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[May 8, 2020]



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THE VITALS [May 8, 2020]

Everything you need to know.... )

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[May 7, 2010]
"Jakob, you should at least try out for the soccer team. You used to be really good at it when you were younger."

"Your hair is too long, Jake. I'm taking you to get it cut."

"You got a tattoo?! You're only seventeen! Who gave you permission to do that?"

"Why do you feel the need to get all those piercings. You look like one of those.. goth.. people."

"You're grounded."

Welcome to my life. My parents. They're annoying and just.. don't get it. Which is cool, I guess. Nobody really gets me. I'm ok with that. Especially given to where we're living now. My school's full of Gossip Girl rejects. You people realize that's just a stupid TV show, right? Right? Good. Because, you're not as awesome as you think you are.

"But it's a good school, Jake."

I hate being called Jake. They know this. They being my parents. But, they still call me that. They do it to make me mad. I'm sure of it. That's how they roll. Again. It's cool. Once I graduate. I'm out of here. Graduation can't come soon enough. One more year after this. Thank fuck. Yeah. They're right though. It's a good school. But. I'm sick of stuck up bitches.

"Don't be so negative about your classmates. They're good influences!"

Bite me Mom, bite me. I'm sure most of them are coke head, alcoholic whores. Which is usually the case with people like that. They like to put on a nice face, be the good rich kids people expect them to be in public, but, yeah. Don't you remember Cruel Intentions? Yeah. School FULL of 'em. Great influences there, Mom. You're absolutely right. Have another drink.

"Jake, don't talk to your mother like that!"

Fuck you Dad. You're just as bad. Go bang another secretary, why don't you? Yeah. I know all about it. So. Fuck you. My family? Totally not as perfect and pleasant as the parentals like to make it out to be. At least I don't get hit. I just have to deal with a lush of a mom and a whore of a dad. Awesome.

"You're lucky we don't send you to military school."

Really? Wow. I thought that threat went out in the 50s. Get a new line. They tried to send me away once. It didn't work. I was back home before Christmas break. I just wish that they'd.. get me. Because. This shit is annoying. I don't need a fucking military school. I need parents that fucking love me. Or, you know, act like it.

"But we DO love you, Jake!"

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