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A Stable Heart, Chapter 4  
Title: A Stable Heart
Written By: [info]_alicesprings
Rating: NC-17
Summary: AU. When Luke has to hide out from the Grimaldi family, taking a job as a stable hand in Dallas seems like the perfect solution. It’s too bad Luke’s new “boss” Dr. Reid Oliver is such a jerk.
Author’s Notes: This was written for the wonderful and very patient [info]peggin for her generous donation in the auction to help Japan. I hope it’s everything you wanted! This is my first multi-chaptered fic, and given how difficult it was for me to write, probably my last! I hope you guys enjoy it. :) The fic is complete and I’ll be posting a chapter a day for the next week or so.

Massive amounts of beta love to the incredible [info]rhiannonhero and [info]cindergal!

Previous chapters: 1|2|3

Luke’s in the barn as usual early the next morning, when Reid shows up holding a mug of coffee, his face still sleepy-soft.

“Hey,” Luke says, surprised. “Something you needed?”

“Nope,” Reid says, “I just thought I’d come see my horses.”

“Really?” Luke’s face reflects his skepticism.


Luke raises his eyebrows. “Are you going to come in and touch them, or just stand there?”

“Oh, right,” he says, and walks over to the stalls where Sonny and Storm are eating their breakfast.

Luke resumes his shoveling, and a moment later he hears Reid talking to the horses as he pets them. “Hello there,” he says. “Good boy.”

Luke snorts.

“Something funny, Mr. Walsh?”

“They’re horses, Dr. Oliver, not dogs.”

“Darn,” Reid says. “And I was hoping to play fetch with them.”

Luke’s lips twitch, and he has to turn around to hide his smile. Reid’s talking quietly to the horses, and they make an occasional whinny. Luke shovels up the last of the soiled wood shavings, and wheels them out of the barn, then returns to spread out a fresh layer on the stall floors.

Reid’s hoisted himself up onto the railing along the stalls, and he’s sipping from his mug while Luke works.

“You do that every morning?” Reid asks.

“Muck stalls? Yeah,” he says. “And in the evenings. And the afternoons, too, if they’ve been in the barn.”

“Sounds fun,” Reid says, disgust evident in his voice.

Luke rolls his eyes. “Horses poop and pee a whole lot. It’s not glamorous, but it’s true.”

“You know, I wouldn’t have had a clue if you did this once a day, or three times a day, or not at all. I don’t know anything about horses.”

“No,” Luke deadpans. “Really?”

Reid smirks. “All I’m saying, Mr. Walsh, is that you could have slacked off, shirked your duties.” He shrugs. “I wouldn’t have known the difference.”

Luke snorts. “You’d have smelled it, when Annie and Laura come to see the horses.”

“True enough,” he says. “Anyway, uh, good job. Your work ethic is admirable.”

“Wow, was that a compliment?” Luke brushes off his own shoulder. “This must be one for the record books.”

Reid smiles, and kind of ducks his head, looking up at Luke through his eyelashes. Luke can’t help but smile back, and their eyes meet and hold. Reid’s tongue darts out and licks his lips, and Luke pulls his own lips into his mouth. The air between them feels charged, and by now, Luke can admit, even if only to himself, that he likes Reid. At least, he does when he’s not trying so hard to be a jerk. And now, with the way Reid’s staring at him, Luke’s pretty sure Reid likes him too. He’s just not sure what to do about any of that.

“So,” Luke says, breaking the spell. “Are you done visiting your horses already?”

“Yup,” Reid says.

“Seriously? You’re not even gonna pretend you’re interested in them?” Reid’s not even looking at the horses. He’s facing Luke, who’s bent over laying down more wood shavings.

Reid shrugs. “This view’s better,” he says, and takes a sip from his mug.

Luke’s cheeks warm up, in spite of himself, and he bites his lip again. “You’re shameless,” he says, and Reid grins.

“So,” Reid says, as Luke finishes up with the shavings and starts refilling the water buckets. “I take it you don’t have a boyfriend, since you moved here alone and all.”

“Subtle, Dr. Oliver,” Luke teases. “Real subtle.”

Reid just shrugs easily. “I’ve always found the direct approach works best.”

“I did,” Luke says. “But we broke up a while ago.”

“What happened?”

“That’s not really any of your business.”

“He dumped you, huh?”

Luke blows out a harsh breath, determined not to let Reid rile him up. It’s easier said than done. Getting a rise out of people seems to be his sole purpose in life, besides digging around in brains.

“We just...” Luke shakes his head, not even sure how to put it into words. “We wanted different things, I guess.”

Reid swings down off the railing and walks over to Luke. “What did you want?”

Luke studies his face. He appears to be serious for a change.

“I guess I just wanted to know that I came first for him. That I was his top priority, not school, or his film, or Ameer— or anything else. Just me. He came first for me.”

Reid tilts his head. “I’m no expert, but isn’t that what a relationship is supposed to be about?”

Luke huffs out a laugh. “I thought so too, but I guess Noah has other ideas.”

Reid’s looking at Luke intently, his smart blue eyes sizing Luke up. It’s unnerving, for a few different reasons, most notably because of the way it makes Luke’s insides feel funny, and it makes him think of things. Things he’s only ever done with Noah. Things he didn’t think he’d ever do with anyone else.

“I, uh, should finish up in here,” Luke says, taking a step backwards.

“And I should get to work,” Reid says, taking the hint and stepping around Luke and heading for the door. “Seeya later.”


Luke thinks about Noah while he finishes up in the barn Luke loves Noah, he really does. He can’t imagine a time when he won’t love Noah, but in the six months or so that they’ve been broken up, and especially since he’s been away from Oakdale, Luke’s started to wonder if loving Noah isn’t more of a habit than anything else. Luke’s not sure he’s still in love with Noah, and while it scares him to think that way, he’s been thinking a lot about their breakup, and Luke’s less and less sure as the days go by that getting back together with him is such a good idea after all.

All they ever seemed to do was hurt each other, over and over again. Maybe they’re just not right for each other.

When Luke thinks about the last few months of their relationship, the way they’d drifted apart, and the way Noah’s film had taken priority over Luke in every way, it hurts.

While Luke’s so grateful that he got his dad back, when he thinks about the way Noah had missed Holden’s funeral to go to L.A. with Mason instead, and then the way he’d gushed about the Hollywood parties they’d attended and the movie stars they’d met as soon as he got back, before he even asked Luke about the funeral, or how he was coping, it still burns all these months later. If Luke’s being honest with himself, that’s when things really started unravelling.

Luke had tried to move past that indiscretion. Noah had been apologetic about his insensitivity and Luke forgave him, but then things had spiralled out of control. Noah and Mason were spending more time together than Noah and Luke were, and Mason had made it clear to Luke in no uncertain terms that he’d set his sights on Noah. And when Noah’s film was finally finished, and the time they’d spent away from each other was supposed to be over, Noah had taken his film on the short film festival circuit with Mason.

It was supposed to be for just a couple weeks, but that had turned into an unexpected job opportunity for Noah in L.A. — brokered by Mason, who also conveniently happened to be moving to L.A. too, and that had been the final straw.

They’d broken up, and though Luke had held onto his hope they’d get back together eventually, Luke’s now realized that when only one person in the relationship is trying to make it work, it’s impossible.

Luke and Noah hadn’t even spoken in over a month when the stuff with the Grimaldis went down. He doesn’t think Noah has any idea what’s going on. He wonders if he even cares.

Luke’s dad had texted him last night with an update, which was that there was no update. They’re not any closer to resolving the threat against him, but at least his family is safe with Luke out of the picture, and it doesn’t seem like the Grimaldis have any idea where Luke is. He’s safe, and his family is safe, and all Luke has to do is get through the days until he can go home. Only… Luke’s not in such a rush to go home anymore. There’s something comforting about Luke’s routine here, and the fact there’s no expectations on him to be anyone or do anything except look after the horses.

Luke’s been out riding a few times, something he doesn’t do much of anymore back home. He’s usually too busy with work, or with Noah, or some family drama or other. Luke didn’t even know how much he was missing it until he took off around the pasture for the first time, feeling Storm’s powerful body underneath him, and the wind in his hair. He’d felt freer than he had in a long time. He rides Sonny and Storm once or twice a week each, and lets them roam around the pasture the rest of the time.

Now that Luke knows the real reason Reid bought the horses wasn’t just to throw his money around and impress a woman, his initial resentment has been replaced with a hell of a lot of goodwill. Luke feels sorry for him too, though. Losing his parents at such a young age, and now, living alone in this big house. No friends, no personal life. It must be lonely.

Luke says as much to Victoria the next day, when they’re both in the laundry room.

“You’re right, mijo,” Victoria says. “He is lonely, I can tell. But you’re lonely, too.”

“No, it’s just... I miss my family I guess.”

“It’s more than that. You carry deep sorrow, loneliness even when you’re with your family. I see it on your face.”

Luke doesn’t know what to say to that, so he says nothing. Victoria just smiles and pats his cheek in that way that she does, and leaves him to his dirty laundry.

As Luke adds soap to the washing machine, he thinks about the last few months in Oakdale, and how many nights Noah came home late, long after Luke had gone to bed, because he was working on his film with Mason, or was hanging out with guys from his crew. He thinks about how lonely he’d been.

It’s not just the film, though, that’s responsible for the distance between them. Even before that, right from the start, if Luke’s being honest with himself, whenever things were difficult, whenever things didn’t go perfectly, Noah’s default state was to pull away from Luke, to put distance between them until he sorted things out in his own head, and was ready to deal with Luke.

It’s like he told Reid: Noah was Luke’s first priority, but Luke can honestly say he didn’t often feel like Noah’s. It’s a hell of a lonely way to have a relationship.


Lukas slipped quietly from the stable block the next morning, having completed his morning chores, and headed toward the part of the garden in which he was to meet Jude. He could not keep the smile from his face at the thought of seeing Jude again. He recalled how his heart had raced when Jude’s fingers caressed his own the previous day, and the way Jude’s eyes softened with newfound affection when he smiled at Lukas.

Glancing around his surroundings to make sure no one was watching, Lukas slipped inside the copse of trees and his eyes immediately fell upon Jude. He was leaning back against the old stone wall, and the sun shone down on his head of burnished curls, turning them a rich, golden colour. He was wearing a dark blue tailcoat, and it made his blue eyes sparkle as he saw Lukas approach, and smiled in greeting.

“You were able to get away!” Jude said, and Lukas could hear the relief in his voice.

Lukas nodded and came to a stop next to Jude. “I slipped out while Holden was detained with Mr. Winston, the blacksmith.”

“You won’t get in trouble, I hope,” Jude asked worriedly.

Lukas shook his head. “No one will notice me missing for an hour or so.”

“Let us make good use of our limited time together, then,” Jude said, and grasped Lukas’s hand in his own, leading them along a narrow path to a secluded area, where the stone wall formed a protective circle.

“If anyone comes, we shall hear them approach and have fair warning,” Jude said. “Though I can’t imagine anyone will venture this way. We are alone.”

Lukas smiled and they sat side by side on the lawn, their backs pressed to the ancient stone wall, his palm pressed against Jude’s own.

“Did you have a chance to read any of the Byron?” Jude asked.

Lukas shook his head. “I did not.”

It had been dark by the time Lukas had completed his chores, and he did not wish to read by lamp light in his quarters, lest the other men ask him where he got the book from. He had been anxious, however, his fingers itching to crack the pages open and see what lay inside.

“Do you have it on your person?” Jude asked, and Lukas nodded, extracting the volume from his pocket.

“Why don’t you read some now.”

“Really?” Lukas asked, already flipping through the pages, his eyes greedily devouring the words.

Jude nodded. “Read something to me.”

Lukas smiled, and thumbed through the pages, selecting She Walks in Beauty.

Jude’s eyes never left his face as he read, a small smile playing on his lips. When Lukas finished, Jude said, “Beautiful!” And Lukas knew from his tone that it was not merely Lord Byron’s words to which he was referring.

Lukas sighed happily, hugging the book to his chest.

“You read very well,” Jude said.

“Thank you,” Lukas said. “My mother taught me when I was a boy and I have always loved to read and write. I only wish...”

“What do you wish?”

Lukas shrugged, embarrassed. “I wish I had more education. I must seem dreadfully stupid to you.”

“Nonsense,” Jude said firmly. “You read with a clearer tongue than half the lads at Oxford.”

“I doubt that very much!” Lukas laughed. “But you are kind to say so.” Lukas’s smile dropped. “I had thought I would go to college one day,” he said. “When I was a boy. But then my father died so suddenly and my mother and I, well, she had no family to turn to. Her marriage to my father was a love match, but it was not supported by either side of their families. My parents did not care, however, for they were happy together, even if we had very little. But then...” Lukas shook his head. “My father grew ill and he passed. My mother and I were alone. We came here, to Oakdale Hall, and we are fortunate, we both have employment and we are well looked after.”

“But you never got your education,” Jude said.

Lukas shook his head, then conjured a smile. “Let’s not talk of sad things any longer,” he said.

Jude returned Lukas’s smile. “Very well,” he said. “Read me another poem.”

Lukas grinned, and did so, and as he read, Jude slipped his arm across Lukas’s shoulder and tugged him close, until Lukas’s head rested upon Jude’s chest as he read.

Lukas could feel the steady beating of Jude’s heart against his ear. The birds were chirping in the trees above, the sun was shining down, and Lukas felt warm and safe and happy, nestled in Jude’s embrace.

When the poem was ended, Lukas closed the book and placed it beside him on the ground, content to close his eyes and rest in Jude’s arms. Jude’s hand came to rest on Luke’s cheek, his fingers stroking gently along Lukas’s cheekbone.

“You are very sweet, Jude Lovell,” Lukas said. “I had no idea you could be sweet. You were a right pain when you came to the stable last week and demanded I saddle you a horse.”

Jude snorted. “When I first saw you, I thought you were beautiful,” he said quietly. “And unattainable. So I behaved like a beast.”

Lukas lifted his head from Jude’s chest and smiled. “Lucky for you, Mr. Lovell, I am rather fond of beasts.”

Jude laughed. “I am indeed fortunate.”

“How did you know I was... in the stable, when you kissed me... how did you know I was... that way inclined?”

Jude shrugged. “You were not backing away from me, and I was standing rather closer than was proper.”

Lukas laughed. “You were indeed.”

“There were some fellows at Eton, and then later at Oxford...” Jude trailed off. “We can sense our own kind, Lukas.”

Lukas sat back. “You have been with... others?”

“A few,” Jude nodded. “For physical relief. But I did not feel for any of them what I already feel for you.”

“Jude,” Lukas whispered, laying his hand against Jude’s cheek.

Jude leaned forward and placed a soft kiss against Lukas’s lips before sitting back.

“And what of yourself?” Jude asked. “There was a boy you were upset about the other night. Do you care deeply for him?”

Lukas closed his eyes briefly, thinking of Noah. “I thought I loved him,” he said. “But he betrayed me. I’m not sure I ever really knew him, let alone loved him, or that he felt the same for me.”

Jude’s lips pursed, frown lines marring his forehead. Lukas held up two fingers and rubbed them away, until the smile returned to Jude’s face.

“He’s a fool,” Jude said. “I have known you but a few short days and I already know that you are indeed easy to love.”

Lukas blushed at the words, his heart warming. “It is so easy for you to say such things,” Lukas said. “Do you not find it difficult to speak of beauty, and love, for a man instead of a woman? Are they not unnatural, these feelings we have?”

Jude shook his head vehemently. “There is nothing unnatural about love,” he said, resting his palm once more against Lukas’s cheek. “How can feelings so true and strong be anything but pure?”

Lukas closed his eyes, leaning into Jude’s hand and enjoying his touch. They were thoughts Lukas himself shared. If there was anything unnatural about Lukas’s love for men, he did not care. Nothing felt more right to him than this touch.

When he opened his eyes, Jude was staring at him with an expression akin to awe on his face. “You are beautiful, Lukas,” he said. “So beautiful.”

“I— I think your parents were indeed fortunate,” Jude said earnestly. “To have formed a love match, society be damned!”

Lukas fell forward then, pressing his lips against Jude’s and sighing against his mouth.

Jude kissed him back, and their mouths opened hungrily as they tasted each other. The kiss went on and on, and Lukas felt his penis hardening inside his trousers. He pulled away with a gasp.

“What’s wrong?” Jude asked, his lips chasing after Lukas’s and snaring them in another kiss.

Lukas moaned, returning the kiss for several minutes until he was forced to pull away. Lukas took in a shuddering breath, his cock hard and obvious in his trousers. “I’m sorry, I got carried away,” Lukas apologized, pressing his hand against the bulge, willing it to soften.

“I should bloody hope you got carried away,” Jude said, and the curse word shocked Lukas. It was then that he noticed Jude too was hard in his trousers, and he was not attempting to hide it, as Lukas was.

Jude dove back in for another kiss, and pressed Lukas backwards until he was lying on the soft grass. Lukas could feel him above, his hardness pressing against Lukas’s thigh as they kissed.

Lukas gasped, and Jude’s mouth moved away from his own, laying a trail of kisses across his cheek and down his neck.

Lukas clutched at Jude’s back, holding him close as Jude’s weight pressed him into the ground. His cock was throbbing, and Lukas moaned, reaching his hand in between their bodies to rub at the front of his trousers.

Jude sat up and batted his hand away. “Let me?”

Lukas could only nod, as Jude opened Lukas’s trousers and released his turgid penis, stroking him from root to tip as Lukas bucked up into the wonderful pressure. He’d only ever had his own hand on his penis, and he was amazed at how wonderful it was to feel Jude’s touch there instead. He squeezed his eyes closed and gave himself over to the incredible pleasure. “Oh!” Lukas cried, as Jude brought him close to a release. “Yes, please!”

Just as Lukas was about to reach his climax, Jude removed his hand, and Lukas groaned in frustration.

Jude laughed, and Lukas opened his eyes to glare at him, but Jude just smiled before descending slowly, until his mouth hovered above Luke’s penis.

Lukas’s eyes widened. “Oh! No,” he said. “You’re not going to...”

Lukas’s word were cut off as Jude’s mouth closed over Lukas’s penis, sucking it inside the wet heat of his mouth. Lukas’s hands flew up to his face, his palms pressing down on his eyes as Jude sucked him, the incredible feeling driving him quickly towards orgasm.

“Jude!” Lukas cried. “I’m going to shoot!”

But Jude did not pull away, his mouth kept a tight seal over the head of Lukas’s penis, and he swallowed all of Lukas’s release before releasing it from his mouth with a wet plop.

Lukas could not form words, he merely lay back on the grass, his chest heaving with exertion. When he was finally able to open his eyes, he saw that Jude had fished his own hard penis from his trousers. It was almost purple, and stiff as a board, Lukas saw moisture already pearling at the end as Jude began to stroke himself, his release long past due.

“Oh,” Lukas said, unable to manage anything more eloquent. He watched as Jude’s eyes squeezed close, his hand speeding up the strokes on his penis, and Lukas knew he wanted to touch it, wanted to feel Jude spend in his hand. He pushed aside Jude’s hand and took over with the same quick strokes.

Jude’s eyes flew open, and his lips formed an O shape. He leaned his face into Lukas’s neck, his hot breath hitting Lukas in stuttering pants as his climax built. Lukas dipped his thumb into the slit at the head of Jude’s penis, rubbing the moisture around on each stroke, and in no time at all Jude was groaning against Lukas’s neck as he found his own release.

They both fell backwards, lying on their backs as their quick heart beats began to return to normal.

Lukas laughed, a joyful, carefree sound bursting from his throat, and he turned his face and saw Jude’s sparkling eyes.

“That was incredible!” Lukas declared, another happy laugh escaping.

Jude slid forward and placed a chaste kiss against Lukas’s lips, but Lukas wanted more, and he pressed his tongue inside Jude’s mouth, deepening the kiss. He tasted something unfamiliar, and with a start he realised it was the taste of his own semen. Jude had swallowed him when he’d climaxed, and Lukas could taste the remnants. He moaned, his tongue swiping at the taste. He thought he ought to feel disgusted at such an act, but instead, he felt his flaccid penis stirring once more at the taste of himself in Jude’s mouth, and the memory of the act he’d performed and had seemed to enjoy, no less!

The kiss ended and Jude sighed. “It was incredible,” he agreed, then sat up reluctantly, and fished a pocket watch from his waistcoat.

“We have been here more than an hour,” Jude said. “Will the men be looking for you?”

Lukas sighed. “Yes, they are probably wondering where I am by now.”

Lukas too sat up and reluctantly straightened his clothing, making himself presentable for his return to the stable block. He felt incredible, warm and giddy, his body thrumming. He wanted to lie here in Jude’s arms all day, but his work was calling him.

Lukas sighed heavily. “I do not wish to leave you.”

“I know, my love,” Jude said. “Nor do I wish to leave you.”

Jude grasped his hand as they walked toward the edge of the copse where they must separate. “Are you able to return tomorrow?” Jude asked. “The same time?”

Lukas nodded. “I will make sure of it,” he said, then steeled himself for his departure.

Jude touched his palm to Lukas’s cheek once more, laid a kiss upon his lips, then released him.

Lukas began to walk briskly back to the stable block, turning around once to smile at Jude, who stood watching him.

Jude held two fingers to his lips and blew a kiss his way, and Lukas heart warmed once more.


When Lukas returned to the stable block, Holden was hollering for him.

“There you are! I’ve been crying out for donkey’s ears! Where’ve ya been?”

“Sorry,” Lukas said. “I’m here now, what didya need?”

“What do ya bloody think I need?” Holden said, hooking a thumb toward the stalls. “Get shovelin’!”

Lukas nodded and hustled off, picking up a shovel along the way. Nothing could break his good mood, not even the stinking mess he was hauling out of the stalls. His mind was full of Jude. Of Jude’s smile, and his kisses, and his hands. Lukas flushed as he wheeled the barrow full of soiled straw out of the stable block, remembering the feel of Jude’s hand on his penis, and then his penis in Jude’s mouth. His mouth! Lukas shivered with excitement, the hours until he could return to Jude once more seemed much too long.

As Lukas emptied the soiled straw, Noah approached him, his eyebrows knit together.

Lukas frowned, his happiness immediately falling away. “What do you want?”

“I just wanted to see you,” Noah said. “Make sure you were al’right. I aint seen you much since...”

“You aint seen me because you’ve been making sure not to be where I am.”

“I’m sorry, Lukas. About Madeleine. I just wish I could make you see, this is how it has to be for men like us. What we... what we did, together, it’s against God’s will.”

Lukas shook his head in disgust. “I couldn’t give a fig, Noah,” he said. “Marry Madeleine, I truly don’t care.”

“You don’t mean that, Lukas.”

“I bloody do!” Lukas said. “Now leave me be. I have work to do.” Lukas wheeled the barrow back into the stable, and put Noah out of his mind. His thoughts once more returning to Jude.


Lukas’s heart fluttered wildly as he made his way towards where Jude awaited him the following day.

Lukas approached the copse of trees and entered their secluded meeting place. Jude was already there, and his face broke into a wide smile when he saw Lukas approaching.

“Lukas!” Jude called, hurrying over to meet him.

Lukas could not help the smile which overtook his face.

“Jude!” Lukas cried, his steps also quickening. When they met, Jude wasted no time embracing him, then pulling back to clasp Lukas’s face between his palms and kiss him on the mouth.

Lukas smiled against Jude’s lips, his heart racing with happiness as he returned the kiss.

“I know it has been only a day,” Jude said between kisses. “But I’ve missed you dreadfully.”

“And I you,” Lukas said, clutching Jude’s hand between his own as they walked to the stone circle in which they could have privacy.

They sat down on the grass with their backs against the stone wall as they had the day before, and held tightly to each other’s hands. Lukas’s hands were bigger, his fingers calloused and rough from working in the stable. Jude’s fingers were slimmer, and longer, almost delicate, and Lukas held them to his lips and kissed them gently.

Jude smiled crookedly, almost shyly, and Lukas’s heart leapt once again.

“Did you bring the book with you, my love?” Jude asked.

Lukas nodded, and removed it from his inner pocket.

“Will you read to me again?” Jude asked, and Lukas smiled, shifting around until his back was pressed to Jude’s chest, and Jude’s arms were wrapped around him, holding him securely in place.

Lukas read aloud for several minutes, and couldn’t remember a time he’d felt more content in his life.

When the poem ended, Lukas laid the book down on the grass and leaned back, nuzzling his face against Jude’s neck. He closed his eyes and breathed deeply, inhaling his scent, and felt Jude press a kiss to his forehead. Lukas laughed gaily, unable to stop himself. “I’m so happy being here with you.”

“And I with you,” Jude said, nudging his nose against Lukas’s cheek until he moved his head back a little, and allowed their lips to meet.

Jude licked at Lukas’s lips, seeking entrance to his mouth, and Lukas was happy to comply with the request.

Their kisses grew urgent, and soon, their hands were roaming, exploring each other’s body’s as they had done the day before.

Lukas grew hard, his penis aching for relief from the confines of his trousers. Sensing his need, Jude slipped his hand inside Lukas’s pants and wrapped it around around the hard penis, his touch light but confident as he worked the shaft. Lukas groaned, and fell back against the soft grass, tugging his trousers down low, so that Jude had better access.

“That’s lovely, Lukas,” Jude said, then sank down, his mouth replacing his fingers and covering Lukas’s shaft in slick, wet heat.

Lukas whimpered, the sensation just as incredible as he’d remembered, and his hips bucked up of their own volition as Jude sucked him.

When Jude’s mouth pulled off with a wet pop, Lukas’s eyes flew open. Jude had two fingers in his mouth, sucking them and making them wet, and a moment later he ducked back down and sucked Lukas’s penis back in as his wet fingertips played at Luke’s entrance.

Lukas sucked in a sharp breath. This! This is what he had been wanting for so long. Oh, how he wanted it!

“Please, Jude!” Lukas cried. “Please!”

Jude slipped a finger inside Lukas’s bottom. “Yes,” Lukas moaned.

Jude continued to suck Lukas’s penis while his finger played inside him, and after a few moments he added a second finger, pumping them both in and out.

“Yes, yes, yes,” Lukas chanted, unable to keep quiet.

Lukas’s climax built rapidly, the dual sensations of Jude sucking him while his fingers played inside Lukas’s arse were almost too much to cope with, and when Jude’s fingers pressed on something deep inside Lukas, his limbs stiffened in shock as an incredible pleasure overtook him.

Jude’s fingers continued to brush against this secret place inside him, and his mouth fastened over the head of Lukas’s penis, his tongue swirling in an incredible motion. Lukas could not think coherently, he was utterly lost in the sensations, and soon after, he reached his climax, shooting his seed into Jude’s mouth.

Lukas lay panting on the ground, his spent penis twitching against his thigh, and his legs akimbo.

When he regained his senses, he reached out for Jude, wanting to bring him to his own release, but found that he already done so, and his trousers were stained with wetness.

“You spent without touching it!” Lukas was shocked.

Jude nodded, and Lukas groaned at such a thought, reaching for him and rolling them both over, until Lukas was covering Jude with his slightly bigger body, kissing him furiously and tasting himself in Jude’s mouth.

Jude kissed him back just as fiercely, and when Lukas finally rolled away to catch his breath, he felt as if he might cry he was so happy.

Jude tucked Lukas’s penis away back inside his trousers, then swiped at his own pants with his handkerchief.

“I shall have to sneak into the house and hope no one sees me before I can change my trousers,” Jude said, then laughed.

Lukas shook his head in amusement. Joking about such things was surely a sin. And yet, he found he did not care.

Moments later, they parted once more, with promises to meet again the next day. Lukas could scarcely wait.


Their days began to follow this pattern. Lukas would sneak away for an hour or so in the morning, and would meet Jude in their special place. Lukas would read for a while, Shelley, or Byron, or Coleridge, which Jude would bring for him, and then they would make love.

Lukas learned how to suck Jude’s penis, and bring him to pleasure with his mouth, and he always felt a hot sort of thrill tingle in his gut when he succeeded, and his mouth flooded with Jude’s salty release.

They sucked each other at the same time, sometimes, Lukas on his knees above Jude, his own penis dangling down into Jude’s mouth while Lukas sucked at Jude’s. They matched their breathing and became one as they strained to reach a climax at the same time. They perfected the act, and then Lukas began to want more, begging Jude to use three fingers in his bottom as he sucked him off, and then four, until he trembled with need for more, and then he begged Jude for that too.

Jude obliged, bringing a tin of salve with him one day. He slicked his hard penis with it, and then Lukas straddled his lap, feeling the hardness at his entrance.

“Slowly, Lukas,” Jude urged him. “I do not wish to hurt you.”

Lukas sank down on the shaft bit by bit, until it was fully encased in his backside. Sweat broke out on his forehead, and his chest heaved as he tried to draw breath.

“I know, my love,” Jude whispered, wiping the damp hair from his forehead. “I know it hurts a little, but that is part of it. It will feel better soon.”

Lukas nodded, and took several quick breaths, trying to accommodate the thick shaft inside him. Jude held him close and kissed his cheeks, and his forehead, and each eyelid. He rubbed Lukas’s back, and his tummy, and as the pain began to subside, Lukas began to swivel on Jude’s lap, feeling every inch of the incredible hardness inside him.

They moaned in unison, and Lukas couldn’t help but smile.

“It’s starting to feel good, Jude,” Lukas whispered as he moved.

Jude nodded, and fastened his mouth to Lukas’s neck, sucking him there as Lukas began to rise and fall, working Jude’s shaft with his bottom.

Jude moaned, and Lukas imagined how it must feel for him, then imagined his own penis inside Jude’s backside, and how much tighter and hotter it would be than Jude’s mouth. The thought made him groan hotly and he began to ride Jude’s shaft in earnest, bouncing up and down, experimenting with the angle until he found that spot inside which made everything feel incredible.

“Oh!” Lukas cried out, as he found it. He continued to bounce, hitting the spot over and over, clutching tightly to Jude’s shoulders. “Oh!”

Jude’s hand wrapped around Lukas’s leaking shaft, and tugged it in time with Lukas’s movements.

Lukas felt his orgasm approaching, and he began to ride Jude faster and faster. Jude’s hand tightened on his shaft, milking him, and with a loud cry, Lukas reached his crescendo, emptying into Jude’s hand. His bottom clamped down tightly when he came, and Jude cried out, urging him not to stop his movements. A moment later, Jude came too, shooting his semen deep inside Lukas.

Lukas collapsed against Jude’s chest, his breathing laboured, and he felt Jude’s seed dripping out of his bottom. He shivered through aftershocks, slumped in Jude’s arms, exhausted, sated, and with his heart bursting with love, and prayed to God that he could have this, always.