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    Saturday, December 9th, 2017
    8:10 am
    Friday, December 8th, 2017
    11:57 pm

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    dani leandros
    the rogue
    NAME: Daniko Leandros
    AGE: 34
    DATE OF BIRTH: June 2, 1983

    SEXUALITY: Rampantly pansexual

    OCCUPATION: Webcam/sex worker, Dom for hire
    HOMETOWN: Austin, TX
    KINKS: Leather, boot worship, puppy/pet play, collars/leashes, harnesses, violet wands and other electrical conductors, breath play, whips/floggers/crops, impact play, public sex, masturbation, phone sex, orgasm denial, public play, light humiliation, rimming, vibrators, cock rings, play piercings, gags, rough blowjobs, messy sex, creampies, snowballs, some watersports
    LIMITS: Bottoming/submitting, scat, ageplay or incest scenarios

    NAME: Pixie
    AGE: 25+
    CONTACT: dropbox
    Dani is a loud, boisterous guy who makes friends everywhere he goes. He speaks his mind and is often a smartass or just too outgoing for his own good, which either endears him or makes a quick enemy out of strangers. He's stubborn and headstrong, but tends to flake out on commitments even if he has the best of intentions. He is very mischievous and got into a lot of trouble in his youth; as such he's excellent at things like shoplifting, picking pockets, running small-time cons, hot-wiring cars, etc, and every so often he'll get involved in something he shouldn't just to keep things interesting. He is flirty and shameless when it comes to sex and all things involving it; his appetite is damn near insatiable and he's pretty open as to his preferences of partner. His chatty, jovial nature and impressive body, particularly his cock, have earned him a large online following and he loves keeping in touch and indulging his fans whenever he can. He is aggressive and dominant in bed, and something of a leather fiend. He likes a variety of kinks pertaining to this.

    Dani stands 6'5" and is around 250 pounds, almost pure muscle. He works out 4 days a week with intense weightlifting and physical training, even though he hates cardio and will whine about having to do it on those days. He wears his hair long, past his shoulders, and it is naturally wavy and very thick; he has bleached some strands into it and sometimes he'll get a wild hair up his ass and throw some weird colors like blue or purple in there to stain the blonde. He has a scar in his eyebrow from a fight in his misspent youth, and numerous tattoos. He wears facial hair, neatly groomed, and has a Prince Albert piercing the head of his cock. Clothing-wise, when he isn't presenting in any particular way he can be found in old, broken-in jeans, Converse or Doc Martens, and band t-shirts, usually something along the lines of Black Sabbath or Motorhead.

    10 THINGS
    01. His father is in prison for, among other things, running an illegal gambling ring, which is what brought Dani and his family to Vegas in the first place. He does not visit his father, but he does write letters.
    02. Dani is left-handed.
    03. He's fucking terrible at sports but he does excel at arm wrestling and he loves playing Frisbee with dogs. Actual dogs.
    04. His most prized sex toy is a custom-made puppy cage.
    05. Dani can speak a little of his native Rom and he tries to learn more about his culture, but he feels far removed from it and is bummed about that fact frequently.
    06. He used to have dreadlocks during an experimental phase in his twenties.
    07. He's an awful dancer, but he's enthusiastic so that kind of makes up for it.
    08. Dani loves to fight and will get involved any time he sees an altercation happening simply because he knows he'll probably win.
    09. He's addicted to crumbling up pretzels and sprinkling them on top of ice cream.
    10. He can't swim.
    Born and raised in Austin, Texas, Dani was the younger son of the Leandros family. His mother worked part-time as a housekeeper and cook, which is where Dani learned his impressive culinary skills, but she also ran scams by reading tarot cards and palms out of their kitchen at night. His father was always in and out of jail on minor charges, a small-time thug who ran with bigger fish and often took the fall for them in the hopes it would earn him some footing on the ladder. Dani's older brother was a gangbanger with several illegitimate kids before he turned twenty, and he was gunned down in a liquor store robbery gone wrong when he was twenty-two. Dani's father decided to move the family to Vegas, and a nineteen-year-old Dani came along. His father started working for an illegal gambling ring which was of course busted and he went to prison. Shortly after, Dani's mother was hospitalized for liver failure as a direct result of her excessive drinking, and her test results showed that she was also suffering from breast cancer. She passed away less than a year later. Dani began working at a warehouse to pay bills, trying to stay 'straight' despite his family history and the fact that he'd been helping on smaller cons for years. He wound up dating a girl for awhile who was a webcam worker, and they did a few amateur scenes together that went hyper-viral. Ego boosted and pockets flush, Dani made his own profile and the two of them began putting out regular videos. Shortly after, they broke up but he continued with sex work, building quite an online following with his webcam shows as well as online Dom sessions. He had a natural affinity for the BDSM lifestyle, especially leather kinks, and he worked in everything from pain and discipline to puppy play and more extreme fetishes. There was very little that he drew a limit on, which only helped to increase his fan base, and when he came to Rattlesnake Ranch he was already well-established and ready to meet some new clientele. Not to mention he'd never turn down an adventure...
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