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[14. At Lucifer's] Oct. 30th, 2011 @ 10:20 pm
[He is up again for that time of the year, more for the sweets than for the more ominous origins of the festival. But what started out as an unannounced visit to Lucifer's turned out to be a bit of an unintentional bloodbath. On hallowed grounds Michael made his presence known, and Leviathan did not give the General a chance to respond.

The Hellhounds feast on two of the unfortunate humans while the Fallen wrestles with the Archangel. The surviving humans flee from the lobby and one of the maids scrambles to the phone and dials Mr. Preston's office. She's trying not to scream as she tells him what's going on. There is an intruder on the premises who at first looked like an ordinary, harmless tax accountant in a suit and a trenchcoat, and she knows she might sound crazy but she swears there are invisible monsters - there! Did you hear that growl? - and Lucifer's guest is severely injured, bleeding out on the floor and people are dead and why are there feathers everywhere? She has no idea what to do and oh my god-]

[13. At the Gates] Sep. 18th, 2011 @ 04:18 am

[12. At the Gates] May. 15th, 2011 @ 09:44 pm
[He has been trying to pacify Aim. And the others too. Tries until the fires are under control. Tries because of Lucifer.

When all is somewhat calm, two of the few remaining hounds still alive make their way out through the Gates and begin finding their way to the Morningstar.]

[11. On the 'computer'] Dec. 13th, 2010 @ 11:09 am
I am staying here until after the new year.

I require a temporary residence.
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» [10. On the 'computer']
[It seems almost too silly to try and communicate with the ones he has been ex-communicated from using a slow piece of technology. But whether it is through a computer or blood on the face, he knows God operates on His own terms, and if Leviathan was going to receive a response, this was as good of an attempt as any in trying to 'get in touch'. Without touching.]

[The Metatron]
A word.

I may need to borrow a few items from your house mausoleum storage facility?. I will return them in optimal condition.
» [9. At Lux]
[He leaves Uriel in the hands of Soledad and the Morningstar, as requested, with minimal damage to the holy vessel - broken arms can be fixed as swiftly as the blood he wipes off from his forehead. He would sit around and wait for Lucifer's next word, but Uriel is currently unconscious, and is incapacitated enough to be harmless to anyone. Leviathan, after having word with Maalik, is somewhere else now.

They all know how to reach him - ways quicker than mobile phones and other technological apparatus - should his presence be required. For now, he has tracks to cover up to avoid their affairs being interfered with by a certain General and his flunkies, a certain Asmodeus to leave word with, and hounds to feed and put to rest.]

» [8. On the 'computer']
I'm never coming up during Halloween again.

[A bucket of candy is left outside Lux. It is for Maalik, actually, but if Lucifer or Soledad wanted some for whatever reason, they were more than welcome to the stash.]
» [7. On the 'computer']
» [6. At the Gates]
[There is an APB a proverbial warrant of arrest out for a 'feathery assbutt' - one with some Hellfire, one who has something that does not belong to him. The Hellhounds are docile at Leviathan's feet, but they bare their ivory canines and snarl, heads low to the ground, seeking out the scent of the one who does not fit in. This used to be easy, when hardly anyone roamed the Earth. Now things were different, and the trail is near impossible to pick up. They must sniff out the sheep in wolf's clothing manually, and they can't be too subtle about it.

Angels, Demons, Sins, Virtues, Saints, Horsemen - Hellhounds are on the prowl, paying all a visit, growling at the Christians' feet. They would rip the angels to shreds, but that is not why they are there. They move on, and keep going - going until they find the traces of Asmodeus in another vessel.]

» [5. In Berith's apartment]
[He was still angry at Aim when the demonling showed up and said he had a message to deliver, and the Hellmouth went on a big spiel about having assisted him from the days they rebelled against heaven, and how much trouble he caused when he was having his nervous breakdown in Hell, and how much he made the Leviathan worry because, all things aside, they were still brothers, and the wings might be tattered and torn but they were still there and they clearly still meant something.

And then the demonling said 'Cake tasting upstairs. You're invited.'

And in the span of two, maybe three seconds, Leviathan was eating a piece of cheesecake out of Aim's hand.]

» [4. On Phone]
[Voicemail for Mammon]
The Morningstar called. I must go. I... He rarely calls. You should be careful. Thank you for your hospitality.

[The room is left vacant, with all of Leviathan's belongings still scattered around the place. He goes straight to Lucifer; not even footprints are left behind.]
» [OOC: Interlude]
1sentence challenge; 10 from Delta set )
» [3. On the 'computer']
Hey Envy, where can I go and learn how to slide around on ice with knife blades strapped to my shoes, like those people on colour television?

Can anyone learn or do I have to be homosexual and skinny like you?
» [2. On the 'computer']
If you dial the right number, they deliver food. To your door. You can buy clothes and food and stuffed toys from the 'computer', and it arrives in a few days. At your door.

This is amazing. I'm not going to bother leaving my room.
» 1. [On Phone]
[After fiddling with the phone for a few minutes, Leviathan finally gets it ringing, though he is holding it upside-down.]

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