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Cold as fire baby, hot as ice [08 Jan 2008|11:21pm]
[ mood | annoyed ]
[ music | Britney Spears // Blackout ]

So, Beady-Eyed Mongoose strikes again.

So today I'm at work and it's actually going pretty well. I sort of blew off the first hour, but it was talking to Eddie so whatever lol. I love Eddie. He's so funny. He got married at 19, has been with his wife 40 years, they both ride motorcycles, neither of them have ever smoked or done drugs, and he's drank exactly ONCE in his life. He's what, 55 or so? And he's very punny. (Example, he went into a store that sells cherry products, and upon leaving said, "Thank you cherry much!" to the cashier lol. He cracks me up).

And then I took my sweet time pricing the fence. Not because I meant to, but because the first printer I got just would NOT scan, and the first roll of stickers I used kept jamming. Meh. But it finished. Lori was really sick, and she had 4 trucks to receive. It's a really lengthy process, but I enjoy it, and I enjoy helping her. So when I was asked to assist her, I was all for it.

So we're working.
Hi Ho, Hi Ho, it's off to work we go...

We go to lunch.

We get back, and about 10 minutes later, Marianne texts Lori and it says "Alvin is tired of". Well okay then lol. We hunt her down. Apparently Alvin told her that he was sick of Lori complaining and leaving early. He's thinking of demoting her to a cleaning position and giving me and Lisa her job.

Umm HELLO? That's not how it works!

FIRST of all, jack-shit, she is not a CLEANER. If she finished her work, Kevin TOLD HER that she can leave early. It costs the company money for her to stay later, anyway, and if her job is DONE, then she does NOT HAVE TO STAY!

Also, the BEM is pissed that Lori won't STAY PAST HER SHIFT to CLEAN FRIDGES! HI! Again, NOT HER JOB! Why the HELL would she stay late to do NOT HER JOB?!??!

Lori called Kevin and told her that she heard all this when she was about to go into the office. He said that no, he can NOT just demote her or fire her. First off, she has to be written up twice and then KEVIN has to approve it. Ha. That's not happening.

Kevin is a good person! And Alv... er, the BEM, is a chauvinistic, lazy-ass power-tripping freak!

When we were setting up the Day After Thanksgiving sale, Alvin worked. Katherine and I ended up staying late. Alvin got one or two other employees to help us work.

When we were setting up the Day After Christmas sale, Kevin worked. Katherine and I, again, ended up staying late. Kevin HIMSELF helped! He got a roll of red tags and started tagging the refrigeration section, and THEN, because she and I stayed so late, he said the next day we worked, we could go home as soon as we finished the sale! (We didn't finish it that day).

Now THAT is a good manager, and a good person. Definitely not a woman-hater. And Alvin IS a cocky bastard who thinks women are beneath him. When Lori's husband came in to visit one day, Alvin said "Thanks for letting her work with us." Um, ex-squeeze me? Baking powder? LETTING her work? As if she needed his permission!

I'm serious, no one likes this prick. I left in a HORRIBLE mood. Good thing I had therapy right after work, lol. I got to vent about the BEM. I hate him. I told my therapist that I actually liked my job, I like the people I work with, but I HATE him. I hope his stupid ass gets fired. I swear, the SECOND he does something wrong I'm calling that 1-800 number. Ugh.

In other news, my sister's surgery is tomorrow. Most of her quilt card is patched together, except for a few that either haven't arrived yet, or haven't dried yet. Or haven't been made yet lol. I will admit, I'm a bit nervous, but everyone is praying and I'm trying to stay as positive as I can. Hopefully after this she'll be back to her happy self. I don't like my sister depressed :(

OH and OMG One Tree Hill. I HATED Nathan for the first hour and fifty-five minutes lol. He redeemed himself in the end though, so I suppose I'll end up forgiving him. I really like this show, and Supernatural of course. Here's hoping that the CW doesn't fuck it up like every other good show they've had their grubby little hands on :P

PS-- Um, why is it that I can't choose an icon until AFTER I post the entry? Wee-uhhld.

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