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April 23rd, 2019

reinhar, posting in ratedx @ 12:54 am: a female for a got inspired line? arranged marriages, captor/captive, master/slave, affairs, and other taboo dynamics all welcome.

vanessavalarian, posting in rpvents @ 01:22 pm: Cutting for adult concepts )

lady_anon, posting in ratedx @ 10:30 am: Something het for an Elle Fanning pb? Could be DC related against Bruce Wayne, Clark Kent or even Barry Allen? I have left her kind of blank so we can discuss.

April 22nd, 2019

ulianna, posting in ratedx @ 09:00 pm: looking to find a het, long term romantic psl for this margot robbie pb. i'd really love something that's a good mix of romance, fluff, drama, and smut. think epic romantic saga? i have a bunch of vague ideas that we could brainstorm off of!

jsmomoa, posting in ratedx @ 05:37 pm: [info]nuffsaid open registration is coming up, troye sivan to cherish, got faces to love all up on

biggirlsgonebad, posting in ratedx @ 06:31 pm: Something hot for one of my ladies for the night?

karazorel, posting in ratedx @ 02:28 pm:
Kara Zor-El/Kara Danvers/Supergirl or Kara Zor-el/Overgirl
  • As Supergirl, she's a sweet and kind sub.
  • As Overgirl, she's a wicked and cruel domme.
Open to most ideas from fluff lines to dark lines. Femme/futa's only. Interested? No flakes Leave one in the drop box here

winterfells, posting in fandom_psls @ 02:12 pm: jaime lannister, sandor clegane or theon greyjoy for the slowest of slow burns. comments screened.

made_of_stars, posting in ratedx @ 10:55 am: Searching for Cassian!

We could play many things -

* Amnesia AU

* Arranged Marriage (within the Rebellion OR Empire!Jyn x Cassian-on-a-mission!)

* Aphrodisiac or Sex Pollen

* Force Bond AU

* Or other Jyn-is-an-Imperial, Cassian-is-on-a-mission AU's! (Original flavor, where she's got information he needs, he just needs to get closer in order to find it, the stranded AU, where they need to survive by any means necessary and it gets very cold at night aboard their grounded transport, or she finds and cares for a wounded Cassian)

* Reunited after a long time apart

* For the sake of a mission, they have to really sell the idea that they're ~intimately acquainted

* Long distance fun sexy times via comm or Space Skype, idk.

* After seeing this, I'm interested in something where Jyn wakes up injured in the wake of Scarif only to find a younger Cassian taking care of her.

Actually, all of her art is gold, and super inspiring. Also, check out hvit-ravn, spacepandar, anafigreen, and crazy-fruit on Tumblr for more art / inspiration.

Bring me your ideas, too!

callmebyhername, posting in ratedx @ 10:32 am: Just got done watching The Perfect Date on netflix and now I kind of want to do a line loosely based on that idea.

In case you haven't seen the movie and don't know what it's about, this high school kid played by Noah Centineo has his friend help him make an app where people can hire him as a "stand in". Basically, girls and women hire him for dates and he's whomever they need him to be and he does whatever it is they hired him to do. Women of all types and ages end up hiring him for various things, though they never get into a sexual scenario in the movie.

I'm looking for someone that would want to play the guy in this type of scenario. The twist would be that I would also be playing a guy that's been crushing on your guy for a while and sees the app as his chance to finally get a shot. Maybe he even straight out hires him to take his virginity. Your boy doesn't even realize it's a guy who's hired him until it comes time but he goes through with it because that's what he's being paid for and wouldn't want the negative review to mess with future business.

The movie stars Noah Centineo but we don't have to use him. If you have another face you'd like to use, let me know!

curative, posting in fandom_psls @ 12:08 pm: Looking for some FFXV buddies for [info]reconsider! Would be super pumped for Glaives + Kingsguard: Crowe, Libertus, Cor, Gladio, Ignis. Long shot personal request: Ravus Nox Fleuret, for those angsty sibling vibes & (the longest shot) Gentianna.

coffee_first, posting in ratedx @ 12:37 pm: Looking for long term lines, please check the journal.

marmathers, posting in ratedx @ 11:10 am: Lines for Eminem / Marshall Mathers? Pop stars, rappers, older celebrities, crack or plausible are all allowed. Very open on kinks.

caramelcookies, posting in ratedx @ 07:26 am: Probably a long shot in the dark but I am looking for a specific line to be filled. They are exes but when he gets into an accident they call her and she rushes to his side. Theres still love but depending on the accident there are different scenarios to it.

April 21st, 2019

disrobe, posting in ratedx @ 11:08 pm: In search of a Dove Cameron or Christina Hendricks pb for a MMF scenario.

sybratic, posting in ratedx @ 10:21 pm: Looking for het lines for this girl, if I've got your interest check the journal. Cross posted.

kutte, posting in ratedx @ 10:11 pm: check the journal!

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jareid, posting in ratedx @ 07:19 pm: ignore journal. dirty customs or a client/escort line? slash or femdom only.

0170, posting in ratedx @ 05:43 pm: Anyone up for playing the female in some Fandom + Smut-heavy lines? MCU, Marvel, Buffy The Vampire Slayer, Supernatural, Game of Thrones, Vikings -- and more then a few others. Feel free to toss an idea at me, a pairing or check the journal for some of the many fandoms I'd love to play in!

grntgustn, posting in ratedx @ 06:27 pm: [info]nuffsaid

stephen amell, darren criss, colton haynes, robbie amell, rick cosnett, cwtv folks

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