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[08 Dec 2019|12:11am]

[Ward to Bill]

With the holidays coming up, I thought we might want to discuss how we want things to go.

I know you must be busy with work and your personal life, but I wanted to make sure you're able to do whatever you want with Victoire and since I haven't heard from you in awhile, I figured I'd reach out.

[04 Dec 2019|12:59pm]

I think I have finally perfected the red I’d like for my Christmas roses. And I even got a nice blue and silver for those who might celebrate Hanukkah instead. I’m quite proud of myself this afternoon, honestly.

That being said, if there’s another holiday you celebrate this season please let me know. I love learning about new customs and I’d love making a color that would include you.

[Ward to Tracey]
Please remind me next time I think I know how to handle love and relationships that I am an actual idiot and should just give up.

![info]sixe [03 Dec 2019|09:23pm]


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