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November 20th, 2019

poncho, posting in fandom_psls @ 04:43 pm: Long shot, but would anyone be interested in lines with my boy here from Jedi: Fallen Order?

Rebellion Era characters would be ideal (Rebels, Rogue One, OT, etc) -- but with some time shenanigans™, we can make it work with just about anyone!

crimsonmagic, posting in fandom_psls @ 04:49 pm: [info]boltonlake I'd love to have Rowena's daughter Alex around. Castiel and Claire would love to have Jack around to round out that little family, and additionally some of his brothers. Cain needs a female companion to keep his naughty self out of trouble. I'd just adore any SPN related faces!

ttot, posting in ratedx @ 01:20 pm: An older man who hasn't gotten laid in way too long for a pretty twink to worship?

Incest is a yes. ABO is a yes. Kinks are mostly all a yes.

Would still love a Bill Hader pb to play against but I'm open.

itsme, posting in rpvents @ 10:35 am: really? really? it's nice to know, after years of friendship, and all the things I've done that nobody else would have ever cared about or done for you, where I really stand with you connsidering the list of ways you've backstabbed me in just the past few months, this in spite of all my trust for you, both in rp and irl. nice way to treat a "friend". bridge burned. fuck off.

rianabg, posting in ratedx @ 11:33 am: [info]undulation LIZ GILLIES, lizzo, drake, jimmy fallon, nicki minaj

findmyownplace, posting in fandom_psls @ 08:33 am: With the hype of Frozen 2, I'd like to bring ole Hans out again. Could I get an Elsa for him? I love animated or modern day!real person versions. Preferably something post-Frozen or an AU, taking our own spin on things that happened in the movie. I don't play him as a sociopath, more of a jerk who grew up under unfortunate circumstances. We can always wait to see what happens in the new movie too and take that into account - no I haven't seen it yet and may not be able to see it until Saturday morning so no spoilers, please!

vyce, posting in ratedx @ 03:46 am: Right now, I'm looking to go "full fluff"! I'm pretty keen on having a lightheartedly sweet relationship between our characters that's happy, healthy and generally stable. Whether it be openly affectionate and sweetly loving, or having a fiery "challengingly-yet-happily" worthy opponent bond of constant snark where their rivalry's as red-hot and undying as their mutual fondness. Looking for some largely fluffy and lighthearted smutty goodness, fandom-based and otherwise; some lighthearted office fluff or superhero stuff (particularly involving damsel-in-distress play) would be well-received also.

In any case, check the journal for the needed info and lines, and contact me there if interested!

flirtyndirty, posting in ratedx @ 12:36 am: some nsfw ideas
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nowinscenario, posting in fandom_psls @ 04:34 am: Out of curiosity, would anybody want an AU with Daemons from His Dark Materials?

I also play characters from Overwatch, Doctor Who, Kingsman, Star Trek: Discovery, Marvel & a ton more! I just want to see how daemons fit into these worlds lol.

steelshot, posting in ratedx @ 12:26 am: Looking for a slash line where the best friend of my guys (Brenton Thwaites) boyfriend ends up fucking him at a party.

November 19th, 2019

wossname, posting in rpvents @ 10:23 pm: I haven't done a panfandom in like 10 actual years, but I'm realizing I will have to in order to play the characters I'm most interested in. AND YET, instead of jumping in, I'm paralyzed with anxiety.

They intimidate me. But they're where all the activity is. But there's so much more pressure. But I'd actually get lines. But I have no idea where to even look or what their culture is like. But--

dylmci, posting in ratedx @ 11:10 pm: Doubtful but a top Daniel Radcliffe pb for him?

emtajkowski, posting in ratedx @ 10:30 pm: anything up for something with a little drama? het please

nikonova, posting in ratedx @ 10:28 pm: [info]undulation i demand that my bestie get her sexy butt here!

kelsirose, posting in ratedx @ 10:14 pm: a Daddy for her?

wildo, posting in ratedx @ 09:20 pm: [info]undulation jason sudeikis, get your gorgeous ass here and love your wife!

kirstndunst, posting in ratedx @ 06:53 pm: Could I please get the following to [info]undulation please? James Franco, Tobey Maguire, Ben Foster. Eliza Dushku, Mila Kunis, Shane West, Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise, Orlando Bloom please? Thank you!

kardkimw, posting in ratedx @ 06:35 pm: Femme psl for Kim Kardashian? Her sisters would be loved but any ladies are welcome! Journals or add her wire @kimkardash!

arturodevalla, posting in ratedx @ 05:58 pm: [info]hellhoundsmc

I have this Drug Lord coming into the game and the cartel is wide open to be filled. Lieutenants, Hitmen (or women, potentially), Falcons (his eyes and ears/spies that do not necessarily have to be of a Latin background) and family. He's calculating, ruthless, and does what is necessary for the cartel without question or hesitation.

Also interested in some mistresses for him.

anaughtyboy, posting in ratedx @ 05:39 pm: Looking for a mall Santa for this younger guy who has taken a job playing an elf. At first it starts off as a one time thing because Santa is packing but things take a turn into more as my guy realizes what a caring man mall Santa is and that despite not being some muscular hunky type he treats him better than any other guy. Looking for someone like Nick Frost for pb and I'm not married to Tom for my own pb if there is someone you'd like better.

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