Alden Castel [Leviathan] - October 30th, 2011

About October 30th, 2011

[14. At Lucifer's] 10:20 pm
[He is up again for that time of the year, more for the sweets than for the more ominous origins of the festival. But what started out as an unannounced visit to Lucifer's turned out to be a bit of an unintentional bloodbath. On hallowed grounds Michael made his presence known, and Leviathan did not give the General a chance to respond.

The Hellhounds feast on two of the unfortunate humans while the Fallen wrestles with the Archangel. The surviving humans flee from the lobby and one of the maids scrambles to the phone and dials Mr. Preston's office. She's trying not to scream as she tells him what's going on. There is an intruder on the premises who at first looked like an ordinary, harmless tax accountant in a suit and a trenchcoat, and she knows she might sound crazy but she swears there are invisible monsters - there! Did you hear that growl? - and Lucifer's guest is severely injured, bleeding out on the floor and people are dead and why are there feathers everywhere? She has no idea what to do and oh my god-]
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