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    Tuesday, April 23rd, 2019
    [ hikarievandar ]
    Fic: Dress-Up [Sirius/Harry; NC-17]
    Title: Dress-Up
    Author: hikarievandar
    Characters/Pairings: Sirius/Harry
    Rating: NC-17
    Kinks/Themes Chosen: Crossdressing
    Other Warnings/Content: Feminisation, rough sex, age disparity
    Word Count: 1241
    Summary/Description: Harry wasn’t entirely sure, before, how he wanted this evening to unfold. When he’d been preparing for this; when he’d been out in the corridor, hovering uncertainly, he hadn’t known. He’d been up for anything except Sirius laughing at him for his girls’ clothing.
    Author's Notes: Hope you like it!

    Dress-Up )
    Monday, April 22nd, 2019
    [ seraphinavictus ]
    Art: Snape's Secret
    Title: Snape's Secret
    Artist: seraphinavictus
    Media: Traditional - Inks and watercolors
    Characters/Pairings: Harry Potter/Severus Snape
    Rating: NC-17
    Kinks/Themes Chosen: crossdressing
    Other Warnings/Content: partial nudity, blood
    Artist's Notes: While Harry was in the Room of Requirement, he finds an old lingerie magazine. He slips it into his copy of Advanced Potions Making and takes a look once he's in the Gryffindor Common Room. What he finds surprises and excites him.

    Snape's Secret )

    Saturday, April 20th, 2019
    [ blackorchids ]
    New Adventure (With You)
    Title: New Adventure (With You)
    Author: blackorchids
    Characters/Pairings: Bill/Fleur
    Rating: NC-17
    Kinks/Themes Chosen: Human/Part-Human Creatures (Werewolf & Veela)
    Other Warnings/Content: established relationship, creature!fic, marking, knotting, frottage, oral sex, under-discussed kink (sort of??), date night, outdoor sex, veela fic, werewolf!bill weasley, a teensy bit of angst like rly not that much, realistic emotions
    Word Count: ~1500
    Summary/Description: Bill's mum's watching Victorie, so now seems like as good a time as any for them to finally have sex again.
    Author's Notes: Uh, enjoy???

    New Adventure (With You) )

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