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Mar. 5th, 2021

[info]mee in [info]rps

[info]celeb the cast of the boys, new pals and night owls to 🐛

[info]gutierrezf in [info]rps

[info]celeb dylan sprayberry, liana liberato, lukas gage, tye sheridan, friends

[info]jonas in [info]rps

[info]celeb kevin!!!, priyanka, little mix, michael clifford, people who like to play games or binge watch things

[info]hogwarts_mods in [info]wanna_rp

Hogwarts Dawn

Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry has protected its own through time and realities. It did so even when wizards could not see the foolishness of their actions. Most of the time, the castle and its inhabitants have been able to stop the nefarious acts of a few, but that is not always the case.

The year is 2038 and in one reality, Hogwarts stands devoid of students. The ghosts and the house-elves keep things going, but there are no more wizards and witches in the country. They have all disappeared and the few Muggleborns have no one to guide them as they discover their own powers. The Muggles keep living, ignoring the war that has ended the life of all the wizards.

With no one else left to help, Hogwarts decides to fix things. Slowly, one by one, wizards and witches from different times and realities begin the appear. The house-elves cheer up. The castle rejoices, but what happens to the people who suddenly find themselves displaced.

[info]sofiadcars in [info]rps

[personal profile] theshow dove cameron, thomas doherty, sabrina carpenter, china anne mcclain, victoria justice, ariana grande, laura marano, ross lynch, chris mason, eli brown, sydney park, hayley erin, sasha pieterse, janel parrish, bella thorne, georgie flores, danielle campbell, wolfgang novogratz, alexandra daddario, haley lu richardson

[info]jadensmith in [info]rps

can i get something for jaden smith? slash only

[info]matthewbennett in [info]rps

[info]celeb leon thomas mikey reid daniella monet more friends to bug

[info]zion in [info]rps

[info]celeb austin porter, lido, ian eastwood, jaden smith, rico nasty, lakeith stanfield, ashnikko, luka sabbat, remi wolf, david dobrik, isabella jones, anybody who wants to come to fight club tonight n anybody i can bother

[info]michaelgordonc in [info]rps

looking for a harry styles or luke for my michael psl only

[info]bletrexha in [info]rps

home? psl?

[info]ltill in [info]rps

[info]celeb friends

[info]krasinskibjohn in [info]rps


[info]somerealitymods in [info]wanna_rp


Click here to see who is most wanted at [info]somerealitymods! Fandoms include AoS, Daredevil, DCEU, DCTV, Deadpool, Doctor Who, Game of Thrones, Harry Potter, Marvel 616, MCU, Star Wars, Babysitter's Club, The Originals, The Tudors, and Legacies.

We've been opened nearly two years, but the plot allows for new characters to dive in. Game-wide plots are regularly run. Join us!

[info]benwinston in [info]rps

[info]celeb liam payne, james corden, nick grimshaw, people to ping and play skeeball with on plato

[info]devossa in [info]wanna_rp

Still looking for Glorious Shaun Gilmore and Gold Dragon!Yussa Errenis to join me over at [info]crownplaza

[info]frank in [info]rps

[info]celeb the wood frog can hold its pee for up to eight months while it hibernates

[info]ml in [info]rps

[info]celeb lana condor, miley cyrus, cardi b, ฅ^•ﻌ•^ฅ friends to annoy on wire or customs

[info]miley in [info]rps

[info]active noah cyrus pls

[info]syd in [info]rps

[info]celeb euphoria cast and pals to ping

[info]justineskye in [info]rps

[info]celeb partynextdoor, msbanks, drake, keke palmer, duckie thot, givéon, zara larsson

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