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[20 Jun 2019|11:36am]


A top Nolan Gould pb for him?

[20 Jun 2019|10:07am]


Interested in a riff on Jumanji where these guys get sucked into the roleplaying game they're playing, become their characters, and have to survive in a world where fantasy gets all too real. Also open to a gpsl!

[19 Jun 2019|09:07pm]


[info]aw_snap would love to see some more Star Wars and Umbrella Academy folks, as well as maybe some Sherlock ones (Irene is lonely!) and Doctor Who peeps are always more than welcome (13 would love to see any). The Marvel Bunch would like to see a Bruce Banner, Scarlet Witch, Valkyrie, basically all of the X-men and more.

Would also like a Rhodey and maybe a Pepper Potts for selfish best friend reasons.

[19 Jun 2019|07:48pm]


Slash for a male Sabrina Spellman? Harvey? Nick?

[19 Jun 2019|07:09pm]


I'm very interested in the idea of playing Wanda against a Loki if anyone can conjure his beautiful self up?

[19 Jun 2019|05:28pm]
so admittedly i am only in the first season but is anyone doing anything in a handmaid's tale verse?

i am mostly looking for femme, though het is on the table for certain characters. i am open to OCs or PBs as well.

i do not want to explore any sort of commander/handmaid or commander/wife relationship.

[19 Jun 2019|12:40pm]


Kyle Valenti in a world where they don't share a sister please.

[19 Jun 2019|06:46am]
looking for someone to slash someone against aaron carter, jacob bixenman, max ryder, jacoby shaddix, mickey taylor, joe jonas, zedd or justin bieber

[19 Jun 2019|02:10am]


Looking to play Kyle or Michael from Roswell, New Mexico. Pairings and contact post are in the journal.

[19 Jun 2019|01:46am]


I'm still having major Sansa/Tyrion feels, and I want to explore their relationship post-finale, including heartfelt missives via raven and clandestine rendezvous somewhere between Winterfell and King's Landing. Any takers?

[18 Jun 2019|11:15pm]


Looking for a slash line involving a threesome relationship between bigger dudes as well as mpreg. Serious replies only, please.

[18 Jun 2019|07:47pm]


Any of the Roswell, New Mexico men (Alex, Max, Michael, Noah).

Though having Michael and Alex with him might be fun.

[18 Jun 2019|07:57am]


can i get a murray bartlett, mike colter, or jon hamm for a line against a tom holland pb?

[18 Jun 2019|12:09am]


Searching for someone who wants to write two characters who are soul mates, but don't know it. Story set in modern/present time, but with a twist. You won't know who your soul mate is until you kiss them at night under a new moon. You could kiss them at any other time day or night and never know.

Our characters have been friends since high school. I'm not looking for the trope of friends being in love and it's unrequited. What I am looking for is that one character is gay and the other isn't. See, the way soul mate works is that it's blind to gender, but it's binding. Meaning that is the one you will be with and are meant to be with. Open to discussing how the soul mate "thing" came about or if it's always been there.

I'm not looking for a magic or mythical line. There will be a relationship between these two because this will be a love story, but not looking for the "easy" road. I'm looking for someone who wants to brainstorm details out with me. Is that you? Older characters 30+ and journal threading.

[17 Jun 2019|06:46pm]


Looking for something light and fun for this guy. He's a big goof, loves attention, wants to make people laugh...think giant golden retriever. Old school buddy he can reunite with, opposites attract kind of thing with a new neighbor, something else entire - I'm open to ideas!

[17 Jun 2019|04:34pm]
looking for some active and fun psls! i'm mostly interested in playing kpop celebs right now, especially jimin, taehyung, yoongi, jin. jennie, jisoo, lisa. ten. taemin. hyungwon. taeyeon.

[17 Jun 2019|07:53pm]
Would Taron Egerton be wanted at abstinence?

Failing (or in addition to) that, a hopefully long term, fairly smutty PB line. A slash community along the lines of the late lamented gdate? A group storyline based on Love Island? I’m 4 weeks sober from alcohol, have a lot of time on my hands, and really want to write now my inspiration isn’t being drowned in booze.

[17 Jun 2019|02:13pm]


Any Dianas up for an 80s spy romance? I’m always open to brainstorming other lines, too, if that doesn’t grab you! Comments are screened.

[17 Jun 2019|11:51am]


My kingdom for a horse. Or a Johnlock line. I'll play either half with a slight preference for John. AUs welcome!

long shot [17 Jun 2019|06:00am]


does anyone play justin timberlake or would be willing to try?

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