25 April 2009 @ 11:24 am
A Drabble!  
I posted a drabble for the red prompt at [info]qaf_prompts the other day in a bid to inspire some fic (please go write some!!!) and then I wrote another drabble.

I guess I had forgotten how much I enjoyed drabbling. As you know, I haven't written any fic in a long time. A "friend" of mine trashed my writing and it made me lose confidence and well, it's not like I ever thought it was great in the first place anyway, so I stopped. But you know what, I LIKE drabbling, so fuck her, and maybe I can ease back in.

This drabble is for me, but maybe you'll enjoy it too.


Justin loves his life. He loves New York. He loves working on his art - all night if he wants. He loves going to clubs and dancing, and fucking - if he wants. He loves being the mysterious guy from Pittsburgh with the ridiculously hot boyfriend who comes to fuck the shit out of him every couple months. He loves visiting home, seeing his Mom and Debbie, Daphne, having Cosmos with Emmett, fucking on Brian’s desk and flustering Ted. He loves working on Rage with Michael. And one day, he knows he’ll have Brian every day again. He loves that too.

And I guess I better post my red drabble. )