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[14 Dec 2019|10:17am]


PSLs for Hayden from AHS?

[13 Dec 2019|11:19am]


Aw Mods All Richie, Eddie, Stan and Beverly want for Christmasukah is Bill, Ben and Mike!

[13 Dec 2019|11:47am]


[info]discplacedmod Can I pretty pretty please get Tifa Lockhart, Cloud Strife and Zack Fair while I app for this game? You don't have to use a real life pb for the character, but if you want to, you can.

shippy friendship rumbles for all three )

Alternatively if no one from FF7 interests you, you could bring in people from other Final Fantasies and see what blossoms!

I'll be aping Dean Winchester as well. So bring me Papa John Winchester, Bobby Singer, Charlie Bradbury, Ellen Harvelle (There's a Jo!) or whoever else you have muse for in the Supernatural fandom. Pretttttty please? Preeeeettty please? Yessums. All the characters. Sorry this got so long, just so excited to find a place to play Aerith! Whoo.

X-posted to [info]fandom_ads and a final fantasy com.

[13 Dec 2019|10:34am]


would anyone be interested in a critical role campaign 2 line with this trash wizard here? i'd especially love a molly or fjord or anyone! even a caleb/astrid/eodwulf trio back in the day would be AHmazing. just gimme all the caleb things.

[13 Dec 2019|11:23pm]


Still looking for:
- Fae politics line. A Sidhe knight is being called back from exile to redeem himself by rescuing a younger prince who's next in line to the throne of a given court. The only catch is that there may or may not be several other people in line for the throne ahead of the prince that he needs to get rid of. (I would prefer to play the disgraced knight/ reluctant assassin/ rescuer.)
- A prince whose curse just got broken by someone who was not supposed to do so. Cue the prince trying to remember who he is and how he got to where he is, while the person who helped him tries to make sense of what's going on. (I would prefer to play the prince.)
- Prince Charming is happily married but the otherworldly suitor from his boyhood refuses to give up. Surprise, it's a demonic or eldritch entity who wishes to join their realms together. (I would play the suitor.)

If you're interested, let's chat in a custom! I only write through journals or GDocs. Comments are screened.

[13 Dec 2019|07:05am]


looking for someone to play a possible "straight" or "out" man against a drag queen or vice-versa

[13 Dec 2019|04:28am]


[ mood | idk, wishlisting. ]

[info]boltonlake; the punisher, wolverine (both for incredibly selfish reasons), daredevil, cyclops, black canary, wonder woman, superman, black panther, nightwing, sue storm, sharon carter (for bff purposes), spider-guy, spider-girl, kate bishop, more disney people (princes, princesses and the rest obviously), thoooooorrrr, ryan gosling's stupid face, harley quinn (potentially bff purposes??), some version of sabrina spellman and friends 'cause they're adorable, captain marvel, people who will shame me out of listening to ERB all the damn time and that dude over there.

[12 Dec 2019|09:23pm]


check the journal

[12 Dec 2019|06:57pm]


I definitely have room for a line or two, comment here or in the journal

[12 Dec 2019|05:25pm]


With TRoS so close, I'd love to find a Poe Dameron for my Jaina Solo in a new canon line. It doesn’t matter if you haven’t read the EU novels, since I've changed a few things so she fits into the new trilogy. Comment here or journal if interested, both screened.

[12 Dec 2019|01:54pm]


Something pb for Alex gaskarth

[12 Dec 2019|06:01pm]


seeking the following faces for a pb line, smut-heavy but not necessarily plot light:

alex horne, paul f. tompkins, john noble, ben daniels, liam o'brien, willem dafoe, william h macy, steve buscemi, ian mckellen, charlie day, richard belzer, ed begley jr, sam waterston, marc evan jackson, russell crowe, jdm, norman reedus, gordon ramsay, jared harris, mark gatiss, ty burrell, eugene levy

happy to play a pb on your wishlist, especially over forty or lesser used.

because I can't get this out of my mind [12 Dec 2019|02:34am]


Timothee Chalamet as a young but more serious king/prince.

Armie Hammer as an older but lovable idiot prince.

I will play either of them, but personality would be played as above.

One of them has come to seek marriage for whatever reason (the king and queen died, they have no right to their own throne and thus seek to 'marry up', toss in some magic so there's no 'bUt whAt AbOut aN hEiR' stuff or even in spite of, let them save each other from bandits or a witch/sorcerer or a dragon (hell make one of them RIDE a dragon or have a baby one as a pet) or something ridiculous which means the other clearly thinks he owes his life (and body?) to his savior, throw them into pure medieval setting where they clearly have to share a bath to save water, snow and horses and enchanted forests/creatures please, give it a modern spin and let's have a Christmas party/ball

I don't know. I've been thinking about this ever since netflix suggested The King to me. I'm open to switching the roles around if you prefer only one royalty against a warlock/knight/servant/whatever. I do see Armie as being the more dominant one in the actual sex department but I am very open to switching character wise and either/or making the first moves in general depending on how their motives are fleshed out.

I'm not above saying that I will double another pairing on the side or a completely different psl for any particular pairing/setting you want if someone is willing to give this a go and we click as writers.

[11 Dec 2019|11:08pm]


[info]ohanamods Charlie Swan! Your daughter wants to feed you and then go to a gun range for some practice. Even if a vampire's skin is diamond hard, she's gotta be prepared for the next Edward Cullen or asshole that tries to mindfuck her.

[11 Dec 2019|10:00pm]


[info]silenthillsmods game doesn't open until January 3rd, 2020, but can we get holds (and eventual apps we're hoping) for the casts of Marvel Cinematic Universe? Supernatural? (Much as I can go without Dean being in his life, it still needs to be tied together that way in some way) Twilight? (Bells needs Jake, Charlie Swan, and the other Quieletes, anyone else welcomed as well) and the Silent Hill (Bring Walter, Eileen Galvin!) games or movies themselves?

Would also love to see Riverdale, BTVS/ATS/JOSS WHEDON VERSE, Resident Evil (Games or Movies), The Vampire Diaries/The Originals/Legacies, Dark Angel, Being Human (UK or US), American Horror Story, FX's Legion, Game of Thrones, Stranger Things, IT Reboot or even original, Shameless (UK OR US), Dexter (Why not?), The Walking Dead, X-Men Movie Franchise, Until Dawn, Fatal Frame, Death Note, Doki Doki Literature Club, The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, DC Comics, and Gilmore Girls even.

[11 Dec 2019|03:32am]


I am looking for some Teen Wolf lines. I would love to play against a Lydia or Scott, but I'll take almost anyone. I have some line ideas here.

[10 Dec 2019|11:53pm]


looking high and low for a cesare borgia

[10 Dec 2019|04:11pm]


comm or psls for a jake borelli pb? all the slashy goodness with this adorable nerd is welcome.

[10 Dec 2019|04:58pm]


is timothee open anywhere, or would anyone like to do a private line? i'm open to celeb or pb!

[10 Dec 2019|04:27pm]


would love to write against either his son's best friend or his daughter's boyfriend in a line. they've been trying to get his attention and they've finally got it.

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