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    Sunday, July 21st, 2019
    [ sjimenez ]
    I didn't think I'd actually say this, but for the first time I'm glad I'm here and not in Boston. It's hotter there right now than it is here and it looks like that's going to be the case for a few days. While I miss the East Coast, I don't miss the humidity during their heatwaves.
    Saturday, July 20th, 2019
    [ blazeinhereyes ]
    Who: Marguerite Blakeney and MJ Watson
    What: Surprise Reunions II
    When: 20 July 2019 - after the evening performance
    Where: Stage door of Hadestown to nearby cafe
    Warnings: Low
    Status: Log | Complete

    MJ, what are you doing here? I mean thank you, but wow, hi! )
    Sunday, July 21st, 2019
    [ mutinouscomment ]
    Someone please explain why adult men find it funny to try and claim they made the bill they’re paying with just that morning after they see it get checked with the counterfeit detector pen. This has been happening every day for the past two weeks to my cashiers. Different guys, but the same exact joke. And today the guy saying it actually got pissed off that everybody didn’t laugh about it like it was the funniest thing we’d ever heard. Sorry but we’ve heard it over a dozen times and it wasn’t that funny to begin with.

    And the fact that other people have found it funny? Means absolutely nothing to me. Either they have a different sense of humor or, what I think is the case, they were workers who had to laugh either to get a tip out of you or just to keep their job, since according to my new hire the fact that I’ve said that as long as they aren’t rude as shit to the customers I don’t care what they do so long as they’re professional. They don’t have to laugh at the crappy jokes or joke around them if they don’t want. Just be polite and don’t make me have any guest complaints to deal with.
    Saturday, July 20th, 2019
    [ captainpoppins ]
    Voicemail to Peter
    ::Yondu's voice sounds frustrated::
    Boy, you plannin' on livin' here any more? Cuz I don't see you none nowadays and can't even barely get a hold of ya'. I get the workin' thing, but you and I both know that ain't what this is. Don't start avoidin' me like you did in the dreams. It ain't right.

    ::there's a pause::

    Orderin' Popeye's tonight, 'case you're interested.

    ::there's a bark in the background:: Kraglin says hi.
    [ princetamaki ]
    This entire trip is nothing more than him proving to himself that he can still control things. Control me and my life. He wouldn’t unfreeze my cards and account unless I agreed to come to Japan to discuss my spending with him face to face. I’ve been here almost two weeks, and every day there’s been some emergency to keep him from seeing me. And since I’m not being allowed to stay at the main house with him, the option of just discussing it after dinner one night so that I can come home isn’t being allowed to me either.

    And now I’m having to dodge Eclair whose family just happens to be visiting Japan at the exact time I’m here and somehow it was just mentioned to them that I was staying at the second house. I should be glad the housekeeper here likes me, otherwise I probably wouldn’t be able to hide during the dozen times a day she drops to see if I’m in so that we can ‘catch-up’. I was able to see her on the security monitor yesterday and that was not a “just wanting to catch up” outfit.

    [Private to Haruhi]
    I miss you. And it’s lonely here. I only ever got to meet his business associates when I was here before and I don’t want to see any of them. One good thing is coming out of this trip though - I’m making lots of progress on my composition. The piano here isn’t the best’s here so I’m using it.
    [ leonineserpant ]
    I'm trying to get revisions done, so I can have this all finished and sent back to my editor before the wedding and I won't have to worry about it. But it looks like one of our four footed children has other plans. As I'm sitting there on the computer, Apollo comes up meowing at me. I think he's wanting to play or attention, but he keeps ignoring my attempts to throw his mice or pet him. Finally I get up, thinking maybe it's his water or his litter box. I don't speak cat, all I can do is just ...process of elimination.

    As soon as I got up, he jumped into my computer chair and curled up to go to sleep. He has other beds. He has Aslan, who is used to being used as a bed.

    ....I think I'm going to go check on how everyone else is doing. Maybe my chair will be free when I get back.
    [ outsidethewalls ]
    I can't believe that there is seriously a meme about everyone just up and storming Area 51. I mean, you're right, they can't stop all of us. I agree. If there is actually a big enough turn out, it would be really hard to stop us all. I mean, quite a few people are going to get killed doing that, and do you really want to be the idiot that dies for a meme?

    Now if you really wanted to take that sentiment of "they can't stop all of us"... maybe turn it towards something that would actually be worth it. Maybe towards protesting the actual child concentration camps? Take that energy and put it towards something that actually fucking matters.
    [ bithnyianking ]
    Who: Elijah and Amycus
    What: Expanding his client list further still
    When: May 14
    Where: Elijah’s office
    Status: Complete when posted
    Rating: Low

    “Amycus )
    [ a_lightwood ]
    It's always weird when customers want our empty bottles...even if they are Pride-related. You know, rainbow colored. Still, it's not exactly safe to hand out glass bottles to customers. Even in the VIP where they can purchase bottles to have in the area, we still can't let you have the bottle. And now, I'm the asshole bartender/co-owner...of course, they only know of the former until they insult me.

    Anyway, guess we need to put signs up behind the bar that say we can't hand out bottles.
    [ bansheecries ]
    Text to Stiles
    >> Hey
    [ parasitics ]
    I swear, it's like a completely different language is being spoken out here. How can there be so many linguistic changes from one coast line city to the next? I just moved from San Fran, not from Lebanon. I should be able to make people out.

    I really hope it's the pot doing this to their brains.
    [ savedbythering ]
    Who: Jeremy Gilbert & Tyler Lockwood
    When: Backdated: End of June
    Where: Tyler's House
    What: Hanging out; Tyler doesn't react well to news of Jeremy's new boss
    Rating/Warnings: Family Friendly
    Status: Complete

    Now that Jeremy was finally finished with school, he had been really thinking about what he wanted to do with the rest of his life )
    Friday, July 19th, 2019
    [ rapp ]
    Who: Lydia and Mitch
    Where: Apartment
    When: Monday night (July 15th)
    What: Screaming
    Why: Dream related
    Status: Complete

    Lydia, scream )
    [ youreaghost ]
    Jesus fucking christ. My dreams so far had been tamed, training. Nothing too intense or insane until last night. Fucking laptop, I'm so glad I got rid of that shit.


    Fucking laptop.
    [ livmoore ]
    [ snitchnicker ]
    Who: James Potter and Leonard Snart
    What: Snart is magically saved from a bad fall
    When: Early July
    Where: The street
    Ratings/Warnings: Low, maybe some language
    Status: Complete

    Oh this old thing? It’s just my magic wand. You know, for casting spells. )
    [ ronmars ]
    Who: Leon and Veronica
    What: Leon is having some very bad luck
    When: Late June
    Where: Restaurant on the beach
    Ratings/Warnings: Some swearing
    Status: Complete

    What’d you do to piss off an umbrella? )
    [ under_arrest ]
    Who: Leon Orcot and Michael Guerin, featuring Liv Moore and Sara Lance
    What: Meeting and making out
    When: Early July
    Where: The Double Tap
    Ratings/Warnings: Teenish for drunken kissing
    Status: Complete

    You offer to check on every stranger’s car for free? Doesn’t sound like a very good business plan. )
    [ bluejames ]
    I'm feeling the 80's today. I need a great 80's playlist for my salon.

    Give me all the greatest hits - GOOOOO!
    [ sailor_v ]
    I am getting super annoyed with spam bots blowing my phone up. No matter how many numbers I block, there's still just as many each day as there was the last. Part of me wants to just keep my phone on silent to avoid them, but what if it's my parents, my boss, Alice, people I actually want to talk to?

    And why do they have to blow my phone up when I'm trying to sleep? I have a month left of vacation before I go back to working towards two degrees. I'm not blowing your phones up in the middle of...

    ...You know what, is anyone here good at hacking? So we could figure out who owns these spam bots and give them the same wakeup calls?
    [ gaby_teller ]
    WHO: Gaby Teller-Mason & Jessica Jones
    WHERE: The animal shelter Jessica volunteers at
    WHEN: June 19th
    WHAT: Jessica saves a life
    STATUS: Complete

    Thank you for- uh- for not letting it crush me )
    Thursday, July 18th, 2019
    [ loganecho ]
    Texts: Logan/Veronica
    >> Happy Birthday!
    >> Your dad is on his way to pick up Liam.
    >> We are going out!
    [ miss_mystic ]
    Who: Forwood and NPC!Bill Forbes
    What: Caroline's dad is worried about her taking Tyler back
    When: Saturday, July 13
    Where: Restaurant
    Rating/Warning: Mediumish - references to torture
    Status: Complete

    I love Tyler and that’s not going to change. And I love my dad. So the both of you need to figure out how to get along. )
    [ betterthanhoff ]
    Who: The Peters (Peter Quill and Peter Parker)
    What: Peter Q stares into the face of his potential future. It’s not pretty.
    Where: A no-name bar with cheap drinks, sticky floors and no atmosphere
    When: Tonight, late.
    Rating: Green?
    Status: complete

    Didn’t anyone ever tell you that you’re not supposed to say anything if you can’t say something nice? )
    [ resident_xfer ]
    Unless your name is Leon, this isn’t your coffee, now is it
    Who: Leon Kennedy and Leon Orcot (Leon Kennedy is referred to as "Kennedy" in the log)
    What: Confusion over names leads to an interesting conversation
    When: Backdated to Mid-June
    Where: Local coffee shop
    Rating/Warning: Some language, reference to serial killers (dreams), but otherwise pretty tame
    Status: Complete!

    My name *is* Leon! )
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