure
Vincilagnia: I’ll write my/your character being tied up by your/my character sexually
Virginity: I will write one of our characters losing their virginity to the other.
Voyeurism: I’ll write my/your character watching the other having sex/masturbating
Whip Me : my character will whip, flog, or other wise hit your character with a sexy toy
X Me: I will write whatever it is that you wish: [specify.]

Jan. 17th, 2016

Introduction Entry - BASTIAN

Random Drabble Prompts

1. “Don’t you dare.”
2. “Get under the covers.”
3. "No! I'm tired of doing what you say."
4. “Run.”
5. “Party time.”
6. "Am I supposed to be scared now?"
7. “What is that thing?”
8. “Oh my god!”
9. “Cover that up!”
10. “I can never unsee that.”
11. “I like that.”
12. “Are you drunk?”
13. "Could you be happy here with me?"
14. "For some reason, I'm attracted to you."
15. “Go on. Tell me.”
16. “You walked away, not me.”
17. “I need to leave.”
18. “You need to leave. Right now.”
19. "You were always the quiet one."
20. “I’m fucking stuck!”
21. “Don’t laugh. Do. Not. Laugh. This is not funny.”
22. “Delete that. Now.”
23. “Game’s over.”
24. "Do you ever think we should just stop doing this?"
25. “You spilt that everywhere. Who has to pick that up? Me.”
26. “I left it all for you!”
27. “I left my life behind all for you!”
28. “I love you, you asshole.”
29. “Y-you love me?”
30. “Well, there is a first for everything.”
31. “Please don’t leave me.
32. "I don’t want to go.”
33. “She was crying, right in the middle of the gas station.”
34.“Blood. Blood everywhere.”
35. “What is that?”
36. “That’s so gross.”
37. “Give me ten bucks, I’ll explain later.”
38. “And BOOM! There they were.”
39. “They just popped out!”
40. “I thought I was alone!”
41. “That was an accident…”
42. “I swear it was like that when I found it!”
43. “I swear to god if you touch me…”
44. “Not me.”
45. “We are leaving. Now.”
46. "This isn't just about you. It's about what's best for all of us."
47. “D-don’t do that with your lips.”
48. “That’s distracting.”
49. “Eww, don’t do that!”
50. "What's in that bag and why are you hiding it here?"
51. "Quick, hide behind the sofa!"
52. "You came back!"
53. “Is that my food?! You ate my food?!”
54. “Sit down.”
55. “Listen up.”
56. “That is not your problem.”
57. “You have no idea what I do for you.”
58. “Walk away! Do it!”
59. “If you step out that door I am never taking you back!”
60. “Oh, do that again.”
61. “Oh yes.”
62. "Don’t force me.“
63. "Is that sass I hear?”
64. “Don’t touch me.”
65. “Baby, come back.”
66. “But I love you!”
67. “But I hate you!”
68. "Perhaps you'll take me out one day - or do I have to make an appointment?"
69. "You don't think that was just lemonade in your glass, do you?"
70. "I dread the sound of his key in the lock."