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    Wednesday, September 5th, 2007
    4:05 am
    Ooc Mention
    This journal shall be used for [info]_burntheland_. If you want to join Mrs. Hawks Miss Walker, please go to [info]tehsignal. All application and game info is in that journal. All entries found in here afterwards are one of three things. Backdated messenger logs, backdated threads, or entries in a digital journal on a data book being kept in game by Monica. Any replies to the in-game journal would be done in-game by any of the other characters actually typing in it or hacking into it. If you want to plot that; that's fine just make sure we figure out how the other character got a hold of the data book and how he/she broke the security program. Alrighty? She might in time keep a public cortex journal, or at least a journal to search the other public entries with. I think that's it.

    Amy- AKA Monica's Mun
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