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[20 Jul 2019|02:14pm]


I swear to God one of the Trump sons is moderating this community I'm in.
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[20 Jul 2019|12:59am]


Thanks, I hate it.
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[15 Jul 2019|11:17am]


The amount of outright pettiness on this server is horrific.
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[13 Jul 2019|09:18am]


I tried to give you the benefit of the doubt, because a lot of what you were saying hit close to home with things I deal with. To the detriment of my reputation with some people in the community, I stood by and stood up for you. Even when you were out of the comm, I still stood my ground in the belief that it had to have been a misunderstanding or someone pulling strings. You seemed to find happiness in a new place. I supported that, continued to talk you through things, give advice and support you.

And now, I see your true self. Stop playing the victim. Stop lying to get your way. The people you’ve screwed over are the sweetest, kindest people I’ve ever met on this site and they do not deserve your trash talk or your backstabbing. Good luck with your underhanded and sneaky endeavours. I honestly hope that you find whatever is going to make you happy, but I fear you never will be and you’ll continue to leave a trail of people, burned and abandoned by your selfishness.
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[12 Jul 2019|11:54am]


there is nothing worse than people in big busy coms that don't interact and then bitch to people about how they don't have any lines. really, girl? your one dimensional character does nothing, has no connections, and never replies to comments. that's just not fun to write with and most people won't waste what time they do have on it. so stop complaining.
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[10 Jul 2019|11:55am]


I'm not the only one who thinks that's a weak reason to ragequit, and you're the last person we expected it from. It's okay, I know the real underlying reason.

I'll assume this means you'll stop lurking so frequently at the other site, since you said you hate it so much. Have a nice life, I guess.
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[09 Jul 2019|12:46am]


When you want to get back in the game but realize your fandoms and character interests are as old as you are.
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