12 June 2024 @ 11:09 am
About the Site Issues  
So lately we've seen an uptick in issues on the site.

1) Comments disappearing/reappearing. I believe that this is due to the site's code bing a bit older yet we were using a newer version of our database caching software. It seems that the cache wasn't getting updated and was delivering the site without specific comments until something on the page changed causing the cache to get updated. All comments have always been safe in the database but the caching layer hasn't been handling it. For now we think things are good with this particular issue.

2) The 504 errors. We have been tracking a MAJOR uptick in bot activity on the internet. These are programs that many developers are using to scrape content from the internet. We are looking to see what we can do to reduce the amount of bot traffic and help the site be more stable. We are also looking into ways to help us recover from outages faster. Right now it can take 10-20 minutes for the automated recovery to help the site get back to normal after it crashes. We hope to significantly reduce this.

All in all, we're working on it and we haven't abandoned the site at all. This is all just part of running a small site on the internet and dealing with how it changes.