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Oct. 14th, 2019

[info]snitchnicker in [info]valarnet

I woke up this morning with a mandrake leaf in my mouth. Let me tell you, that is not a fun experience. I'm pretty sure I very nearly died. Aside from the choking hazard, this is vile tasting.

And, according to my dreams, I'm probably going to have to keep it there for at least an entire month. Sorry, luv.

[info]katoustheshit in [info]valarlogs

Who: Katou and Lucifer
What: Katou tries to scam some free drinks
When: Early October
Where: Lux
Ratings/Warnings: low/none
Status: Complete

And scam you did. )

[info]taer_alsafer in [info]valarlogs

"Why’re the lights out? Where’d ev’rybody go?"

Who: Sara and Qrow
What: Qrow has a few too man, Sara offers to drive him home.
When: Before Sara moved into the Double Tap, early August
Where: The Double Tap
Ratings/Warnings: Alcohol abuse, otherwise low/none
Status: complete

They all went home, Qrow. Like you should be doing. )

[info]soloing in [info]valarlogs

WHO: Napoleon Solo & Illya Kuryakin & Gaby Teller
WHERE: Napoleon's suite
WHEN: During the power swap
WHAT: Napoleon as near uncontrollable strength -it's causing some problems.
STATUS: Complete

Are you as decent as possible, Napoleon? )

Oct. 13th, 2019

[info]lovesaves in [info]valarnet

The president of my sorority might be able to force me to wear a costume but she can't force me to wear one of the slutty animal ones that she and her clones are wearing - I'll be going as a nurse.

[info]soloing in [info]valarlogs

WHO: Napoleon Solo & William Laurence
WHERE: the Park
WHEN: Last month
WHAT: A random meeting
STATUS: Complete

Enjoying the fine weather? )

[info]immortalmagnus in [info]valarlogs

Who: Magnus Bane & James Potter
When: Backdated: Early August
Where: The Magic Guild
What: Talking About Magic
Rating/Warnings: Family Friendly
Status: Complete

Lately, James had been spending a lot more time at the Magic Guild )

Oct. 12th, 2019

[info]agentleman in [info]valarcomm

Text to Hayley

>> So I believe it’s your turn to step out of your comfort zone.

[info]_doppelganger_ in [info]valarlogs

WHO: Elena and Katherine
WHAT: Sisters sharing wardrobes
WHEN: Saturday night
WHERE: Kat’s room
STATUS: In progress

Dress-up )

[info]worefishnets in [info]valarnet

I made lunch with the news on than tuned it off to have a nice meal with my daughter.

Meltdown ensues - tears, screaming, pushing the plate away because "I ruined her whole life" by turning off the news.

I feel like my kid is broken.

[info]lovedcompletely in [info]valarnet

The petri-dish I work in has finally made me succumb to the various illnesses attached to the sticky hands of small kids. I feel like I might be dying.

So, does anyone have any novel ways to get better quickly? I don't want to be sick over Halloween and these kinds of bugs always take it out of me.

[info]literalworst in [info]valarnet

So my dad bit it in my dreams.

Couldn't have happened to a nicer guy.

[info]redperilatdawn in [info]valarnet

I am exceptionally good at breaking things in these dreams.

[info]brainoverbrawn in [info]valarcomm

To: Liz
From: Kyle
Date: 12th Oct

You have (6) unread text message(s) )

To: Julia
From: Kyle
Date: 12th Oct

You have (2) unread text message(s) )

To: Michael
From: Kyle
Date: 12th Oct

You have (3) unread text message(s) )

[info]brainoverbrawn in [info]valarlogs

Who: Kyle Valenti & Alex Manes
What: Alex has another nightmare but this time it takes a much bigger toll
When: Early hours of 12th Oct
Where: Their shared home
Rating/Warnings: R | Alex loses his leg
Status: Log | Complete

For the last three mornings, Alex had woken in a cold sweat and bolted upright, grasping down his right leg to his knee and below, checking that his leg was still there and every morning that had been the case. )

[info]lady_mableton in [info]valarnet

So I thought Mason and I mighta been able to avoid this whackadoodle dream thing but apparently not.

Last night I dreamed that I was twelve - nearly thirteen, which is super important - again and summer vacation had started and my brother and I were being sent off to some tiny town in Oregon to visit a long lost, kind of stinky, definitely grumpy Great Uncle that we totally didn't know that we had.

I got a boyfriend in the dreams, too. Which, uh, okay. Was a bit weird because I don't remember being that boy mad at twelve but whatever. Except he was actually just eight gnomes who tried to propose to me and then they kidnapped me to make me their queen and we had to defeat them with a leaf blower.

Before anyone asks, no I didn't have cheese before bed and I definitely haven't been drinking and my candy consumption was worryingly low for yesterday...

[info]hiddenintellect in [info]valarlogs

Who: Gareth Visser, Billy Kaplan & Blossom
What: If you need a wall fixing then Billy has the guy for you
When: Post this
Where: Blossom's apartment
Rating/Warnings: G | None
Status: Log | Complete

New friends were always good )

[info]anancites in [info]valarnet

There is nothing more tedious than a board meeting where the board just shout needlessly at one another.

At what point do old white men stop craving the sound of their own voice? I'm considering replacing them all with graduate students, millennials. That would give them the shock of their life.

Hmm, if I purposely try to cause a heart attack and it happens, is that manslaughter?

[info]outsidethewalls in [info]valarnet

I guess Mom's been deep cleaning where we keep the holiday things, because I just got a package full of some of my old Halloween costumes, minus I guess the more special ones, and the things I made in school. Which means I'm finally old enough, I guess, that their junk has become my junk. Am I supposed to hold on to this? Dispose of it to save Mom and Dad the guilt of doing it themselves? Call my sister and ask if she, also, received her own box of junk, and discuss what to do with it? Do I expect more of this in the future? No one told me about this part of adulthood. I live in an apartment, we don't have room for more of this.

[info]greyhoundsix in [info]valarnet

I really should know better than to read the comments on practically any article on Yahoo. I've never seen more horrible comments than on Yahoo. It doesn't matter what the article is about; these people are honestly the worst. They're rude and criticize everything. The worst are any article that is even remotely LGBTQ+ related or Kardashian related.

Oct. 11th, 2019

[info]_alicedear in [info]valarnet

This year I’m ahead of the game I think! I’ve already figured out my and Kurt’s Halloween costumes for this year instead of scrambling at the last minute to figure it out and just pulling out my old cheerleader uniform like I did last year. No I’m going as a witch and taking advantage of his walking stroller to get out of trying to figure out how to carry him and the bags. He’s still not a 100% steady on his feet yet so this way it’ll be safe and good practice for him and I can use felt and fabric and fabric paint to make it look like he’s in a cauldron being turned into baby stew.

[Caroline Forbes]
Hey. Can I ask you something? I know it’s coming out of nowhere and might not be the best timing and you can absolutely refuse to answer of course. I just don’t know anyone else that I can ask that might have an answer.

[Tyler Lockwood]
I miss talking to you

[info]amitola in [info]valarcomm

Percy Blakeney, you have (4) new messages )

[info]miss_mystic in [info]valarcomm

Texts to Caroline's friends )

[info]notmadeofstone in [info]valarnet

Now that all of that is over, I think I'm going to leave the country for some much needed R&R. At least, at the earliest opportunity. New campaign shooting starts in November, and I have some exciting news to share next year - I hope that soon we'll be able to connect my name to far more positive things than all of the injustices and human rights violations my father has directed. Though I know that nothing I do from here on will erase these things, nor should it.

I only hope to forge some kind of better path.

When I get back, I would like to reconnect. And would welcome any tips from you as to how better to invest some of the money I've been making.

[Remnant Filter]
I know I already spoke to some of you about this, but I'm taking any of you who want to come along with me to Okinawa. I hope to start the trip on the weekend of the 19th, and bring us back into town the next Saturday. We should have plenty of time to visit Japan's other islands and see anything we want to check out while we're there, and Okinawa's beaches still have warm enough water for swimming. You're all free to land and go your separate ways, too, but I can book us all rooms at a popular resort there so that we all have one place to touch base at.

Please just let me know if you'd like to come.

[info]ofevilsfire in [info]valarnet

So much for that pl

Not back in the area even 24 hours, and already a new set of Dreams. Thanks for the welcome back, Orange County. Thanks.

That said, it's been about two and a half years since I left. So - new bookstores, cafes, and/or waffle places I should know about.

cut for gif, visible to all )

Oct. 10th, 2019

[info]_lightbringer_ in [info]valarnet

I dreamt I watched stars born in a cradle nebula. I named each one as they went off into space. The reason I mention this is how it affected me. I've never seen anything so beautiful in real life. I woke with tears in my eyes, and I am not so much on my pride as to deny it. If you had seen what I dreamt you would have too.

[info]i_kaeps in [info]valarnet

This will be weekend #2 for Knott's Scary Farm. I love it! Every so often one of my fellow actors tries to scare me by ripping on a chainsaw or coming out of nowhere with a "scary" growl. I just tell them "Nice try" and blow them a kiss.

That being said, it really is a good time! You should come!

[info]the_black_widow in [info]valarnet

You know your dating life is going bad when the kids try to set you up with their tutor.

Actually I'm pretty sure they were trying to punish me for something, or are just really bored.

[info]barriss in [info]valarnet

I've noticed the majority of posts on this network are about dreams the posters had.

Did I inadvertently join a sleep study community?

[info]ember_celica in [info]valarcomm

txt to Weiss

>> Are you today's date?
>> Cuz you're 10/10!

>> are you feeling? Considering everything.

[info]darkforcerising in [info]valarlogs

Who: Anakin and Ahsoka
What: Anakin finally dreams of his mother’s death, he reached out to Ahsoka
When: Early, early morning
Where: Roof of Anakin’s apartment
Rating/Warnings: sad and depressing

It's hard enough to find the words to say It's hard to find a way to be okay A mother's love can never be replaced But what I wouldn't give for one more day )

[info]blazeinhereyes in [info]valarcomm

Texts to Caroline

>>Happy birthday ♡
>>I'm sure you're booked the entire day
>>But if you want to get coffee
>>Or lunch on another day
>>Let me know

[info]zireaelofcintra in [info]valarlogs

Who: Jaina & Ciri
What: Omelettes!
When: The day after this [backdated]
Where: Jaina's place
Rating: Low
Status: Complete

Jania hadn't been kidding when she'd said she made a good omelette )

[info]ofevilsfire in [info]valarlogs

Who: Ahsoka and Raven
What: Surprise Ahsoka, Raven’s back
When: 10 October 2019, late afternoon/early evening
Where: Outside Ahsoka’s work
Warnings: Low
Status: Log | Complete

What would you say if I were to tell you I was coming back here on a more permanent basis? )

[info]ofevilsfire in [info]valarlogs

Who: Natasha and Raven
What: Taking Natasha up on a job offer
When: 10 October 2019, morning sometime
Where: The Agency
Warnings: Should be low
Status: Log | Complete

I’m probably going to regret all of my life choices, but is that job still available? )

[info]friendscallme in [info]valarlogs

Who: Jesus Rovia & TJ Hammond
When: Backdated: Monday, August 12th. After this exchange.
Where: A bar
What: TJ wants to hear about Jesus' dreams.
Rating/Warnings: Family Friendly
Status: Complete

Dreams it would seem were not in any way limited to any one person )

Oct. 9th, 2019

[info]towngoldenboy in [info]valarnet

This is why I shouldn't try to bake things as a way to be nice to other people. Or cook using anything but the microwave ever. Apparently using wax paper as the liner on your baking sheet is a bad idea because it make a shit ton of smoke come out of the oven when you open it up.

[info]alwaysbeenthere in [info]valarcomm

Bucky Barnes, you have (6) new messages )

[info]hairbender in [info]valarnet

When your girlfriend skips town like they always do you make some questionable decisions while tipsy.

[info]avengingstuff in [info]valarcomm

Text to Damon

>> Okay, buddy.
>> If even a week as a vampire is gonna be this rough on the emotions
>> I think it's safe to say that you're gonna live forever.
>> Or close to it.
>> That's a neat trick, if it's true.
>> And I'm not getting any younger
>> Me and Thomas are just friends.
>> My place is all fixed up and I'm moving out soon.
>> If you really do have a case of the emotions I hope you do you.

[info]lanewit in [info]valarcomm

Jacques Schnee Found Guilty; More indictments to follow.

The court was shocked on Monday morning when the defendant fired his attorney and took the stand, addressing the court and confessing to every crime he was on trial for - and a half dozen more that had already come to light following various investigations and a new report from Orange County Picture News.

The trial was suspended for two days as the judge and prosecution searched for any signs of coercion. A swift investigation of Mr. Schnee's cell and visitation records came up clean, and a psychologist cleared Mr. Schnee of any potential issues yesterday afternoon. The confession was officially entered into the court records this morning, and the Jury returned a guilty verdict within an hour of deliberations.

Sentencing is scheduled for Friday; The prosecution is asking for multiple consecutive sentences that could total well over fifty years. Additional investigations into Mr. Schnee's other dealings will lead to further indictments later this year, and it is unlikely that he will be eligible for any amount of early release or parole.

[info]ashadowhunter in [info]valarnet


This weekend I'm having a soft open of my bakery Izzy's.

Everything will be pumpkin theme from lattes to the muffins till Sunday night.

I hope everyone stops by, even just to say hi!

[info]c_danvers in [info]valarnet


I was stumbling out of bed to get to my kitchen for coffee and ran right into a jukebox. YES, A JUKEBOX. Why? Because I had a dream about a bar/restaurant we frequent in our dreams and apparently I needed the jukebox from it in my apartment.

It couldn't wait until after I move into a new place? tghtwrjga. It's too early for this shit.

[Private to Reid]
Apologizing in advance to you for yelling at you in the dreams.

[info]gleamnglow in [info]valarnet

Stupid dreams woke me up early. I don't know how I haven't gone insane living in a tower by myself, my mother is gone a lot, but man do I have a lot of hobbies. I've basically painted the entire inside of the tower. I think Pascal is probably the reason why I haven't gone insane. But I did reach my 18th birthday and asked my mother to go see the lights in the sky and she basically sang a song about how I'm an idiot and she knows best and the outside world is evil.

But I did try singing the song in my dreams that activates the magic in my hair and I did see a bit of a glow! Progress.

[info]trustyourgut in [info]valarlogs

Who: Pogue Parry & Magnus Bane
What: Catching up with the boss
When: August
Where: Pandemonium
Rating/Warnings: G | None
Status: Log | Complete

Do you miss it? Travelling that is? )

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