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Jun. 12th, 2019

[info]nrom in [info]fandom_psls

you guessed it! looking for some post-endgame au psls for nat here. tony is most wanted, but i also have ideas for steve, peggy, clint, peter, pepper, carol, and maybe thor or loki. i really just want to play her so i could be open to different ideas and timelines!

[info]thefirstlioness in [info]fandom_psls

I just joined ~[info]saveatlantis with Alanna of Trebond (song of the lioness book series for any who might remember her!) and I had a crazy idea about other 'lion' related characters possibly showing up in Atlantis. Looking at you, Lannisters.

[info]shirtless in [info]slashsls

i’d love to get his best friend’s big brother or dad for a line where they’ve known each other his whole life and been like a second family to him and now that he’s in high school their feelings for each other are changing into more. comment here or in the journal to discuss!

Jun. 11th, 2019

[info]alucard in [info]fandom_psls

Looking to play this guy against Trevor or Sypha!

[info]survivable in [info]fandom_psls

anyone interested in something against beth from the walking dead? i could also do something revolving around original characters in that setting.

[info]mstiles in [info]slashsls

So. I just watched the live action Beauty and the Beast a bit belatedly, but I caught the line the dresser said that went something like "Finally! A woman!" and it made my head gears turn for the idea of some man being taken prisoner by the beast before Belle. A friend even cracked the joke of the enchanted staff not caring whether it was a male or female and trying to dress them up and shove them at the beast in hopes of breaking the curse.

Now, it could be really Disney style Beast or just something more cursed or even a werewolf or something but I'll admit I'm not well versed in ABO stuff. I just don't know how it works. Could be the "belle" is fae or something if you want to go full supernatural, or it could even be more of the land is cursed and no one looks scary or something but they still can't leave. Oops you wandered into the garden now you're stuck here too.

I'm open to either the beast or the "beauty" type. I can also play some side characters. You can give me a list of faces you like and I can do the same and we can narrow it down, or if you've got a couple in mind that will fit, we can go that route too!


[info]warriorsiff in [info]fandom_psls

Seems I've lost all but one of my PSLs. Anyone MCU related up for something with Sif?

Jun. 10th, 2019

[info]chavescountydep in [info]fandom_psls

Liz Ortecho, where you at?

[info]garnetville in [info]slashsls

[info]garnetville a brand new slice of life/town slash abo gpsl in the making! The rules are simple, and the focus is on writing together! So if this post has caught your interest, ask for a hold and help us get started!

[info]tashr in [info]fandom_psls

Throwing out feelers for a few more PSLs. I even have a couple of different post-Endgame ideas for a Tony or a Steve against Nat.

Jun. 9th, 2019

[info]ryarrey in [info]slashsls

[info]nuffsaid Jake, Josh, Hugh, and little Tommy Hiddles.


[info]indielincoln in [info]slashsls

Can I get an Armie Hammer or someone similar for an all-American type of guy to be the polar opposite of my smart-ass, intelligent-but-you-wouldn't-know-it guy who takes nothing seriously, for a romantic interest type line that starts out as eye-rolling irritation? Preferably to take to a comm, but we can go for a PSL if need be.

[info]mostaccio in [info]slashsls

A guy to give my boy a mustache ride before pounding his virgin hole?

[info]mythically in [info]pslads

looking for a couple of psls. check the journal!

[info]begin__again in [info]pslads

Looking for lots and lots of things.

In particular, I'm really feeling a couple of things:

A couple who lives in neighboring buildings fall in love from across the way, all without speaking a word to each other. OR first loves who meet again after years apart, one or both are single parents. OR a long distance romance. OR what is supposed to be a short term vacation romance turns into more. OR a widow / divorcee finds love again in her new small hometown. OR the ghost and the human.

If you like these ideas, or any of the others linked above, or even want to bring me yours, please comment HERE.

[info]incertezza in [info]pslads

Masquerade ball. Boy retreats outside for a breath of fresh air. Boy meets girl. Boy offers girl the coat that she's dropped. Boy doesn't realize girl is selkie. Boy is now in possession of selkie-fiancee.

Also very much into mermaid (or merman!) and their human love.

Or, previous plot wishes, which are always in play.

Shy, studious, sweet-natured prince iso:

Arranged marriage with plenty of room for a total slow burn romance, they find reasons to keep coming together for these fleeting little moments that hint at happiness, courting after marriage, very slowly finding out how good they are for each other, and eventually falling in love.

Orrrrrrrr I'm also a sucker for a forbidden romance, so maybe a secret thing with a commoner or a servant, which could be chock full of innuendo, and stolen moments, touching, kissing, trying to deny feelings, missed opportunities, the desperation that comes with trying to stay away from each other only to fall back into each others arms and a whole lot of UST.

[info]stylsdhrry in [info]slashsls

[info]abstinence louis, liam, ladies, gents, it's relaxed, friendly, and fun.

Jun. 8th, 2019

[info]sarcasticfriend in [info]fandom_psls

Looking for Lydia Martin and other Teen Wolf castmates for [info]somerealitymods.

[info]fizzycola in [info]slashsls

Hedonistic artist seeking filthy arrangement or rendezvous on this Saturday night.
Slash, het, or multiple partners welcome.
Realistic, dystopian, or urban fantasy welcomed.

Make us a custom and let's have some fun.

OOC Note: I don't flake, I'm a boomerang tagger with 17 years experience, and I'm a good writer.
Not looking for drama, and I'm not making a separate journal, downloading an app, etc to play.
IJ threads only, and I promise it'll be fun.

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