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October 2018


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Well do ya? do ya do ya want to?
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Oct. 28th, 2018

Sabrina Drabble 👺 Part Seven

Pick a number and I'll start a drabble using the word or words you've chosen as a item or a theme.

01. Walking home at night
02. Deer hunting
03. Feast of feasts
04. Ritual Sacrifice
05. Thanksgiving week
06. Family history
07. The cunning
08. Family history
09. Lottery
10. Queen of the feast
11. Hand maiden
12. Venus in furs
13. Hot night
14. Talismans
15. Vials of blood
16. Searching for a witch
17. Witch in the woods
18. Cursed land
19. Hiding in plain sight
20. Family curse
21. Tender moment
22. Last supper
23. Pizza on Thanksgiving
24. Truth cake
25. Throne of skulls
26. Dark tidings
27. Blood feast
28. Blood begets blood

Aug. 12th, 2018

summer of spooks drabble

Pairing: f/m

Multiple Chars are welcome!

They are coming to take me away! Haha! )

Aug. 2nd, 2018

Sentece Starter Drabble

Pick a number and I'll start a drabble between our chars. :)

Pairing: F/M

Ready for something BIG? )

May. 11th, 2018

The very naughty naughty drabble [NSFW] 2017

Pairings: f/m

Pick one and I'll write a drabble about it between our chars. <3

1Oral: My character will perform oral sex to yours

2Oral: Your character will perform oral sex on mine

1Drunk: One of our characters will be drunk while having sex

2Drunk: Both our characters will be drunk while having sex

Ablutophilia: I’ll write our characters making love in a bath or shower

Advantage: Either my character or yours will take advantage of (seduce/rape) the other while they’re feeling vulnerable.

Agoraphilia: I’ll write our characters having sex in a public place

Bath: Our characters will make love/have sex in the bath.

Be my Slave : my character will be your character’s sex slave

Benefits: Our characters will make a friends with benefits arrangement (SEXUAL BENEFITS)

Bind Me : my character will tie yours up. Be it rope, silk, leather, chains our whatever strikes your fancy~

Blindfold Me: my character will blindfold yours in order to have their fun(sex)

Bows: Your character or mine: dressing/undressing the other(then sex)

Claustrophilia: I’ll write our characters having sex in a confined/small space

Coprolalia: I’ll write my/your character talking dirty to the other

Costume: Your character or mine: dressing up for the other(then sex)

Cream: A drabble(or rp) about our characters being intimate.

Date: I’ll write a drabble of my character taking yours out on a date… after which they have sex.

Deny Me: my character will either deny your character’s advances or deny them a ’ happy ending(they have sex but one wont let the other orgasm)

Dominate Me: I’ll write a drabble about my character dominating yours. Or vise versa.

Endytophilia: I’ll write my/your character having sex while clothed/partially clothed

Fetishism: I’ll write your/my character/our characters having sex/playing with an intimate object.

Haptephilia: I’ll write my/your character becoming aroused by my/your character’s touch.

Hematolagnia: I’ll write our characters having sex with blood play

Intimate: Our muses doing some hot and steamy together

Kink Me : pick a kink,(nearly) any kink. Our characters will have fun

Kiss Me Sexily : my character will kiss yours in a far more… Sexy manner. Perhaps along their body?

Lick Me: my character will lick yours in any specified place or manner.

Love Me: my character will express their love of yours (romantic, platonic, or sexual)

Love Me (fluff): I’ll write a fluffy drabble about our characters.

Masochism: I’ll write my/your character being dominated/humiliated by my/your character

Neck: My character or yours, biting the other one on the neck.

Odaxelagnia: I’ll write our characters biting each other in a sexual manner

Own me: My character owns your character.

Parthenophilia: I’ll write my/your character taking the others virginity

Please Me: my character will do anything to please yours

Polyiterophilia: I’ll write our characters having sex together with multiple other characters.

Public: Our characters will make love in a public area

Secret : Our characters will have sex while trying to remain hidden

Seduce: my character trying to seduce yours or vice versa

Shag Me: I’ll write a dirty drabble about our characters. specify

Somnophilia: I’ll write my/your character waking the other up by sex

Submit to Me : my character will yield sexual dominance to yours or reverse,your nuse submits to mine(specify)

Suck Me: my character will suck on any body part of your character

Thighs: Our characters sharing a sensual moment between each others thighs(sex,oral sex,biting,kissing,other(specify)

Touch: My character will touch yours or vice versa in an intimate way

Triolism: I’ll write our characters in a threesome

Use Me : my character will use yours for their own sexual pleasure.

Let me use You: my character will let them-self be used by yours for sexual pleasure

Vincilagnia: I’ll write my/your character being tied up by your/my character sexually

Virginity: I will write one of our characters losing their virginity to the other.

Voyeurism: I’ll write my/your character watching the other having sex/masturbating

Whip Me : my character will whip, flog, or other wise hit your character with a sexy toy

X Me: I will write whatever it is that you wish: [specify.]

Feb. 4th, 2018

V-Day Drabble 2018

Choose a treat and I'll start a drabble between our chars.

Pairings: F/M

I get a little Genghis Khan... )

Sep. 14th, 2017

location drabble

I'm a genie for your world... )