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Apr. 26th, 2019

[info]jbbucky in [info]fandom_psls

After seeing Endgame....Steve for Bucky to give them what they deserved?

Apr. 25th, 2019

[info]heyanonynonny in [info]slashsls

Alright [info]nuffsaid I've got a thought brewing in my head. and that thought is Buck Angel.


[info]niander in [info]slashsls

with end game happening (no spoilers please!) i'd love to get some mcu faces for psls against this guy.

[info]greyclouds in [info]fandom_psls

Anyone care to ignore canon with me?

Bucky or Tony for Steve?

[info]inspiringmuse in [info]slashsls

Looking for long term lines with writers who love to write. I have line ideas in my journal. I'm open to discussing your line ideas or brainstorming something new. Threading only.

[info]shetasedhim in [info]fandom_psls

Haven't done this in a long, long while since I took a break, but I'm in a bit of a mood to play Darcy. Would love to play her against a current Peter Parker, Bucky Barnes, Clint Barton, or even a Loki.

[info]armiehad in [info]slashsls

[info]nuffsaid i’m heading your way and want all the good times you have to offer

[info]no_one in [info]fandom_psls

Joining the rush on GOT lines over here! Looking for primarily a Jon for Arya, though I'm open to Sandor, Jaqen or AU Robb. I'm not opposed to thruples/polyships either. You can bring Gendry along. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I've also got a modern AU Arya over at [info]aryastarks if there's a Jon, Robb, or Sandor for that.

Comments screened, HMU.


sorry for the delay!

[info]cellularbiology in [info]fandom_psls

Probably the longest of long shots and possibly not a good idea since I'm working nights but Marvel lines? I play characters besides Betty just ask if you're looking for someone specific. Open to au's and any sort of relationship.

[info]spicedcandles in [info]slashsls

looking for a few psls, please check the journal!

[info]thachalamet in [info]slashsls

would he be wanted at [info]nuffsaid?

[info]warging in [info]fandom_psls

These new-to-us outtakes are awakening old feels. Open for lines!

[info]rubylu in [info]fandom_psls

anyone interested in ruby or any other ouat lines?

[info]lonelyscavenger in [info]fandom_psls

seeking a kylo, finn, or poe for my rey. would love something angsty and/or slowburn! comments are screened.

[info]coconutmetal in [info]fandom_psls

I just watched Endgame and I need to wipe my tears on something.

No spoilers from me, but I'd like something for Tony.

Apr. 24th, 2019

[info]odylbrien in [info]slashsls

Tyler Posey? Get your cute butt to [info]nuffsaid!

Also: JR Bourne, Ryan Kelley, Ian Bohen. Let's all have some fun.

[info]jefm in [info]slashsls

[info]nuffsaid you give me a line, i give you permission to rub the spot of your choosing.

ps. send more daddies

[info]loveofcarnage in [info]fandom_psls

I've got an itch that won't go away.

I'm looking for people interested in a possible comm/gpsl that would involve a Sleepy Hollow setting (using both aspects from the film and the series) in the modern world. There would be a bit of a Silent Hill twist added. The focus would be on original characters, though we would have a few of the canon characters as well (mostly NPCs for plot).

Considering making it public but this may be a private group, depending on how much interest there is.

[info]stylesedwharry in [info]slashsls

[info]nuffsaid yes? no?

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