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    Sunday, October 6th, 2019
    [ keyflight790 ]
    Title: Absolution
    Author: keyflight790
    Characters/Pairings: Ron Weasley/Draco Malfoy
    Rating: NC17
    Kinks/Themes Chosen: birching, spanking
    Other Warnings/Content: BDSM, D/s, praise, committed relationship, punishment
    Word Count: 3,772
    Summary/Description: Draco wants to be absolved for his sins, so he goes to his Dominant to help.
    Author's Notes: Written for fangqueen, who has been so instrumental in my love for these two. Thank you for the beta as well.

    Absolution )
    Thursday, October 3rd, 2019
    [ themightyflynn ]
    A Pretty Mess (Hugo/Scorpius, NC-17)
    Title: A Pretty Mess
    Author: TheMightyFlynn
    Characters/Pairings: Hugo Weasley/Scorpius Malfoy
    Rating: NC-17
    Kinks/Themes Chosen: Authority figure roleplay, cuffs
    Other Warnings/Content: Slight D/s, anal sex, begging
    Word Count: 2112
    Summary/Description: it's always the pretty ones.
    Author's Notes: I kind of feel the need to apologise for the cheesy dialogue in this one. XD

    A Pretty Mess )
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