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Last call, ladies and gents! [07 Jan 2008|06:09pm]
[ mood | bouncy ]

My sister's surgery is coming up rather quickly. It's on Wednesday, in fact. The day after tomorrow! AND in a mere 6 hours, it will in fact BE tomorrow. It's crazy.

Tomorrow night I'm putting together a large "get well soon/we love you" card so-to-speak for her. It's actually going to be a paper quilt. Everyone is decorating a piece of paper that is 6 x 6 in, with anything their heart desires. It can be funny, pretty, cute, inspirational, WHATEVER. As long as it's for Lori, and it's positive, I'm all for it.

So far I have about 20 squares (and there are more on the way from various friends and relatives).

This is the last call for anyone who wants to contribute to this quilt/card. Whether you know my sister or not, you are welcome to make something for her. Believe me, she'll love it.

I know a lot of you are out of state, (some out of country!) but you can still contribute by either a). Making something on the computer and sending it to me or b). E-mailing me what you would like to include on your square, and I will gladly decorate one for you. But if you're set on making something yourself, you are more than welcome to. Just let me know, and I'll leave a space to glue in your quilt square.

Thank you so much everyone! Keep those prayers coming!

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And now I'm ready to be.... [07 Jan 2008|10:48pm]
[ mood | pained ]

Ah so how do we start the entry for today? It's funny how, when you don't write it seems like you have nothing to write about. BUT once you DO actually write, suddenly there's a pluthera of opportunity in the blogging department.

Of course it probably just fuels the fire that I'm reading a book ABOUT blogging. Kinda. Well, you'll see when I post the review, a la Candy-style :)


Last night I could NOT sleep. Which is completely craptastical when you have to work at 7:30 am. But whatever. I showered really quick in the morning, figuring that it would give me at least somewhat of a jolt to start the day. If I hadn't I probably would have just continued to hit "snooze" anyway. Meh.

So I get to work, and set off on my first duty of the day, pricing the fence. The fence is quite literally, a fence. It's chainlink and separates the sales floor from the back warehouse area. You can't usually see one side from the other, though, because on the floor there's rows of refrigerators. And if you didn't know, those things are pretty tall. :) Anyway, on the fence's backside (giggle), stock people line up merchandise that is needed out on the floor. It's my job to scan the barcodes and print the stickers with the prices on them. I have to check off whether or not the item is used or new, and also that it is damaged. It actually gets a little more complicated than that, but that's a story for another time.

So anyway, there's Jackie, la la la, pricing the fence, when I'm told by --Craig? Al? I can't remember who, but someone told me that there would be a meeting in Alvin's office. Again. Boy does that beady-eyed little mongoose love his meetings.

Let's get this straight. I hate him. HAAAAATE him. I think you'd be hard-pressed to find someone in the store who actually LIKES him. Ack. Alvin is our newest manager. He replaced Dave back in July which was a bittersweet moment. I LIKE Dave. He's a good guy. But he's also the step-father of my ex-ass hole, so it was good to have that seperation.

Alvin seemed cool at the beginning, but now... he's just a Grade A PRICK. I'm serious! Let's list off some of the bullshit he's pulled, shall we?

**Umm before I do that, I'd just like to comment on the fact that we have a Tornado Watch. In freakin' JANUARY. If something happens, just know that.. to those I love, I just want to say, I love you! **

Okay, so that list...

-He marches up to you, tells you what to do, and then walks away without a hello.
-He tries to change people.
-His wife is very easily offended, and if we are doing/wearing/whatevering something that she would find offensive, we can't do/wear/whatever it. Puh-leaze Alvin! We don't know your wife and we don't give a crap what she thinks!
-He threw away someone's magazine because it mentioned "Divorce" on the cover, when he himself has had one. Ew. Okay dude, you were so at all the book burnings in your past lives, weren't you?!
-We are not allowed to drink out of the drink fountains. Don't ask me, I don't know!
-He told Lori once that she WAS staying past her scheduled time and that he would *try* to get her out on time. Bite me, jackass. You can't DO that!
-He scheduled Friday off, the day a BIG BOSS was coming in, for a doctor's appointment for a physical. Today, he would NOT let Lori take the day off to go to the doctor to see about some major issues with her FOOT! Okay fuckface, that is NOT cool. Selfish conceited prick-faced jack-hole!
-He came up to me when I was about to be late punching out and was talk-talk-talking to me about finding Marianne so she could show me what merchandise we were sending out so that I could clean it (said merch is known as a "truck" for future fuck I just saw lightning. Sorry. Future reference). Okay, first of all SHUT UP! I've BEEN cleaning these stupid trucks for a looong time I know where they are! And further more, that truck wasn't being sent out for another 2 weeks! Grrrrr.

There's a ton more but I'm just pissing myself off right now. At least people were talking back to him today. In that dumbass meeting he said that we can blame him for the truck not getting wrapped and Marianne was like "I DO blame you!" I laughed a lot. I love her. And THEN today, the day of Lori's appointment, he was gabbing on during our SECOND meeting of the day about dress code. She told him flat out that she was wearing what she had. Kudos to you, babe! I swear, if he ever says a WORD to me about being on my phone while it's with my sister, I will rip him a new one. No joke. You don't fuck with me when it comes to my family, especially when they need me. Ugh.

OH OH speaking of phone! (It's raining now, btw). This is something else he did:

*Jackie decides to be nice and stay late at work to help out Lori with a truck, even though she is meeting her friend later for dinner*
*Jackie calls up said friend and leaves a voicemail letting her know that she would be at work an hour or so later*
*Alvin walks by while Jackie is on the phone*
*Jackie walks up to Marianne and Katherine just in time to here Alvin send M a page over the WALKIE TALKIES*
Alvin: Tell Jackie she can't be on her cell phone during work.

Ohhhhhh I wanted to rip him 5 new ones. Seriously! FIRST OF ALL, we are ALLOWEDDDDD to be on the phone at work as long as that's not ALL we do, and as long as it's not on the FLOOR! SECOND OF ALL!!!!!!!! The sales people talk on their phones, all the time, ON THE FLOOR!!! Yell at them you dicklicker! FINALLY, I'm doing YOU a fucking favor. At least have the maturity to not PAGE OVER THE WHOLE WALKIE TALKIE SYSTEM and BROADCAST my business all over the place. Talk to me yourself you prick, you were what, 50 feet away from me?

He'll also page someone on the walkies to have THEM page someone else on the walkie to come see him. How fucking lazy and arrogant can you get? I hate him. HATE HIM.

That rant just spoiled my journal writing mood, and now my wrist hurts lol Today's bullshit DID rekindle the idea I had to write a book about The Outlet. I do have some GREAT characters there, I just dunno what the plot would be! Anyone have any ideas?

Also, I have to write a paper for school on something I am passionate about, and we have to give a presentation as well. Anyone have any ideas? My outline is due next Monday :P

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