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[19 Jun 2019|11:03pm]


One of my friends suggested that I paint my beard with rainbow glitter for the Pride Parade this weekend, but I'm not really sure that I'm the glitter beard sort of guy.

Text to Nesta Archeron [19 Jun 2019|07:44pm]


>> How about we you take a night off from planning the reception?
>> Care to join me on a night out on the town?

[19 Jun 2019|07:20pm]


Who: Isobel Evans and Liz Ortecho
Where: Crashdown
What: Crossing paths of each other
When: Now!
Open: Nope.
Status: Done.

a chance meeting. )

[19 Jun 2019|05:56pm]


I’m really wishing I had moved into the Institute sooner. Not having to pay rent is amazing. And I’m pretty sure my bedroom here is bigger than the one at my old place. The bed is definitely bigger.

[19 Jun 2019|02:05pm]


Who: Qrow and Ruby
What: Ruby aggressively caring doing Father’s Day stuff for Qrow
When: Father’s Day (June 16th)
Where: Qrow’s condo
Warnings: Lowish, references to alcoholism/depression/excessive drinking
Status: Log | Complete

I know… It’s just it’s Father’s Day so I figured it’d be a nice gesture. )

[19 Jun 2019|12:15pm]


I still don’t know how my underwear ended up on that billboard by the interstate on the way to my house, but I’m taking it as a sign that the universe doesn’t want me wearing them. And who am I to argue with the universe? I do wish I could remember more about why I took them off at Tony’s party but it was probably fun whatever it was I was doing.

[19 Jun 2019|12:13pm]


Not even halfway through the summer, and I’ve already gotten through most of what was on my to-do list for around the house. I should have signed up for summer sessions.

[Private to Margo Hanson]
So I found some of Penny’s things that he left when he fucked off in the middle of the night moved and since you knew him I figured I’d ask if you wanted any of it before I threw it out.

[19 Jun 2019|12:07pm]


I really fucking hate some of the adults in my Dreams. Just because they don’t understand how Eren was able to come back from the Titan, how he was eaten and then we pulled him out of a completely different Titan whole - arm and leg that he’d lost replaced, even - the military wants to execute him. And Mikasa and I along with him because we’re trying to defend him. Just as they’re about to fire, Eren transforms himself into part of a Titan and protects us inside his ribcage from the cannonballs. I hope Pan will forgive me for accidentally throwing him off the bed when I woke up at that sound.

[19 Jun 2019|12:02pm]


Well it looks like part of my summer will be spent in Japan fighting with my father and his lawyers. The courts ruled he has to provide me with an allowance until I finish school that will allow me to live the same way I would have if he and maman had stayed married. They never ruled that I wasn’t allowed to use that money on her and things she needs and helping with her medical bills that insurance doesn’t cover. But ce monstre has frozen my cards until I come and explain the charges personally.

[Haruhi and James]
Will you check in on maman some while I’m gone? She might need help with the dogs and raccoons and someone to make sure she gets to her appointments.

[19 Jun 2019|11:46am]


Is there such a thing as contact drunk? I need to know if I should switch my cashier to bagging orders or something after the amount of alcohol fumes she just got in the face dealing with one guest. Drunk people and registers are not an adventure I want.

[19 Jun 2019|11:42am]


So apparently I need to have a talk with my employees about what I do and don’t want texts about. I know some of them are on here so they can skip the meeting by seeing this, and because they aren’t the ones doing this anyway. Sad when the younger ones got more sense than some of the guys and girls my age. Or hell older even. Those of you who don’t work for me might be able to make use of these guidelines too so here goes:

Do text me:
1)You’re going to be late.
2)You’re sick and not coming in.
3)Family emergency and not coming in.
4)You’re picking up someone’s shift.
5)Someone else is picking up your shift.
6)You can work a weekend/holiday after all.
7)You want extra hours

Don’t text me:
1)You’re horny.
2)You’re high.
3)You want to get high
4)You’d suck a dick to get high - yes that is one I got
5The other manager ‘cussed you out’ - we have audio on our cameras and I do check those recording so I’ll know what got said by both sides
6)That you think one of your coworkers is hot.
7)That you want to borrow money for drugs

Fuck I need a drink right now. You want to join?

So when do they stop being overgrown teenagers and turn into fucking adults with brains of their own that they actually use?

How you settling in?

[19 Jun 2019|11:36am]


Text to Yue Katou )

[19 Jun 2019|11:31am]


I can not stand when someone underestimate me.

In court today, the client of the other lawyer smirked when I walked in, like he just knew his lawyer was better. HA!

I won the case and than some! Then he had the nerve to remark, "I should have hired you, baby doll." I promptly informed him, if he wanted a baby doll, he should buy one at the store and he couldn't afford me and walked off.

[19 Jun 2019|11:32am]


No contact means no contact. It doesn’t mean no contact except for when you want money. Or when you hear I got taken to the hospital. It means no contact at all. And if you think I didn’t call and report it the second I saw my parent’s number on my call log, then you don’t know me at all. I really hope she has to spend at least one night in jail for it. Knowing her loss of her own comfort is the only thing that will get it through to her I’m not their personal cash machine anymore. And that I don’t want them in my life.

[19 Jun 2019|11:22am]


I don’t care if they are the only store in the area that carries that brand of yarn. If your CEO is actively supporting legislation and ideology that hurts the LGBTQ community, I’m not going to shop there. My conscience won’t allow it. And I’m not going to do sponsored posts on my social media accounts for you or any of your associates no matter how much you offer to pay.

I want to avoid giving Hobby Lobby that shop any publicity so much that I spent half an hour rewriting this to make sure I didn’t mention their name anywhere in it.

[18 Jun 2019|08:47pm]


Alright. It looks like some of your dreams have just stopped? But how did you know they were done?

I haven't had a new one in months, but it felt like mine were just getting started.

[18 Jun 2019|04:49pm]


WHO: Blossom & Tim Riggins
WHERE: Coffee Shop
WHEN: Recently
WHAT: Random meeting extends to a party invite
STATUS: Complete

Perfect reason for you to ditch the mixer and go to a real party )

[18 Jun 2019|10:23am]


Who: Peggy and Clara
Where: Clara's work
What: Old childhood friends meeting up again.
When: Now.
Rating: Low.
Open: Nah.

We meet again... )

[18 Jun 2019|10:06am]


Tomas Mandry, Even the name screams asshole.

I'm so tired, been up since 2, I didn't feel like dreaming anymore.

Coffee is my best friend today.

[18 Jun 2019|01:01pm]


WHO: Wanda Maximoff & Hayley Marshall
WHERE: Their shared apartment
WHEN: Recently
WHAT: Post Yoga girl bonding.
STATUS: In Progress.

All in all, she felt like maybe the whole 'no spaces left' had worked out in her favour. )

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