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[13 Jan 2008|06:02pm]
[ mood | tired ]

Well, that was sure a long week!

My sister is home now. I don't trust my brother-in-law to take awesome care of her, but w/e. She wanted to stay there.

She feels a lot better today, which is good. Also, my other sis took work off tomorrow to go over there. That's good. I'm thinking about staying over there Tuesday night and coming back home on Wednesday before class. Of course, I'll have to buy some allergy meds, cuz she has a kitty. Who, by the way, is fat and chubby and so freakin' cute. I want one!

*sigh* This week has been so busy that I haven't even began my assignment to make an outline for a paper. I barely was even able to think of a topic, which is why I'm glad I discussed it with my therapist. I'm just gonna do an aspect of Narcissism. I already have 2 books on the subject and I wanted to learn about it anyway. It's not very fun, but oh well. I can always change my mind later!

I haven't heard back from one teacher, whose class I missed :( AND I keep forgetting to call Robin to schedule my Advanced Studio. This is lame. LAME I tell you! I will try to remember to call her during work tomorrow.

Meh. I guess I should try out that outline now, eh?

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