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    Thursday, February 25th, 2021
    [ getupandfight ]
    I swear, I really hate the dreams. At least we weren't harmed in this one. So, dream!Me went off with her big brother to find a way into Mount Weather because that's where 47 of our people are. While we were off trying to find a way in, we were accompanied by a couple of guards from camp.

    I'm not a fan of bugs, but there was a ton of them. They were running away, though. Come to find out they were running away from the acid fog. So, dream me followed them and found some moss/tree covered door and had Bell along with one of the guards get it open. It's basically a garage full of old vehicles. Makes you wonder how long ago those vehicles had been used.

    So Scott, the guard, hands big brother a gun and decides HEY, WE LOST ONE GUY SO LETS THE FOUR OF US SPLIT UP. Him with his guy and me with my brother. Except that not too far in we heard screams from Scott. Follow the screams and well... Reapers got a hold of them. One of the Reapers was Lincoln. See why I hate these dreams now?

    So, myself and Bell found a hiding spot in the garage and used me (my idea not his) as bait in order to get Lincoln's attention. When he came for me Bell used the baton to basically zap him. We've got every intention of taking him home and trying to fix him.
    [ shapemydestiny ]
    >>So, I've been thinking.
    >>Dangerous notion, I know.
    >>But I've thinking about it for a while now.
    >>How would you feel about us moving in together?
    Wednesday, February 24th, 2021
    [ trapsandsnares ]
    So this is the Valar net. Cool. I'm Gale. Lived in the OC my whole life. I own the Peppy Pie pizza joint, so there's that. I really don't know what else to say. Uh. I live with two dogs, two cats, all rescues who are living their best life now. Am I supposed to say I like long walks on the beach, and preferably after dark? I don't know. One of my customers suggested I check out the network, so here I am. I'm really not sure what to say, or whatever. So, hi, I guess?
    [ suburbiaphobic ]
    Has anyone watched that Crime Scene series on Netflix? The one about the Cecil Hotel? Watched it the other night with Eliot and Margo and it is so bloody fucking creepy! There is so much about that case that just doesn't make sense. Yes, it makes sense in the long run, but it still doesn't make sense. I still have so many questions

    It absolutely makes sense that it was one of the inspirations for the Hotel season of American Horror Story.
    [ twinjadeofgusu ]
    Log -- Lan Zhan & Andy
    ‣  WHO: Lan Zhan || Andy
    ‣  WHAT: A new connection leads to an understanding
    ‣  WHEN: February, 24th
    ‣  WHERE: Coffee shop
    ‣  RATING | WARNINGS: Low || No warnings applicable
    ‣  STATUS: Complete || Log

    Nothing in life is to be feared, it is only to be understood. Now is the time to understand more, so that we may fear less
    Read more... )
    Tuesday, February 23rd, 2021
    [ notonthemenu ]
    Text Messages ➢ Ben Braeden
    » Hey.
    » Gonna be busy Sunday night?
    [ summonsmonsters ]
    I finally understand why Klaus' dream last month freaked him out so much. I mean, aside from being kidnapped and tortured, seeing so many ghosts like that would freak anyone out. Not me apparently though, but then again I'm also a ghost, in the dreams. So other ghosts don't exactly freak me out. But I can understand why it might traumatize someone else cause if I were in that situation and I wasn't a ghost, I'd definitely have been traumatized.
    [ lifesacircus ]
    Who: Clark and Dick
    What:Valentines day
    When:Feb 14th
    Where: Their place
    Warning:None, just mushy cuteness. Maybe pg for kissing?

    I'm looking at all kinds of filthy images without you. )
    [ gleamnglow ]
    [Text to Caroline Forbes]
    >> If I wanted to hire you to help me figure how to make my house fancy/romantic for a night, how much would that run me?
    >> Not exactly a full-fledged event
    >> But I would like to surprise Elsa in a few months
    [ aunt_may ]
    Network: May Parker
    Trying to change careers is stressful, but also thrilling. I really think moving out here was for the best. I have my family and now I have a chance at a new life.

    How are you all doing? Making any big changes too? BTW, my invitation to dinner is still open to anyone who wants a home-cooked meal. It gets a little lon--

    Current Mood: chipper
    Monday, February 22nd, 2021
    [ lifesacircus ]
    Lucky charms? Good.

    Lucky Charms on pizza...not good.
    [ sjimenez ]
    [Group Text to Maria DeLuca and Alex Manes]
    >> Is there room for me in your singles club?
    >> Max and I broke up.
    [ savedbythering ]
    So what were the odds that both of my sisters were going to end up leaving town at the same time? I kind of expected that Katherine and Enzo might leave at some point since Enzo kept opening clubs all over the place, but I wasn't expecting Elena to get a job offer that would cause her to move too. Katherine had already moved out when she got married, but now that Elena is gone too, this house seems so big. I wouldn't dream of selling it though. Ali actually moved in, so I'm not by myself, but I'm wondering if maybe I should rent out the other two bedrooms.
    [ class307 ]
    Well, that was a bit... anti-climatic. I'm still not sure what to even make of these damn dreams. I still want to know what idiot dresses up as a devil.
    [ countingtoseven ]
    I'm starting to see ghosts. I see them in my dreams. And now, I swear, I just saw one here in the house.
    [ trythingsmyway ]
    I haven't had any new dreams lately. Just the last one keeps repeating. I don't like it. I wish it would stop.
    [ locked_heart ]
    I've been trying to ignore my dreams for months, trying to keep myself awake much too long, but I guess eventually the thing I was trying to avoid would happen. I'd hoped these new dreams would not repeat all that death and destruction, and it did all happen ... differently.

    But it still happened. The Sector 7 plate still fell, all those people still died.
    [ runsinheadfirst ]
    Great... So Jericho is gonna get hit with radiation from a damn nuke. Which means clearing out the fallout shelter under medical center. On second thought, that shelter didn't pan out. There wouldn't of been any air. So, we had to take the critical patients, which was about 11 people, to the fallout shelter under town hall and the rest of us to a mine shaft.

    ... Where we're going to blow the entrance to trap us inside from the radiated rain.

    Of course my dream self is crazy and heading off to his best friend's ranch because there's assholes there with a gun. So, he blows the entrance to the mine up. Dad can't be found either. This is turning crazy, on all fronts.

    ALSO, BEING SHOT AT SUCKS! Guess, it's a good thing that I'm a damn good shot and took care of the idiots. Now? We need to head into the storm shelter from this damn radiation rain. Luckily, we got inside before the rain started coming down.

    Supposedly, it's never safe around me. You hear that, Sheppard. NEVER safe.
    [ fireinthesoul ]
    I'm seriously considering taking a leave of absence from my work. With these dreams and everything, and Jesse getting older, I feel like work is suffering. Maybe it's time to consider a change of career.
    Sunday, February 21st, 2021
    [ stillworthit ]
    Well... that dream was a bit of a doozy. Dream!Me rose from the dead, took her axe and killed three of her enemies. THEN she led her companions into victory.
    [ ofevilsfire ]
    After some creep decided to go off about the 'sexual marketplace' and how women are sixes going after tens who can only get fours in what I can only assume was an attempt to try and get me to go out with him... It's clear that men remain a mistake.
    [ gleamnglow ]
    Filtered away from Elsa

    Anyone have any great ideas on what to get your partner for a 1 year anniversary?

    I've got a couple ideas rolling around in my head, but curious what people here might have for ideas :)

    Thank you in advance!
    [ double_knot ]
    Thank goodness Valentine's Day is over! That's definitely one of the busier holidays for baked goods and desserts around here.

    Now I've got to set my sights on St. Patrick's Day, which probably be just some Irish inspired items like rye bread and random green items like shamrock shortbread cookies and maybe a Bailey's mint pie or some kind of dessert with Guinness since so many people just celebrate the day without being Irish.

    Then we jump into Easter. This beginning of the year is always insane with holidays.
    Saturday, February 20th, 2021
    [ whtctbastard ]
    [ sonofapantsuit ]
    I was in the store today and they have Easter stuff out already.

    What's everyone's opinion on Peeps? Yay or nay?

    I'm not really into it. I think it's Easter's version of candy corn.
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