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[16 Nov 2019|01:59pm]

because lily and erin are mean evil people )
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[15 Nov 2019|10:07am]

What a special year it's been. Oh, well. Still working. Still RPing, even if there are definite challenges at times. Started sleep and fitness tracking. Have five figures in savings. It's not all bad I guess.
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[11 Nov 2019|11:19am]

Ok I'm going to be frank.

If you're on my friends list I consider you a friend. If you come to me and bitch and complain about someone else on my friends list I hate it. I feel incredibly uncomfortable, it makes my anxiety a bitch and makes me consider rage quitting IJ cause I literally cannot stand it.

So. For the sake of my mental health please stop. Everyone has flaws. No one is perfect. Just suck it up and deal with it like an adult.

[10 Nov 2019|09:58am]

med/mental health )

In that I've been trying to practice mindfulness and purposely take things slower which seem to be working? I'm still struggling with some things but I'm somewhat calmer than I was which is good.

I'm completely and utterly failing NaNo but I'm hoping to get some words out today. I broke 1k total for the month on Friday so you know... super slow progress.

Quick character wants

[info]exam I'd love to see Harry and Ron in game as well as any other McGonagall family. Leia I would love to see her parents or children from the Legends 'verse.

[info]requisites I'd love some more 6th years and more Room of Requirement people. Also Dennis Creevy

[info]wildabyssmod I've just apped this game and would love more MCU people in general

My goal for today is to do some capping and writing so we'll see how I go.
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