Lula Marrs

May 29th, 2008

Name key to all the nicknames used. @ 04:47 am

Lula doesn’t necessarily refer to people by there given names, or even popular nicknames. She often gives people her own nicknames. If asked, she’ll probably tell you who she means, through a series of hints; although depending on her mood, maybe their actual names. This is for Player use only really, unless you ask who a person is… and she does tell you. If your character doesn’t have a nickname, it’s cause she hasn’t decided upon one yet.

Name key:

Brain Child- Tanis
Flutterbug- Lola
Johannes- Oddball
Kara- Emerald
Little Mouse- River
Nim- Emerald
Puppy- Talos
Protector- Zorya
Ray- Lorrayna
Red- Monica

January 11th, 2008

Character Stats @ 03:54 am

Lula Marrs