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[06 Mar 2021|06:49pm]


WHO Thalia and Merlin
WHEN Thursday night
WHERE Farcical Aquatic Ceremony
WHAT Catching up

Thalia hadn't realised how much she'd missed open mics )

Filtered to Tinsel [06 Mar 2021|03:17am]

[ mood | indescribable ]

[Luna had told Tinsel about her hotel meet up with Will Scarlet, about how weird and slightly uncomfortable it had been, but how maybe it could turn into a friendship again. And now it was Tinsel she wanted to talk to about the newest development.]

I went and had donuts with Will the other night, ended up telling him about my scars and how I got them.

Guess I'm trying not to keep everything quite so locked down inside myself. I hear that's healthy or something crazy.

What nights are you free this week?

[05 Mar 2021|08:19pm]


WHO: Henry Claus, Iestyn Ceredig, then Aderyn, Saint David, Rhiannon and eventually Will Scarlet and Friar Tuck
WHEN: Friday, late afternoon
WHERE: Iestyn's house then hospital
WHAT: A cute lil surprise turns...less cute...
WARNINGS: Blood, hospitals, and lives in peril
... )

[05 Mar 2021|05:53pm]


WHO Qebhet
WHEN Thursday, 4 March, evening, after this
WHERE Qebhet’s apartment, Harlem
WHAT Conversations with ghosts

Vincent calls bullshit )

[05 Mar 2021|05:48pm]


WHO Freyja & Freyr
WHEN Friday afternoon
WHERE The Greenwich Hotel
WHAT Twin time!
WARNINGS Sexual references, surely.

... )

[05 Mar 2021|12:29pm]


WHO Luna & Will
WHEN Thursday night
WHERE Friendly ol' dunkin
WHAT The first parvo in regaining a friendship is sugar (and ghost peppers)

--- )

[05 Mar 2021|12:42pm]


WHO: Apollo and Calliope
WHEN: Friday night
WHERE: Calliope's place
WHAT: Dinner, wine and conversation

... )

[05 Mar 2021|01:20am]


WHO: Kaden and Tragos
WHEN: Thursday evening
WHERE: The Hole
WHAT: Ace communication from the Murphy boys

Their rotting house had a light on in the kitchen )

[04 Mar 2021|08:29pm]


WHO: Kaden, Luna, Peitho
WHEN: Thursday afternoon
WHERE: Peitho’s apartment
WHAT: Come over, Kaden...
WARNINGS Peitho’s brand of coercion, references to both their pasts

Well it looks like the road to heaven, but it feels like the road to hell )

[04 Mar 2021|04:59pm]


WHO: Clio, Padraig, Patrick, Will Stutely
WHEN: Thursday afternoon
WHERE: Clio's brownstone
WHAT: A tale of two Patricks
WARNINGS: Just Patrick being an idiot
... )

Text to Kaden [04 Mar 2021|01:15pm]

Today 9:42 AM
Kaden, you've been so patient. Won't you come around to the apartment this afternoon?

[03 Mar 2021|07:43pm]

[ mood | impressed ]

tfw you're talking to some random on instagram and everything is pretty chill and then the conversation just goes so off the rails you don't even know how to respond?

I need you to know there was only about five messages back and forth before this one )

[03 Mar 2021|04:35pm]

[ mood | calm ]

[Filtered to Will Stutely]

I called Padraig and told him I wanted to spend some time on the farm because of Lucifer, and he went and bought a ticket to come here and escort me because leave it to a Saint Patrick to be overprotective.

He'll be here tomorrow and he's making Patrick pick him up at the airport so I can stay here. You should come meet him if you're feeling up to it. See who Patrick was before the parades. Padraig has this dry sense of humour and he's much less touchy feely on the outside, but such a softie underneath. Though he would never admit it.

Reminds me of someone.

[03 Mar 2021|01:28pm]


WHO Alan-a-Dale & Will Scarlet
WHEN Tuesday night
WHERE Their apartment
WHAT So, let us be adults then.

--- )

[01 Mar 2021|11:36pm]


[ mood | mellow ]

WHO Iestyn Ceredig, Henry Claus
WHEN Monday 1st March, night
WHERE Cartref y teulu (the family home)
WHAT a bit of h/c
WARNINGS memories of sexual abuse, dealing with such

Iestyn looked up at the ceiling in distress )

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