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Date: 2009-03-21 00:26
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How's it goin' fellas?

I've been kind of scarce while we took care of some spring cleaning in the house, and every year I'm still left to wonder how just 2 people can accumulate so much crap is beyond me. Do I really need 4 full longboxes of comics that I don't read anymore? 3 extra camera bags when I only use the same one day after day? Old calenders I saved because they had interesting pictures in them?
Old calendars? Really? Geez..

Anyway, moving on now... The more I hear about Azkatraz, the more it seems to be shaping up to be quite an event. But until I get my ass in gear and win the lottery or finally knock over that liquor store, I just don't have the funds to make it. ): It sucks, but there is a ray of sunshine though, Infinitus will be in Orlando next year! Yay, Florida! My neck of the woods! I can drive there in no time! You all better be coming...*glares sternly*

BTW, are there any knitters on my flist on Ravelry? I'm jessabell over there if you want to friend me, my account is a bit bare at the moment, but I plan on uploading some project pics to it this weekend.

Oh, and my [info]sshg_exchange gift was posted! Lost and Found (SS/HG,LM/HG) Hawt!♥

Oh yeah, I almost forgot, I drew a picture...

Fandom: True Blood
Character: Sookie Stackhouse

Order up!... )

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