Jan. 7th, 2021


02:51 pm - ThanksGiving - What was there to be thankful for?

Who: Pansy Parkinson, and Sylar Grey
Setting: Edgewood State Hospital (PSL)
Date: November 22, 2007 around 4 PM
What: Pansy doesn't understand American Muggle holidays.
Where: ESPH; Garden
When: During teh Muggles' happy holiday
Rating: PG-13
Status: Incomplete/ABANDONED

Cheer was like a disease. )

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Jan. 6th, 2021


12:09 pm - Broken minds, and broken hearts...

Who: Holden Caufield, and Patrica Jenner
Setting: Rambling PSL
Date: N/A
What: Running off
Where: Central Park, New York
When: During a rainstorm
Rating: PG13
Status: Incomplete/ABANDONED

Paaatricaaa... get outta the rain. )

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Jan. 5th, 2021


04:42 pm - 18Hr Quarantine ending

Who: Gwen Hawks, Wyatt Redford; all those Quarantined within the Spacetank. Also a Doctor, Scientist...Doctor, Miranda Ryoji from Savanna, at the request of Shem.
Setting: BTL- Storylinez
Date: TBD
What: Finally letting those Quarantined out of the space tank.
Where: On the high, far-right catwalk, where the airlock to the Spacetank#1 connected to Lorrayna.
When: After the 18hours, while Lorrayna and Savanna crew are quickly stripping the Alliance ship.
Rating: PG | PG-13
Status: Complete/Locked

Waky-Waky Space Cadets... )

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