Hey there! To be honest, I don't really roleplay on InsaneJournal as much as I use my character journals as dumping grounds for my little writing samples and musings. But I wanted to keep this journal around and open to post random musings of mine or just resources I find useful.


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At the moment I am not joining any panfandom games or joining any PSLs. If you'd like to get in contact with me just to chit-chat, simply comment here with your Discord and I will add you from mine. CODE BY TESSISAMESS

Writing Novella Length

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100 Question Character Study

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VA Family Tree

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Self-Guided Novel Study

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shitty first drafts.

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Skyrim Randomness RP Prompts )

[ who ] character(s)
[ what ] event
[ where ] location
[ when ] time
[ rating ] rating/warnings
[ status ] closed/open/in progress

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that feeling when two of your muses are practically from parallel universes

Twin Flames )

Relationship List Template )

InsaneJournal Tutorial

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