Saturday, October 27th, 2018

Sabrina Drabble 🦇 Part Two

Pick a number and I'll start a drabble using the word or words you've chosen as a item or a theme.

01. Dark Lord
02. Soul
03. Ritual
04. Rite
05. Book
06. Confusion
07. Walking Cane
08. Fire
09. Resurrect
10. Regret
11. White Dress
12. Baby sitting
13. House
14. Goat
15. Pledge
16. Questions
17. Bidding
18. Eavesdropping
19. Dreams
20. Moon
21. Hell raising
22. Hellfire
23. Bruises
24. Vengeance
25. Strike a deal
26. Charm
27. Buried
28. Garden
29. Tea
30. Casket
31. Crossing fingers
32. Gathering
33. Flashing lights
34. Moaning wind
35. Booze
36. Echoing laughter
37. Red dress
38. School uniform
39. Alliance
40. Varsity jacket
41. Mines
42. Tunnels
43. Lanterns
44. Seduction
45. Mischief
46. Prank
47. Sex
48. Promise
49. Lied
50. Torment
51. Dark
53. Exchange
54. Love
55. Kiss
56. Undead
57. Betrayal
58. Bed
59. Smoke
60. Masquerade
61. Costumes
62. Banishment
63. Midnight
64. Cake
65. Birthday wish
66. Blood red eclipse
67. Distant voices whispering
68. Black dress
69. Beg
70. Escape
71. Protection Circle
72. Failure
73. Innocence
74. Second chance
75. Ignore
76. Thunder
77. Battle
78. Threat
79. Sign
80. Possession
81. Run
82. School
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Saturday, August 11th, 2018

summer of spooks drabble

Pairing: f/m

Multiple Chars are welcome!

They are coming to take me away! Haha! )
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Friday, July 13th, 2018

Fairytale Pic Drabble 2018

Fantasy )

----- or -----

Dark )
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Monday, April 23rd, 2018

Southern Gothic Drabble _ 2

This is a Southern Gothic image inspired drabble.
The Southern Gothic subgenre that include deeply flawed, disturbing or eccentric characters who may or may not dabble in hoodoo, ambivalent gender roles, decayed or derelict settings, grotesque situations, and other sinister events relating to or stemming from poverty, alienation, crime, or violence.

Please choose a song title and I'll start a southern gothic themed drabble between our chars inspired by the image chosen.

Pairing: F/M

Angel Band )

Angels Love Bad Men )

Another Broken Hearted Girl )

Another Wide River To Cross )

Any Old Wind That Blows )

Are All The Children In )

Are You Washed In The Blood )

At The Cross )

At The Wailing Wall )

The Blizzard )

Blue Christmas )

Blueberry Hill )

Blues For Two )

Bottom Of A Mountain )

Broken Hearted Lover )

Bury Me Not On The Lone Prairie )

Busted )

Call Of The Wild )

Can't Help But Wonder Where I'm Bound )

Careless Love )

The Caretaker )

A Ceiling, Four Walls, And A Floor )

A Certain Kinda Hurtin' )

Chain Gang )

Change The Locks )

Chattanooga City Limit Sign )

The Chicken In Black )

Children, Go Where I Send Thee )

Choosing Of Twelve Disciples )

Christmas As I Knew It )

Diamonds In The Rough )

Didn't It Rain )

Do What You Do, Do Well )

Doesn't Anybody Know My Name )

Don't Go Near The Water )

Down The Road I Go )

The Drifter )

Drive On )

The Evening Train )

Everything Is Beautiful )

Face Of Despair )

Fair Weather Friends )

Family Bible )

Far Away Places )

Feast Of The Passover )

Field Of Diamonds )

First Time Ever I Saw Your Face )

Good Morning Friend )

Goodbye, Little Darlin', Goodbye )

Goodnight Irene )

The Gifts They Gave )

Guess Things Happen That Way )

Heartbeat )

Hello Again )

Help Me )

Help Me Make It Through The Night )

Heroes )

Hidden Shame )

The Highwayman )

Honky Tonk Girl )

The House Is Falling Down )

Hungry )

Hurt So Bad )

I Came To Believe )

I Don't Hurt Anymore )

I Don't Think I Could Take You Back Again )

I Dreamed About Mama Last Night )

I Love You Because )

I Promise You )

I Saw The Light )

I See A Darkness )

I Still Miss Someone )

I Want To Go Home )

Just About Time )

Just As I Am )

Just The Other Side Of Nowhere )

Kentucky Straight )

King Of Love )

Lady )

Last Date )

Last Night I Had The Strangest Dream )

The Last Thing On My Mind )

Leave That Junk Alone )

A Legend In My Time )

Let Me Help You Carry This Weight )

Life Goes On )

Life Of A Prisoner )

Miss Tara )

Missouri Waltz )

Mister Garfield )

Mother Maybelle )

Mother's Love )

Mountain Lady )

My Mother Was A Lady )

My Old Faded Rose )

My Treasure )

Mystery Of Number Five )

Nasty Dan )

Never Grow Old )

The Next In Line )

Night Life )

Oh, What A Dream )

Oh, What A Good Thing We Had )

Old Doc Brown )

Old Time Feeling )

On The Evening Train )

On The Trail )

Once Before I Die )

Pack Up Your Sorrows )

Papa Was A Good Man )

Paradise )

Passin' Thru )

Reaching For The Stars )

Red Velvet )

Reflections )

Relief Is Just A Swallow Away )

Restless )

Ring Of Fire )
Song Of The Coward )

The Sons Of Katie Elder )

Southern Comfort )

Spiritual )

Still In Town )

The Story Of A Broken Heart )

Strange Things Happen Every Day )

Strawberry Cake )

Sunrise )

Sunset )

Suppertime )

These Things Shall Pass )

They Killed Him )

A Thing Called Love )

This Ole House )

This Side Of The Law )

This Town )

The Three Bells )

To Beat The Devil )

Trouble In Mind )

Two Old Army Pals )

Two Timin' Woman )

Understand Your Man )

Unwed Fathers )

The Very Biggest Circus Of Them All )

When The Roses Bloom Again )

When You Are Twenty One )

Where I Found You )

Where We’ll Never Grow Old )

Wilderness Temptation )

Will The Circle Be Unbroken )

The Wind Changes )

A Wound Time Can’t Erase )

You And Me )

You Dreamer You )

You Remembered Me )
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Thursday, April 5th, 2018

Spring Flower Drabble (2018)

Pick a name of a flower and I'll write a drabble using the flower meaning between our chars.

Pairing: F/M

Pick Me! )
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Easter / Spring Word Drabble (2018)

Pick a number and I'll write a drabble using the words you've chosen between our chars.

Pairing: F/M

Pick Me! )
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Friday, January 26th, 2018

V-Day Drabble 2018

Choose a treat and I'll start a drabble between our chars.

Pairings: F/M

Want a taste? )
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Tuesday, October 31st, 2017

Halloween Drabble 2017

Everything's changed... )
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Thursday, October 19th, 2017

Halloween Smut!

Love is gone. My love is over... )
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Monday, September 11th, 2017

smutster drabble! *NSFW*

18+ )
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Sunday, August 20th, 2017

The very naughty naughty drabble [NSFW]

Pick one and I'll write a drabble about it between our chars. <3

1Oral: My character will perform oral sex to yours

2Oral: Your character will perform oral sex on mine

1Drunk: One of our characters will be drunk while having sex

2Drunk: Both our characters will be drunk while having sex

Ablutophilia: I’ll write our characters making love in a bath or shower

Advantage: Either my character or yours will take advantage of(seduce/rape) the other while they’re feeling vulnerable.

Agoraphilia: I’ll write our characters having sex in a public place

Bath: Our characters will make love/have sex in the bath.

Be my Slave : my character will be your character’s sex slav
Benefits: Our characters will make a friends with benefits arrangement (SEXUAL BENEFITS)

Bind Me : my character will tie yours up. Be it rope, silk, leather, chains our whatever strikes your fancy~

Blindfold Me: my character will blindfold yours in order to have their fun(sex)

Bows: Your character or mine: dressing/undressing the other(then sex)

Claustrophilia: I’ll write our characters having sex in a confined/small space

Coprolalia: I’ll write my/your character talking dirty to the other

Costume: Your character or mine: dressing up for the other(then sex)

Cream: A drabble(or rp) about our characters being intimate.

Date: I’ll write a drabble of my character taking yours out on a date…after which they have sex.

Deny Me: my character will either deny your character’s advances or deny them a ’ happy ending(they have sex but one wont let the other orgasm)

Dominate Me: I’ll write a drabble about my character dominating yours. Or vise versa.

Endytophilia: I’ll write my/your character having sex while clothed/partially clothed

Fetishism: I’ll write your/my character/our characters having sex/playing with an intimate object.

Haptephilia: I’ll write my/your character becoming aroused by my/your character’s touch.

Hematolagnia: I’ll write our characters having sex with blood play

Intimate: Our muses doing some hot and steamy together

Kink Me : pick a kink,(nearly) any kink. Our characters will have fun

Kiss Me Sexily : my character will kiss yours in a far more… Sexy manner. Perhaps along their body?

Lick Me: my character will lick yours in any specified place or manner.

Love Me: my character will express their love of yours (romantic, platonic, or sexual)

Love Me (fluff): I’ll write a fluffy drabble about our characters.

Masochism: I’ll write my/your character being dominated/humiliated by my/your character

Neck: My character or yours, biting the other one on the neck.

Odaxelagnia: I’ll write our characters biting each other in a sexual manner

Own me: My character owns your character.

Parthenophilia: I’ll write my/your character taking the others virginity

Please Me: my character will do anything to please yours

Polyiterophilia: I’ll write our characters having sex together with multiple other characters.

Public: Our characters will make love in a public area

Secret : Our characters will have sex while trying to remain hidden

Seduce: my character trying to seduce yours or vice versa

Shag Me: I’ll write a dirty drabble about our characters. specify

Somnophilia: I’ll write my/your character waking the other up by sex

Submit to Me : my character will yield sexual dominance to yours or reverse,your nuse submits to mine(specify)

Suck Me: my character will suck on any body part of your character

Thighs: Our characters sharing a sensual moment between each others thighs(sex,oral sex,biting,kissing,other(specify)

Touch: My character will touch yours or vice versa in an intimate way

Triolism: I’ll write our characters in a threesome

Use Me : my character will use yours for their own sexual pleasure.

Let me use You: my character will let them-self be used by yours for sexual pleasure

Vincilagnia: I’ll write my/your character being tied up by your/my character sexually

Virginity: I will write one of our characters losing their virginity to the other.

Voyeurism: I’ll write my/your character watching the other having sex/masturbating

Whip Me : my character will whip, flog, or other wise hit your character with a sexy toy

X Me: I will write whatever it is that you wish: [specify.]
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Monday, August 14th, 2017

UTWIE Drabble

"The Untranslateable Words in English Drabble"

Pick one and I'll write a dribble for our chars based on the one you pick.

- Double posting is always welcome.

- As always, there's a vice versa option. Just put a * when you chose a drabble.

Age-otori – Oops! My char has given yours a hair cut [or make over- specify which.] ... and it's awful! What happens next?

Arigata-meiwaku – My char creates a chaotic situation for your char and he/she must fix it before it gets worse.

Aşermek - Baby announcement! Congrats! Your char is definitely the father! How does he get the news?

Aware - Your char wakes my char from a wonderful dream.

Backpfeifengesicht - Our chars are locked in a battle. Someone's going down!

Badkruka - Your char is trying to get mine to swim [pool party, lake swimming, private pool, beach - specify!], but he/she won't get into the water.

Bérézina - My char has suffered a huge defeat and yours is trying to comfort him/her.

Boketto - Your char is daydreaming and mine rudely interrupts.

Cafuné - Fluffy post about our chars.

Cavoli Riscaldati - Old flames are re-ignited. Once they were broken up, now our char couple are giving it a second try.

Chai-Pani - My char hiring your char to get something done. Be creative!

Chindogu - Our chars figuring out a problem together.

Chingada - Our chars are magically sent to a place they've never been to together. Do they stick together to find a way home? What happens to them?

Cúbóg - Scavenger hunt! Our chars are put on the same team.

Culaccino - My char shares a memory with yours.

Dépaysement - My char is being drafted into the IST. Yours comes to bid him/her farewell.

Desvelado - Our chars have a slumber party.

Dor - My char is missing yours.

Dozywocie - Our chars raising children together.

Duende - Our chars go to a museum or art show together. Specify which!

Erklärungsnot - Uh-oh! My char catches your char doing something he/she shouldn't be doing.

Encandilar - My char finds yours in a dark place. How do they escape?

Estrenar - Our chars are on a shopping mall trip.

Fachidiot - Your char is in a desperate situation and goes to mine for help.

Fensterln - Our chars are trying to keep their love affair a secret from others.

Fernweh - Our chars plan a trip together.

Fisselig - Our chars are forced into a partnership of some kind. What happens?

Flâner - My char bumps into yours while strolling outside.

Friolero - Our chars are trapped outside in the cold.

Forelsket - My char falls in love with your char.

Gigil - Our chars fight over ownership of an item from a store. Do they fight it out? Who buys it first?

Gökotta - Our chars meet in the early morning hours.

Handschuhschneeballwerfer - Bar fight or food fight! Some jerk started it, but who finishes it?

Hanyauku - Our chars spend some time at the beach.

Házisárkány - Our chars are in an angsty or abusive relationship.

Hygge - Our chars have a family get together or have a dinner party with friends.

Ikigai - My char confesses to your char.

Ilunga - Enough is enough! Our chars break up for good.

Iktsuarpok - Your char finds my char that has been stood up by date, family member or friend. What happens next?

Jaksaa - My char tries to cheer yours up after a break up or grieving period.

Jayus - Your char is drunk and mine is baby-sitting yours or taking them home.

Kaapshljmurslis - Our chars grabbed the same taxi and now they are stuck in traffic. What happens next?

Kara sevde – Our chars get intimate.

Kilig - Our chars are stuck in an arranged marriage.

Koi no yokan - Our chars have a one night stand.

Komorebi - Our chars spend time together in a forest.

Kummerspeck - My char is binge eating [or drinking] to get over a break up and your char is trying to trying to stop her/him. Or join him/her. Up to you.

La douleur exquise - My char confesses to your char on the eve of his/her wedding day.

Lagom - Our chars are out on a date.

L’esprit de l’escalier – Our chars are in a argument.

Lebensmüde - My char has become a shut in. Your char tries to reach out to him/her.

Listopad - Our chars meet after a long time apart.

Mamihlapinatapei - Our chars are struck by a love arrow on Valentine's Day.

Mångata - Our chars take a long journey together.

Manja - Female char seduces male char.

Mencolek - Your char plays a trick on mine.

Odnoliub - Our chars get married.

Onsra - Our chars decide to end things with a goodbye kiss. Or more.

Oodal - My chat tries to make up with yours after a lovers quarrel.

Pålegg - My char invites your char over for tea.

Pana Po’o - Ouch! A bump on the head makes my char suffer short term memory loss. Your char tries to help him/her remember.

Parea - Our chars play a drinking game.

Pochemuchka - My char is trying to get information out of your char.

Prozvonit - My char calls/texts your char.

Psithurism - My char is lost and your char is trying to find him/her.

Queesting - Male char seduces female char.

Razbliuto - Two exes met suddenly by coincidence.

Ré nao - My char throws a party for your char.

Rire dans sa barbe - My char is keeping a secret and your char is just itching to know what it is.

Saudade - My char is longing for your char.

Schadenfreude - Your char crashes a party or event that my char is having.

Schilderwald - Your char is lost and asks mine for directions.

Schlimmbesserung - Our chars argue over something petty.

S’encoubler - My char falls or spills something on your char.

Sgriob - Our chars get drunk.

Shouganai - Forgiveness or acceptance is the theme for this one.

Sobremesa - Or chars are having out.

Suilk - My char is a loud eater, your char is annoyed and she's something about it.

Tampo - My char has some bad news for your char.

Tartle - My char is avoiding your char. Running away could be an option also.

Tima - How much longer is it going to take? My char is holding up the line at the store. How does your char react to this?

Tingo - My char is having a yard sale. Your char is curious enough to show up. Oh... but wait. He/she is selling items that are burrowed items never returned to your char. What happens now?

Torschlusspanik - My char makes a bargain with your char.

Toska - Our chars are caught up in a bad situation. Wrong place, wrong time type of thing.

Tretår - Our chars meet up at a coffee shop.

Tsundoku - Our chars find each other at a library or book store.

Uffda - My char visits yours while he/she are grieving. Even attending a funeral or a reception.

Uitwaaien - Our chars go on a walk together.

Vedriti - Or chars are trapped or in the rain together.

Voorpret - My char is going on a vacation (or getting married). Your char invites him/her out for some fun before the big day comes.

Waldeinsamkeit - Our chars wake up mysteriously in the woods. They need to find out what happened before they can go home.

Won - My char makes an intervention on your char.

Ya'aburnee - Our chars renew their wedding vows.

Yoko meshi - Our chars are having a study session.

Yuanfen - Childhood or longtime friends become lovers.

Zapoi - Our chars are in a drinking binge.

Zhaghzhagh - My char saves yours from freezing to death.

Note - If you would like to see what these words mean, click here.
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Monday, July 17th, 2017

Ahhhh! Mondter Drabbles ♧2♧

Abaddon - My char brings yours back from the dead.

Abominable Snowman - Our chars are trapped outdide in the snow.

Adamastor - My char is hiding something from yours. Is it a secret or an object? Specify!

Amanojaku - My char fights with yours.

Anansi - My char plays a trick on yours.

Antaeus - My char challenges yours to a test of endurance, or just a game of arm wrestling.

Apep - My char creates a chaotic situation for yours.

Aspidochelone - My char deceives yours in some way.

Baba Yaga - My char goes to yours for help.

Behemoth - Our chars have to take care of a chaotic situation together.

Belial - My char commits a crime with yours and will do anything to not get caught.

Black Shuck - Our chars have a misadventure.

Bubak- My char invites yours to have a horror movie night marathon at his/her place.

Caladrius - Your char nurses mine back to health.

Cerberus - Your char returns something that belongs to my char.

Dragur- My char has a nightmare about yours.

Ebu gogo - My char betrays yours.

Elf - Our chars play a game of "Concoctions".

Fairy - Our chars go out and have fun.

Griffin - Our chars are given something to protect.

Harpies - My char takes yours for a picnic but it gets ruined.

Jackalope - My char lies to yours.

Jorogumo - My char cooks for yours at home.

Kelpie - My char saves yours from a dire situation.

Korrigan - My char steals something from yours.

Kraken - Your char tells mine a scary story. It could be an urban legend or a telling of a past experience. Has to be scary!

Legion - My char is withholding a dark secret. Your char is trying to get mine to confess.

Leviathan - Our chars engage in a water fight. Pool, lake, lagoon or beach? Specify!

Lernaean Hydra - Our chars get lost but find a place they've never seen before.

Lilin - My char gets intimate with yours.

Lilith - My char seduces yours for his/her own gain or for revenge agianst yours.

Mammon - My char uses yours for financial gain or any reason involving greed.

Manananggal - Our chars are lost and wandering in a dark place.

Medusa - Your char lusts after mine.

Menehune - Our chars are surprise roommates/housemates.

Mermaid - Our characters go swimming together.

Moloch - My char sacrifices something for yours.

Nephilim - My char has become a villian and yours comes to confront him/her.

Ouroboros - My char curses yours or casts a spell on her/him. Any kind you wish!

Pamola - Our chars are lost on a cursed mountain.

Pegasus - My char writes a poem about your char.

Phoenix - Your char brings mine back from the dead.

Qilin - Our chars fight over a good luck charm.

Rain Bird - My char finds yours stuck out in the rain.

Rusalka - Our chars celebrate Summer activity together.

Samyaza - My char lusts after yours.

Sarimanok - Our chars elope.

Selkie - My char is owned by yours.

Soucouyant - My char has to do a favor for yours.

Tarasque - My char is upset and your char does whatever possible to calm her/him down.

Thunderbird - Our chars are trapped out in a thunder storm.

Tiamat - Our chars make love in water. Bath, shower, pool, lake, etc. Specify!

Unicorn - My char is captured by yours.

Vampire- My char makes out with yours. Or our chars have a friends with benefits arrangement.

Wendigo - My char tries something new to show your char. Makeover, new tattoo, new life choice - Specify!

Werewolves - Our chars enjoy a night in the moonlight together.

White stag - My char gives yours a message.

Witch - Our chars get their fortunes told.

Zombies - Our chars have uninvited guests to take care of.
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Ahhhh! Monster Drabbles ♢1♢

Abaddon - My char goes to another realm to bring yours back.

Abominable Snowman - Our chars are hunting a snow monster.

Adamastor- Our chars have to fight a monster that is blocking their path to get to the next leg of their journey or errand.

Amanojaku - Your char is now evil and mine comes to confront yours.

Anansi - A Trickster messes with our chars.

Antaeus - My char gets super strength for 24 hours and tortures yours with it.

Apep - There is a monster snake on the loose! There's a huge reward for who will destroy it. Do our chars work together to take on the monster snake or are they at odds to get the reward for themselves?

Aspidochelone - Our chars find themselves on a strange and beautiful island... except that is actually the back of a huge whale (or turtle - your choice) that is intent on claiming their lives! How do they escape?

Baba Yaga - Our chars go to an old witch for a magic spell.

Behemoth - Our chars take on a big chaotic monster let loose in the city.

Belial - Our chars are stuck in a town on a day of a purge. They need to survive for a full 24 hours.

Black Shuck - Our chars see a ghost dog and then have a bout of bad luck afterwards.

Bubak - Our chars are lured into a a trap after hearing cries for help.

Caladrius - My char heals yours.

Cerberus - My char is guarding yours.

Dragur - Our chars must survive an undead outbreak together.

Ebu gogo - My char is out to get yours.

Elf - My char is poisoned by yours.

Fairy - Our chars are trapped in a fairy hideout, home or castle. Any kind of fairy of your choice. Specify!

Griffin - Our chars are trying to steal treasure from a griffin.

Harpies - My char steals food from yours.

Jackalope - Our chars are hunting a dangerous little beast.

Jorogumo - My char lures yours home with the plan to eat him/her.

Kelpie - My char is being drowned by a water monster and is saved by your char.

Korrigan - A child has been stolen by evil fairies. Our chars go to rescue the child. The child could be theirs, a relative, etc - up to you!

Kraken - My char has awakened a kraken! Your char has come to save mine from getting eaten!

Legion - Our chars are witness to an exorcism or are taking part in one.

Leviathan - Our chars have to team up to fight a water monster! Is it guarding treasure? Is it a fight for survival? Specify!

Lernaean Hydra - Our chars are locked in a battle with a Hydra! Do they destroy it? How do they escape?

Lilin - Night spirits are attacking a town our chars are visiting. Do they fight or do they run?

Lilith - Our chars come across an evil female deity. Do they fight her or join her?

Mammon - There's a robbery! My char gets yours involved in chasing down the thief.

Manananggal - My char is being chased by a hungry flying monster and yours is dragged into the chase.

Medusa - Our chars are trapped in a cave with an vengeful gorgon. They need to escape!

Menehune - Our chars find an abandoned town with no sign of people. Do they explore? Or do they high-tail it back home?

Mermaid - Our chars come across a magical lake, lagoon, pool, beach, etc - Specify! What happens next?

Moloch - Our chars step in to stop a child sacrifice to an evil deity.

Nephilim - My char is off to kill a giant. Yours comes along just because.

Ouroboros - My char finds an item that grants eternal life. Your char comes for it, either to take it or destroy it in some way.

Pamola - Our char perform a forbidden act. A spell, murder, desecration? Specify!

Pegasus - Our chars go on a long trip together.

Phoenix - My char dies in your char's arms.

Qilin - Our chars celebrate a passing or incoming of a season.

Rain Bird - Our chars are stuck out in the rain together.

Rusalka - Our chars get intimate outdoors.

Samyaza - My char saves yours from an assault.

Sarimanok - Our chars run away together.

Selkie - Our chars are trapped in an arranged marriage.

Soucouyant - My char enslaves yours.

Tarasque - My char calls on yours to tame a savage hybrid monster through song.

Thunderbird - Our chars are sent to punish wrong-doers.

Tiamat - A water goddess is wrecking havoc and our chars are called to stop her.

Unicorn - Our chars find a unicorn horn. What happens next?

Vampire - Our chars have to fight a gang of unruly (or evil) vampires.

Wendigo - Our chars are on a camping trip, it gets ruined by a evil flesh starved creature hunting them down.

Werewolf - Our chars are being being chased by a starving werewolf.

White stag - One of our chars get a message from the underworld.

Witch - Our chars fight over a magic book.

Zombies - Our chars are trapped by the undead.
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Smexy Witch Drabble! ♡nsfw♡

I feel in love so easily... )
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Monday, May 1st, 2017

Sentence Drabble

I'm burning, can't you see? )
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Saturday, February 25th, 2017

GODS Drabble

Tell me, is this fun for you? )
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Thursday, February 9th, 2017

Happy V_Day 2017

Candy Hearts
Rose Petals
Break Up
Dinner for Two
Dinner for One
Blind date
Heart-shaped Box
Giant Teddy Bear
Homemade Sweets
Weird Gift
Love Birds
Love Songs
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Thursday, December 8th, 2016

Merry Christmas!

The Christmas Song Prompt List

Jingle Bells: Your character and mine playing on sleds

O Christmas Tree: Our characters decorating for the holidays

It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year: Our characters spending quality time together

White Christmas: Our characters enjoying Christmas morning snowfall

Driving Home for Christmas: One of our characters is off to visit the other as a surprise for the holiday

Baby, It's Cold Outside: One character talking the other into staying over for the night

Twelve Days Christmas: Our characters doing their holiday shopping together

December Song: Our characters spending the time daydreaming about what the New Year will bring.

Let It Snow: One of our characters surprising the other with a snowball fight.

Santa Baby: One of our characters waking to find the other under the Christmas Tree

Blue Christmas: One of our characters missing the other over the holidays

All I Want For Christmas Is You: My character offering themselves to yours for Christmas.

Santa Clause is Coming to Town: Our characters opening gifts Christmas Morning

Walking Through the Air: Our Characters walking through the cold evening, enjoy the lights/carolers/ect

Silent Night: Our characters snuggling together in the dark.

Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer: Our characters trying to save Christmas together.

Frosty the Snowman: Our characters get a bit of Christmas Magic

I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Clause: One of our characters walking in on the other one kissing someone.

The Christmas Song: Our characters doing Christmas Meal-time preparations together

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Saturday, June 25th, 2016


Urban Legend Drabble

Please pick a number and I'll write our chars into the urban legend you chose.

**Click on the emoji or box to read about the urban legend.**

1_ Teke Teke 👹

2_The Bunny Man Bridge 🕸

3_Subway Stare 👻

4_Baby Give Away 😱

5_Mothman 🎃

6_Clark Road Mental Facility 💀

7_The Black Lady of Bradley Woods 👻

8_ Aka Kami 👹

9_Shades of Death Road 🌕

10_The Cranbury Inn 🕷

11_Bloody Mary 🔮

12_The Ghostly Violin 😰

13_Shitai and O’lwa 👺

14_Resurrection Mary 🌃

15_Friendly Phone Number 😨

16_La Llorana 👻

17_Graveyard Eyes 🌕

18_The Amityville Horror 💀

19_Fort Mountain Haunting 😱

20_Visiting Grandmother 🕸

21_Doomed Swan Boat Lovers 💚

22_Bangkok Nightmare

23_Who's Been Sleeping In My Bed? 👿

24_Be Careful What You Watch 😈

25_If You Go Down In The Woods Today... 🌕

26_Am I Pretty? 👹

27_Nopperabo 👹

28_Elephant Graveyard 🎃

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