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    Wednesday, July 17th, 2019
    [ punchyprincess ]

    Part of my hair turned white. WTF? Tried to wash it out but it wouldn't.
    [ fears ]
    » texts to Padme
    » Hypothetical question.
    » Say someone had a gentleman over, and he'd spent the night
    » But nothing untoward had happened, just... maybe some talking
    » Maybe they kissed, who knows.
    » But then that person left the following morning without a word
    » And they text you the next day.
    » What would that mean?
    Tuesday, July 16th, 2019
    [ darkforcerising ]
    Guess who has their license again!
    Monday, July 15th, 2019
    [ evolvedwolf ]
    These dreams can seriously go fuck themselves. What the hell is the purpose of all these killings happening in threes? Animals, kids, and killings. These dreams are getting more and more intense by the minute. Right now I and my pack along with Scott are trying to figure out just what the hell is going on, and who the hell these new wolves are.
    Tuesday, July 16th, 2019
    [ blossomed ]
    WHO: Blossom & Tim Riggins
    WHERE: Frat House Party
    WHEN: {backdated} The night of this party
    WHAT: Blossom and Tim meet up at the party, and Blossom gets a lesson in beer pong.
    WARNINGS: PG-13; some swears & underage drinking.
    STATUS: Complete

    You’re really good at this. )
    [ aleapoffaith ]
    Who: Iris West & Peter Parker
    What: First days on the job
    When: Today!
    Where: The Orange County Picture News
    Warnings: Low
    Status: Log | Complete

    I’d love to get some photos of the secret evil scientist organization that has plotted the conspiracy for the last few decades. )
    [ shootyoumyself ]
    Nothing like coming home to Katarina having my bike waiting for me.

    I visited the parents and went riding for awhile.

    Did the OC get more populated since I've been gone.

    Anyways, Hi, I'm Maren.
    [ gaby_teller ]
    Napoleon Solo )

    Illya Kuryakin )
    [ katoustheshit ]
    [Filtered from Setsuna]
    Ya know, my dreams have been done for like, over three years now so I didn't think this was ever gonna be a problem that I'd ever face, but what the hell are you supposed to do when one of your best friends from your dreams shows up and they really fucking hate you here?

    Follow up, anyone figure out how to stop 'em from starting the dreams? Because our dreams are fucked.
    [ onewomanarmy ]
    First day off in a few days and I don't even know that to do with myself.

    Steve was a darling, had a bath ready for me when I got home late last night, had ordered out for dinner. I just fell sleep while on the couch after dinner and he carried me to our bed.

    Now I just want to lay here all day while I hear him working on something in the house.

    I'm a horrible wife.
    [ wolfgirl ]
    >>I feel like I haven't seen you in ages.

    >>Got plans tonight?
    [ betterthanhoff ]
    [To Wanda]

    Sorry I snuck out on you. Had an early morning and didn't want to wake you. Going to be busy all week, got a big job. Should be done by the weekend, hopefully.

    [to Hayley]

    I stayed over last night. Tried to be quiet leaving this morning. Hope that's okay?
    Also, welcome back. My phone has been very meme-less, and I have a shit ton of Area 51 memes to send you.
    [ betterthanhoff ]
    Who: Peter Quill and Wanda Maximoff
    When: Right after this log
    Where: Wanda's place
    What: Peter needs comfort and he finally does something he's been wanting to do for a while
    Rating/Warnings: None
    Status: Complete

    You want to make out ...but also make puns... )
    [ betterthanhoff ]
    Who: Yondu Udonta, Peter Quill
    When: Sunday
    Where: The Quadrant
    What: Peter’s dreams quickly turned into nightmares
    Rating/Warnings: Discussion of canonical character death
    Status: Green? Yellow? Death talk anyways

    This was it. The point of no return )
    [ ashadowhunter ]
    Dreaming of being little kids with Alec again, was kinda of a nice stroll down memory lane. Minus the training we were doing in the dreams.

    Anyways, big day for me.

    I've decided I'm going to open a cafe, mainly focus on desserts. So my Sous-Chef Max and I are going to go look at a few places to see if I want to lease it.

    Wish us luck.
    [ frelsi ]
    [Texts to Elijah]
    >>Are you okay

    [Separate Texts to Evie and Percy]
    >>Well it seems my dreams are over
    [ frelsi ]
    Who: Freya and Klaus
    What: Freya essentially says ‘not today’ to the Dreams
    When: Early morning, 16 July 2019
    Where: Their place
    Warnings: References to death
    Status: Log | Complete

    C’mon, Klaus. -Fight- )
    [ brat_messiah ]
    Lucky the library is already open. Anyone know a website for jobs? I've been putting out physical applications, and now have to apply for a lot of places online. A lot of stuff is done online these days, huh? Haven't really been out here since 2014, and now this.

    Online's really not my thing. But gotta get a job. I'd appreciate help.

    [Edited 7:35am.]

    My name is Setsuna Mudou, btw. Call me Mudou.
    [ nobodysperfect ]
    50 years ago today Apollo 11 was launched. A large step for humanity traveling into the vastness of space. Who knows where we shall be aiming for in another 50 years. Sending astronauts to Mars? Venus? Somewhere beyond Mars? It will be fascinating to see where we go from here.
    [ imnotrunning ]
    Who: Yang and Blake
    What: Yang has something to tell Blake.
    When: Sometime before this post
    Where: A park
    Warnings: Family friendly

    Looks like you were busy. )
    [ whatifeel ]
    That wasn't something I wanted to relive. Fucking dreams

    Looks like coffee is going to be my best friend today. Though at least this gives me an early start to work. Gotta look on the plus side of waking up at an ungodly hour of the morning, right?
    [ renegadeson ]
    Late nights.

    Early mornings.

    Definitely burning the candle at both ends but it’s all good, the hair of the dog works miracles.

    Still can’t find my sunglasses though which sucks.
    [ hairbender ]
    text to Tony Stark
    >> I can't believe I'm asking you this
    >> But I need some advice
    [ ahsoka_tano ]
    The worst part of being an alien is there are less than two alcoholic drinks I can safely drink and forget about anything with too much sugar.

    Or vegetable based sauces.

    I still have Li's recipes but I'm not exactly a good enough cook to really replicate them.

    As evidenced by the charred remains of my stove...
    [ moonchosen ]
    I've found it useful to continue to write these Dreams down as soon as I can after waking from them. In this one tonight, I dreamed of ten thousand years of living.

    Once we'd stopped the demons, our society settled into new roles. While many of the men slept in the Emerald Dream as part of a pact with a demi-god, we women, warriors and priests and hunters, took up a long vigil, to be ready should the Burning Legion return.

    The use of arcane magics was forbidden, as that was thought to have led to the corruption of the highborne caste, those who had formerly ruled us. Those that insisted upon practicing it were exiled.

    But the worst threat in that ten thousand year watch was the insectoid Silithid. We fought a war against them and barricaded them behind a magical wall.

    I expect that one day they may find a way around it, but until then, that is one less threat to worry about.

    When I woke, I had been hearing reports of strange green warriors at our borders. Whatever they are, my sentinels are sure to make short work of them. Those who enter the forests of Ashenvale with ill intent do not emerge.
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