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[16 Oct 2019|02:56pm]


Who: Quentin Coldwater & Julia Wicker
What: Julia breaks the news about Alex to Q
When: Post Kyle & Julia's texts
Where: Their apartment
Rating/Warnings: PG | References to Alex losing his leg
Status: Log | Complete

The sooner he knew that the better he'd feel )

[15 Oct 2019|08:56pm]


I have been gone for far too long. I cannot wait to get home.


I apologize for work taking me away longer than I had expected.

[15 Oct 2019|06:52pm]


Separate but identical texts to Tony Stark and William Laurence )

[15 Oct 2019|05:22pm]


Who: Caleb Danvers, Pogue Parry, Reid Garwn & Tyler Simms
What: Sons of Ipswich moving day!
When: 18th Oct [Forward dated]
Where: This house
Rating/Warnings: PG | Swearing and the like
Status: Log | Complete

C'mon ladies, let's go take a look around )

[15 Oct 2019|05:17pm]


Who: Pogue Parry & Caleb Danvers
What: House hunting
When: 11th Oct [Backdated]
Where: This house
Rating/Warnings: G | None
Status: Log | Complete

I honestly should have been a vampire and not a witch )

vanessa cleveland [15 Oct 2019|11:43am]


>> Just wanted to check in.
>> Feel up to hanging out this weekend?

Natasha [15 Oct 2019|05:32am]


[Backdated to October 11th, after this]

I have a question. Is there anyway you can help with rushing passports for some people? Post-trial Japan trip on the 19th.

[14 Oct 2019|09:30pm]


Who: Anakin and Lily
What: Catching up, walking Majy, chiros
When: Backdated to this last weekend
Where: Park near where Anakin lives
Rating/Warnings: Maybe swearing

We need to wait patiently )

[14 Oct 2019|09:55pm]


Well, finally got around to buyin' some Halloween candy for the little runts in the neighborhood - but not for the not so little ones that think they can get some free candy. My cutoff is ten years old ya' freeloaders.

Just wonderin' how long I can hide this stash before Peter tries eatin' it all.

[14 Oct 2019|12:54pm]


I woke up this morning with a mandrake leaf in my mouth. Let me tell you, that is not a fun experience. I'm pretty sure I very nearly died. Aside from the choking hazard, this is vile tasting.

And, according to my dreams, I'm probably going to have to keep it there for at least an entire month. Sorry, luv.

[14 Oct 2019|12:36pm]


Who: Katou and Lucifer
What: Katou tries to scam some free drinks
When: Early October
Where: Lux
Ratings/Warnings: low/none
Status: Complete

And scam you did. )

"Why’re the lights out? Where’d ev’rybody go?" [14 Oct 2019|12:30pm]


Who: Sara and Qrow
What: Qrow has a few too man, Sara offers to drive him home.
When: Before Sara moved into the Double Tap, early August
Where: The Double Tap
Ratings/Warnings: Alcohol abuse, otherwise low/none
Status: complete

They all went home, Qrow. Like you should be doing. )

[14 Oct 2019|07:27pm]


WHO: Napoleon Solo & Illya Kuryakin & Gaby Teller
WHERE: Napoleon's suite
WHEN: During the power swap
WHAT: Napoleon as near uncontrollable strength -it's causing some problems.
STATUS: Complete

Are you as decent as possible, Napoleon? )

[13 Oct 2019|10:19pm]


The president of my sorority might be able to force me to wear a costume but she can't force me to wear one of the slutty animal ones that she and her clones are wearing - I'll be going as a nurse.

[13 Oct 2019|06:02pm]


WHO: Napoleon Solo & William Laurence
WHERE: the Park
WHEN: Last month
WHAT: A random meeting
STATUS: Complete

Enjoying the fine weather? )

[13 Oct 2019|12:59am]


Who: Magnus Bane & James Potter
When: Backdated: Early August
Where: The Magic Guild
What: Talking About Magic
Rating/Warnings: Family Friendly
Status: Complete

Lately, James had been spending a lot more time at the Magic Guild )

Text to Hayley [12 Oct 2019|06:11pm]


>> So I believe it’s your turn to step out of your comfort zone.

[12 Oct 2019|05:56pm]


WHO: Elena and Katherine
WHAT: Sisters sharing wardrobes
WHEN: Saturday night
WHERE: Kat’s room
STATUS: In progress

Dress-up )

[12 Oct 2019|03:43pm]


I made lunch with the news on than tuned it off to have a nice meal with my daughter.

Meltdown ensues - tears, screaming, pushing the plate away because "I ruined her whole life" by turning off the news.

I feel like my kid is broken.

[12 Oct 2019|08:14pm]


The petri-dish I work in has finally made me succumb to the various illnesses attached to the sticky hands of small kids. I feel like I might be dying.

So, does anyone have any novel ways to get better quickly? I don't want to be sick over Halloween and these kinds of bugs always take it out of me.

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