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[02 Sep 2018|05:56pm]
Want to know the worst part about being a genius?

PHENOMENAL COSMIC POWERS ..... itty bitty living space.

I've run out of room in the secret lab. It's tragic.

[18 Aug 2018|09:33pm]
Damn you, Gossip Lady.
I'm having a hard time deciding how I feel about this article.
You've really made a real mess.

A) Are you peeping in my windows? Now I'm self conscious. What if I wasn't at my best? You should really send out an owl before hand so I can prepare and put on a proper show. It's really a matter of common courtesy here.

B) Now that you've brought it up, I'm prepping for the shipment of baby booties from my Mother. Good job. You've successfully caused a mass wool shortage across England. Now people are going to freeze. You are a heartless monster.

C) Also, your damn straight our kid would be terrifyingly amazing ... though, I am slightly offended that Ang gets all the credit for the athletic genes. We I played too, you know.

and finally,

D) That is a damn good picture. I am such a stud.

[25 Jul 2018|10:24am]
[Private | Katie]

I need to talk to you.

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