Jun. 27th, 2009

Private to Slav and Iosef )

May. 12th, 2009

Notifs for the Jones Family + Zoe

PM to Ios, Slav, Gor, Zoe. )

Apr. 23rd, 2009

Several Private Messages

Private to the Jones Siblings.
Childish of me but I fucking told you so.

Private to Jones Siblings and Zoe.
I'm still cooking despite all this shit. But you guys don't have to show up if you don't want to.

Private to Gor.
Thank you for being the one to respond to the passenger list. I can't apologize enough. I'm sorry about that shit yesterday. It was fucking wrong of me and I know it and I want to fix it but I have no clue how. So just... Sorry. I was terrified that you had fallen off the fucking boat but it doesn't excuse anything.

Apr. 21st, 2009

Private to Gor

Hey. You still on the ship or have you fallen off...? Please don't have fallen off. Please please.

Apr. 20th, 2009

Private to the Jones Family

So. Uh.

We're going to have a family dinner soon. I don't know precisely when just yet. It'll be private in mine and Ios's room. A friend is coming along. Zoe. She also left some Dim Sum over for anyone who wants.

Slav, you're required to stop by and eat. Yes, required. Don't give me crap.

Apr. 14th, 2009

Handwritten Taped To Res's Door

Handwritten Note For Res )

Written on back, also in Spanish. )

Apr. 8th, 2009

Private to Gor

Come to the room.

Mar. 31st, 2009

Keeping Myself Awake {Public}

Gotta find ways to keep myself awake...

Cut for Length and for being in Spanish )

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