Oct. 28th, 2018

Sabrina Drabble 😈 Part Four

Pick a number and I'll start a drabble using the word or words you've chosen as a item or a theme.

01. Weekend plans
02. Protection charms
03. Lock & key
04. Sanctum
05. Journals
06. Song
07. Bell ringing
08. Watching a movie
09. Sick relative
10. Steps creaking
11. Night gown
12. Distant chanting
13. Home alone
14. Conjuring
15. Necromancy
16. Spell binding
17. Taunt
18. Tease
19. Whispers overlapping
20. Kidnapped
21. Initiation
22. Witch's cell
23. Witch tradition
24. Sleepless night
25. Three night trip
26. Test
27. Temptation
28. Forbidden love
29. Black magic
30. Mirror
31. Breaking the rules
32. Cute but deadly
33. Air whooshing
34. Joints popping
35. Creaturing growling
36. Phone call
37. Being watched
38. Out of time
39. Exposed to the cold
49. Hissing growl
50. Alone in the dark
51. Waiting for dawn
52. A sending
53. Echoing screams
54. Shivering
55. Voice quivering
56. Kind ghost
57. Tombstone
58. In a dark house
59. Attacked
60. Children chanting
61. Coughing and choking
62. Light as a feather, stiff as a board
63. Crazy relative
64. Red dust
65. Evil presence

Oct. 26th, 2018

Drabble of the Gods

Choose a name and I'll start a drabble!

Abarta - My character has to team up with your character

Addanc - Mine or your character suffers memory loss

Adonis - My character is crushing on yours or vice versa.

Aphrodite - My character falls in love with yours

Aife - My character teaches your character something. (Language, riding a bike, how make a meal, etc)

Anubis - My character dies in front your character or vice versa

Apollo - My character serenades yours

Arawn - My character is haunted by the ghost of your character or vice versa.

Ares - Your char starts a fight with my char.

Artemis - Our characters spend time in the woods (specify)

Banba - My character and yours are trapped in a home invasion.

Baldur - My character sacrificies themsleves for yours

Bast - My character or yours seduces mine.

Branwen - Our characters make love beneath the stars.

Bronach - Our characters watch a horror film together

Carman - My character or your character breaks a curse

Cebhfhionn - My character reads the mind of yours or vise versa

Chalchihuitlicue - My character recieves flowers or a special gift from yours or vice versa.

Chuang-Mu - I’ll write a drabble of our characters enjoying a hot moment together. (NSFW) Bedroom? Pool? Hotel? Bathroom? Outside? Public? Specify as you wish!

Demeter - My character randomly shows up at your character's home

Dionysus - Our characters make a drunken mistake. Did they get married? What happened? Our characters have to peace together what happened the night before.

Ēostre - Our characters throw a milstone party (engagement, birthday, bachlor/ette, retirement, new job, holiday)

Eris - Our characters spend time in a mental hospital

Fenrir - My character hunts yours or vice versa

Finncaev - Our characters enjoy a love scene in the bath

Freyja - Our characters have angry sex

Harimella - My character protects yours or vice versa

Henwen - Our characters enjoy dinner together

Hera - My character is jealous of yours

Hestia - Our characters enjoy a moment by the fire

Hou-Chi - My character cooks for yours

Isis - My character proposes to yours. Vice Versa

Kele-De - Our characters have sex in a public place

Kuan Yin - My character hugs yours for whatever reason

Kuu - Our characters share a scene in the moonlight

Hades - My character brings yours back from the dead

Hecate - My character casts a spell or curse on yours. Love, Transformation, Soul-Switch, etc. Specify as you wish!

Huehuecoyotl - Our characters play a harmless or not so harmless prank on each other

Lao-Tien-Yeh - My character moves in with yours or vice versa

Logia - Our characters go swimming

Loviator - I’ll write a drabble of our characters being in an abusive relationship or being angsty towards eachother. Specify as you wish!

Loki - My character betrays yours or vice versa

Lugh - My characer starts a fight with yours or vice versa

Mictlantecuhtli - Our characters must survive a zombie outbreak

Nekhebet - My character impregnates yours vice versa

Odin - Our characters help each other escape a dire situation (an execution, imprisionment, war, specify)

Ogun - Our characters are trying to resolve a conflict with each other.

Osiris - My character is missing yours

P'an-Chin-Lien - I’ll write a drabble of my character using yours to get money. Is it for sex? (NSFW) Auctioned out for a date? Stealing? etc. Specify as you wish!

Persephone - Character is faced with an impossible decision or task

Poseidon - Our chars are cheating lovers.

Prometheus - My character is chained. To yours? Or is he or she chained up in a specific place.

Quetzalcoatl - Our characters take a long journey

Ra - Our characters enjoy a sunny day out together

Rán - Our characters enjoy a day at the beach

Rhiannon - My character has a dream about yours or vice versa.

Ruhanga - Our characters are expecting a child or have adopted a child.

Set - Our characters are involved in an angst ridden situation

Saitada - My character mourns the death of your character or vice versa

Scathach - My character gives yours a message

Sekhmet - Our characters argue

Taranis - My character sacrifices something for your character. (specify)

Toth - My character asks yours for advice or vice versa

Tlazolteotl - My character confesses something to your character or vice versa.

Utixo - Our characters get stuck outside in the rain together.

Vidar - Our characters go out on a camping trip together.

Xipe Totec - My character is tortured by yours

Yacatecuhtli - My character sells something to your character. Or they make a bargin

Zeus - Our characters have sex in a random spot.

Halloween Smut Drabble 1

Give me three numbers in the comment box from 1 to 20 (for each category) and I'll start off the nasty.


1- married
2- neighbors
3- best friends
4- student/teacher
5- boss/Employee
6- enemies
7- long term couple
8- ex lovers
9- friends with benefits
10- doctor/experiment
11- supernatural/human
12- summoner (demonic)/sacrifice
13- strangers
14- acquiantiances
15- cult leader/accomplice
16- soldier/civilian
17- slasher/victim
18- adulterers
19- escort/client
20- stalker/obsession


1- abandoned building
2- haunted house
3- swimming pool
4- seance room
5- bathtub/shower
6- dark forest
7- creepy cabin
8- clown motel
9- car/ride
10- sinister hotel
11- overgrown field
12- spooky bar
13- closed down school
14- witch's library
15- menacing asylum
16- enchanted castle
17- halloween Party
18- pumpkin patch
19- closet
20- condemned amusementpark


1- Hate Sex
2- Romantic Sex
3- Revenge Sex
4- Rough Sex
5- Kinky Sex
6- Make-Up Sex
7- Goodbye Sex
8- Quickie Sex
9- First Time Sex
10- Passionate Sex
11- Morning Sex
12- Angry Sex
13- Drunk Sex
14- Risky Sex
15- Spontaneous Sex
16- Casual Sex
17- Reunited Sex
18- Sensual Sex
19- Comfort Sex
20- Animalistic Sex

Aug. 15th, 2018

The HUGE Drabble

Pick a number and I'll write a drabble with both of our chars.

Pairing: F/M

My block live and in color, like Rodman hair! Yeah! )