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Nov. 19th, 2011


[Warded heavily private]



Nous avons été fantastiques jusqu'à Bexton et doit essayer d'être, je suis fier de nous. Et la prochaine partie, nous allons leur montrer toutes.


J'ai besoin de tout le vin. S'il vous plaît. Maintenant.

Et si vous les biscuits entre eux ont quitté.


Congratulations, Salem! You were good to play against, and should be proud, as I am of my darling team too.

Nov. 17th, 2011


[Warded (later) to 5th years and above]

There has been such talk of what we should and should not do, of kissing and things. I find this odd in a way, when at home we greet with bisous always!

But then I am led to a question. My lovely team mate Alphonse has been reading le Hogwarts: A History, and from this I gather this confusing grand castle was built by your house founders, oui? So if it were always for being a school, I am curious to why there are le dungeons in which some of you are made to live?

It seems perhaps le founders were more carnally creative than the students today, non?

Nov. 15th, 2011



Forgive my confusion, are you not meant to be clever?

Did you hit your head and forget you should talk to Dex? I will hit you again to help you remember



I may need your help soon.


Nov. 5th, 2011


I am very much looking forward to see Hogwarts play Salem! It shall be very interesting good to see how our hosts and our furthest competitors play their games.

I will have lovely snacks to watch the game with, my Maman sent me many delicious things from home. French and Dutch pastries, of course, though no macarons this time! Sadly also no bread, I miss that quite a lot about home. There is banketstaaf and pain au chocolat and one of my very favourites, Paris–Brest.

[Lucy & James]

If you would like to come and share some with me, that would be very lovely?


I spoke to

How do you feel for the portfolio you are to do? Is there a way I can help at all?


Merci beaucoup pour aller à la balle avec moi. Votre costume était génial! J'ai eu un très bon moment, je suis si heureux vous aimez les dragons! Sont-ils eux-mêmes se comporter? Mine dort beaucoup. Je pense qu'il se fatigue facilement d'être si peu.


Good luck against Hogwarts!

[Eddie, Corrie & James]

Good luck against Salem!

[Dex & Didi]

James dit que je suis belle. Deux fois. Et il est doux, mais ça veut dire qu'il m'aime? Il est agréable d'avoir un ami - est-il de vouloir être plus que cela? Je ne sais pas si je veux qu'il soit plus que cela ou peut-être que je vais être très stupide et penser à ce beaucoup plus que je dois et il est seulement d'être gentil, je ne sais pas.

Je ne veux pas de bouleverser un ami à nouveau comme l'an dernier. Julien et Aidan ont encore rien dit à moi.

Oct. 23rd, 2011


Congratulations, Durmstrang! I am very proud to have played against a team with so much of skill and determination!

I am proud also of my team mates, who played excellemment.

I should read the article now.


Good game! I have two bruises because of you.


Een briljante hit en onze zoeker was verdwenen. Ik ben zo erg onder de indruk. Uw intensiteit is inspirerend.


Désolé Are you ok? Réveillez-vous encore? Comment vous sentez-vous?


Vous voyez? Maintenant, je dois porter du noir pour le deuil.


Vous avez été magnifiques. Toute l'équipe professionnelle serait tuer pour que vous avez. Je suis tellement fière que tu es mon coéquipier, mon capitaine et mon ami!


Comment vous sentez-vous maintenant, ma chérie?


Huit sauve? Xavier vous étiez MERVEILLEUX!


J'aurais préféré gagner, bien sûr, mais je suis content de la façon dont j'ai joué. Pour la plupart. Ne pas obtenir le Cognard qui a frappé Anaïs n'était pas assez bon et c'est quelque chose je dois travailler pour empêcher cela se reproduise. Pourtant, nous avons fait un tel effort de bonne contre eux. J'espère que tout le monde continue avec le bon esprit sportif jusqu'à présent. Nous pouvons avoir perdu, mais ne se rend pas! Je suis heureux pour cela. Et maintenant il est temps pour le chocolat.
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Oct. 11th, 2011


[OOC: Let's pretend I posted this before the BB practice while I blame timezones for making me forget, okay?]

Est-ce quelqu'un d'autre nerveuse sujet de l'entrevue après l'entraînement? Il rend tout sentiment sérieux dans une autre sorte de façon. Non pas que je pense que le tournoi n'est pas grave, mais ... il se sent comme plus de pression, peut-être? Que faire si je dis quelque chose de mal?
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Oct. 10th, 2011


[Caer Kovalenko]

Ce qui m'attriste, parce que vous êtes une belle amie, mais je vais devoir vous tuer. Avec ma batte de batteur. Okay?


Désolé mon amour, mais je dois lentement massue votre Caer avec ma batte.

Oct. 8th, 2011


It is silly maybe, because I do not see them when I am at Beauxbȃtons either, but being so very far from home has made me quite miss my brothers, so I will show them to you all. They are mostly lovely and often silly and are very good brothers, a lot of the time. And they taught me to punch and play poker so I usually forgive them when they are not.

Augustijn is 23 and wants to take over as cellar master from my Papa one day. He has a guitar that he cannot play because he thinks girls will like it if they think he can.

Roland is 19 and is going to study literature and international relations at university. He is not so good at cards as he thinks he is.

Oct. 3rd, 2011


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You will be wonderful, I am so very glad you are our Captain, mon cher. I am très proud of you!

Celima, Garrett & Sophia, congratulations also to you three! I am sure you will be wonderful competition.

Sep. 29th, 2011


Since I do not wish to speak of you all seeing me

The first visit to Hogsmeade is soon! Hogwarts, what is your favourite thing to do there? What is best to see and not to miss?

I have watched the sunset over the lake many times this week, even though it is cold. Hogwarts is very beautiful in the light like this. Beauxbȃtons has much light most of the time, you see.


Je souhaite réserver l'emplacement pour la pratique sans entraîneur de Marat après le dîner un soir, quand c'est le bon moment? Ou serait le week-end sera meilleur?

Il serait agréable d'avoir une chance de simplement voler ensemble, oui?


Thank you for going flying with me on Sunday. It was much better to not think of things.

Sep. 26th, 2011


[Warded to Beauxbȃtons, Dex]

Je déteste Hogwarts

Sep. 22nd, 2011


Why is this happening? Beauxbȃtons would never do such things to our guests! I am not happy of this, not at all.

Added later: How do I even fly like this? This is the worst, the very worst, who would want to be a man?

I miss my breasts.

Sep. 13th, 2011


I am not sure if I feel tired because of transfiguration today, or because of the weekend, which was a great success, I think. Though it does not help that the classrooms are so hard to find!

One of the suits of armour heard me talking to myself in French on my way back from Defence Against the Dark Arts yesterday, and would not let me pass until I could prove I was not in league with Napoleon. Zut alors! I am sure our châteaux has never been so rude to a guest

Warded to fellow foreign students
I know that this is a big place, but it's almost impossible to find somewhere to fly away from Hogwarts students desperately practicing. Is this driving anyone else mad?

Sep. 8th, 2011


Warded to Corbin, Ava and Wren

Would you all like to meet, perhaps after dinner, for our Multicultural Relations assignment? Is there some other time when you are all free?

Sep. 6th, 2011


Warded to Didi and Dex

Alors. J'ai un jour! Je rencontre un brunch avec de magnifiques Roald Krum. J'aime Hogwarts! Il est aussi un batteur, donc je peux apprendre des choses ainsi que de le regarder.

So. I have a date! I am having brunch with gorgeous Roald Krum. I love Hogwarts! He is a beater also, so I can learn things as well as look at him.

Sep. 2nd, 2011


Bonjour, mes amis!

I am thinking Hogwarts will be a fascinating place to spend the year, but so cold! Has Scotland met the sun? They should be introduced, I am sure they would be great friends. I am very glad no one has said we must eat haggis. As long as there are still croissants! Without them I shall surely wither. Or get very grumpy and smack things with my bat, which might not be very ladylike but is very affective.

What do you all know about the Multicultural Relations class? I think they could be extremely interesting. A good chance to learn more about each other than just food. Which is very important, of course, and French is the best.

Since I don’t want to write one thousand words, I shall give you all a picture of me instead, so you know who I am when our carriage lands.

Wave your wands, s’il vous plait? )

Warded private

Alors beaucoup de gens ici ont des parents qui ont joué de Quidditch! Peut-être que je vais attendre jusqu'à après They've m'a vu jouer pour leur dire que je n'ai jamais vu un manche à balai qui pouvait voler jusqu'à ce que je 11.

Ce sera la même chose qu'être juste à Beauxbȃtons, je suis donc à ne pas manquer Maman et Papa et mes frères, pas plus que la normale. À côté, j'ai beaucoup raté mes amis! Il sera ainsi beaucoup de nouveaux à faire, je l'espère. Et je passe une année entière Marshall avec Dex et de jouer contre de très bonnes équipes. Didi a raison, il s'agit d'une aventure pour nous. Je suis très fier d'être dans le premier Tournoi Junior International de Quidditch.

So many people here have parents who have played Quidditch! Perhaps I’ll wait till after they’ve seen me play to tell them I never saw a broomstick that could fly until I was 11.

It will be just the same as being at Beauxbȃtons, so I am not to miss Maman and Papa and my brothers any more than normal. Besides, I have very much missed my friends! There will be so many new ones to make, I hope. And I shall spend a whole year with Dex and playing against very good teams. Didi is right, this is such an adventure for us. I am very proud to be in the first Junior International Quidditch Tournament.

Sep. 1st, 2011

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Aug. 31st, 2011



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