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    Thursday, June 20th, 2019
    [ greenbengal ]
    So... now that school's out for the summer, what's everyone doing?
    Wednesday, June 19th, 2019
    [ kickswalkerass ]
    Who: Judith Grimes and Rocket
    What: nightmare
    Where: Dixon house in Freedomtown
    When: 06/19/2019, night
    Warnings: tba
    Open?: nope
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    [ orbthis ]
    Who: Prue Halliwell and Emaline Addario
    What: wanting some time with her girlfriend
    Where: in front of Max's Cupcakes in Storybrooke
    When: 06/19/2019, afternoon
    Warnings: PG-13, maybe higher
    Open?: nope
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    [ hobo_jo ]
    I have finally met a man who won't let me down, and his name is Jack Daniel's.
    [ faeshadowhunter ]
    It's so weird being the youngest in my family to all of the sudden being the eldest.

    Not like my brother were ever mean to me growing up, but they are so tiny here.
    [ homebysundown ]
    Video Post
    [Peggy's face appears on screen]

    Oh! I can see myself.

    [A look of confusion comes over her face]

    But why am I upside down?

    [The video blurs as the phone is rotated]

    That's much better!

    [Peggy smiles]

    Hello. My name is Peggy Schuyler.
    [ noemoji ]
    Damn it Lauren! Answer your texts.
    Tuesday, June 18th, 2019
    [ rockinrachelle ]
    ESPN: "Al Horford has turned down a 30 million dollar extension offer from the Celtics so he can enter free agency"

    Me: "Al Horford can eat a fat dick."
    [ obvi ]
    Is there a Staples around here?
    [ atarmslength ]

    Hey I need to talk to you about something.

    ADDED LATER (Noah, Jeffery, Lyric, and Aria Guerin. Adam [viewable to Maria Guerin])

    Your mom and I have something to tell you guys. We're currently looking for a house in Genovia. Hopefully we'll be able to find a place before the school year starts.
    [ itssupergirl ]
    This Saturday we are having a clothes drive, tba where in a few days.

    Go do some summer cleaning, get rid of that shirt you are never going to wear again by donating it to us!
    [ thatsthekid ]
    I can't wait to start my new job!


    Soon my mornings will be free. Can I spend all of them with you?


    I've been talking to Aunt Liz and I think we came up with something that'll work for everyone.
    [ iscrewgirls ]
    A little run down of Nothern Soul's schedule now that I've sat down and drawn up a plan with my GM:

    Monday: Human
    Tuesday: Gay/Lesbian/Bi
    Wednesday: Free for all
    Thursday: Straight
    Friday: Supernatural
    Saturday - Sunday: Free for all

    Humans, unless you're a feeding volunteer, don't try to come on Supernatural night. Supernaturals, don't try to come on Human night. My bouncer will be able to tell and kick your ass out if you even attempt it.

    The club will be two floors; the top for adults and the bottom for those under 21 with VIP rooms on each floor. Under 21s, you can try and get upstairs if you want but good luck. That's all I'm gonna say.

    If all goes well, the grand opening will be on the 30th with our very first free for all. Hope to see you there!


    Now for some boring business stuff before I end this: I will need one bartender for the under 21 floor if anyone is interested. You'll be making mocktails and the like for the kids so it's nothing complicated.

    I will also need volunteers for the feeding stations on Supernatural night. Regular blood tests will be done to make sure nothing gets passed to my fellow Vampires that could make them sick. Sign up in this post or send a message to my assistant Katie for more details. Thank you.
    [ mrsevans ]
    We're happy to announce that The Crashdown Cafe 2.0 will be opening next month in Commercport.

    The hours will be a little different what you're used to because we'll only be offering lunch and dinner there. All cakes and pies will be made on site at the original location and transported every morning to the new location so that means once they're gone, they're gone.

    As this is a smaller location, we won't need as much stuff so we are now hiring for four full time waitresses, two busboys, one cook and a manager. Inquire within or come to The Crashdown Cafe location in Sunnydale for an interview any time this week.
    Monday, June 17th, 2019
    [ justawitchy ]
    So those that enjoy P3 in Gotham will be happy to know that on 06/21/2019 we'll be opening a second location in Chicago. As well as a sister location in Oahu next month which will be the grand opening of P3+ which will be our LGBTQ+ club.

    I am currently hiring at all three locations.
    [ miss_fixit ]
    I am in the absolute best flarkin' mood right now. You don't even know. Like, I just wanna run around giving random people great big hugs.

    HAY GURL. Busy? I was thinking maybe we blow some stuff up for fun.

    Sup bebeh? How's everything?
    [ kaitlin_crowe ]
    Private to Juno McGuff and Lux Cassidy

    Hi... hope I'm not bothering either of you, but I was wondering if Juno is still looking for someone to adopt her child?
    [ gwen_morrison ]
    I'm grateful as fuck to have Blake and the kids here with me... but I couldn't help but feel like there was something missing, still.

    And I realized today what it was.

    I went to grab a beer at The End Zone... and that's when it hit me. I was drinking alone. I miss my goddamn bestie.
    [ lovedher3000 ]
    Fathers day is always rough, seeing everyone with their dad, or wishing their dad a great day.

    My dad died saving the world, I shouldn't be jealous because he's not here, his death wasn't in vain. He died to save everyone else, even me, so...yeah. I should delete this.

    I need to be more social, anyone want to do anything? Movie, Disney, you know whatever.


    I'm ready to talk, if you are.
    [ soughtcontrol ]
    Oh no... Oh no, no, no... He's not going to like this.

    Sam, I see your name on the list. Please tell me that your brother isn't here.
    [ iamasgardian ]
    Father, are you still here? It's me, Torunn.


    I'm back with one of my brothers, James.

    They won't let us out of the center.
    [ nessiecullen ]
    Last Friday texts
    Mom, can I go to a movie with Billy today? As friends? We're seeing Pets 2.

    I’ll let you know what my mom says. Ok?
    [ nextavenger ]

    Azari? Barton? Guys, where are you? Pym?
    [ kickingducks ]
    Magnus, my dear friend, the kids and I would like to go to Disney again. Naturally I said you and Alexander need to take us, since I clearly cannot be trusted with young lives.
    [ iaimtocollect ]
    BEACH TIME! Gotta work on that sick glow.

    Do skeletons get tans?
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