Drowning in the memory of you. - HP fanart - Bellatrix/Remus (nws)

Date: 2007-09-10 04:18
Subject: HP fanart - Bellatrix/Remus (nws)
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Tags:daily_deviant, fanart, remus/bellatrix

Finally getting around to posting this. This was for the August AU prompt at [info]daily_deviant

[info]daily_deviant August submission
Title: The Wicked Queen
Pairing: Remus/Bellatrix
Theme/kink: AU
Warnings: bondage
Rating: R
Compliant to: none, AU.
Notes: Although HP is a work of fantasy, I tried to aim for the more D&D version of the genre. :)

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User: [info]dacian_goddess
Date: 2007-09-10 12:17 (UTC)
Subject: (no subject)
Keyword:Neville 1

Oh holy hell, woman; that's insanely scorching. This is one of those times when a picture is easily worth well over a thousand words.

OK first of all - their pose is absolutely stunning. As are: the arch of Bella's back and neck; the way she seems absolutely taut with tension and ecstasy; the way her head is thrown back - eyes shut and mouth open - in abandon while she still seems completely poised and in control by the clutching of her wand and the fact that she's straddling his thigh rather than his hips.

I luuuuuuurve Bella's hair, and her curves are to die for and beyond. And you would not believe how very much I'm coveting her jewellery right now (oh god that serpentine bracelet - I want it so much).

Remus really looks like he's trying to rein himself in, which makes me love the juxtaposition between his tight facial expression and the combination nuzzling / hand on her thigh all the more. Also, between his scars, his earring and that collar he's just guh. His slightly haggard appearance also a very nice contrast to Bella's opulence and put-together beauty.

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