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[17 Jan 2008|04:59pm]
[ mood | sad ]


So my sister is back in the hospital. She has a pelvic infection, so they want her back for a few days. I'm so stressed. I'm just glad that I was the one to answer the phone. If my mom had relayed the information to me, I'd probably be feeling a lot worse right now because she is so negative.

As for the tumor they found, I guess it's up to her if she wants radiation? Apparently if it's a certain size, then they do radiation. If it's under a certain size, they don't. Hers is on the borderline, so it's up to her. I think she should do it, to be on the safe side.

Ugh. This is so lame. At least I found my mp3 player. When I travel with my mom I can play it full blast so I don't hear her comments about how bad this is, and so I don't hear her sighs or how depressed she is. I don't think she or my brother-in-law realize that positive thoughts create positive vibes, and positive vibes create positive results. With all this negativity surrounding her, no wonder things keep going wrong.

When I'm depressed or scared or whatever, I like to indulge myself in my tv on dvd. Therefore when I saw the complete Buffy series on sale for $100 at Costco, I jumped right on that. So what if I already have all the individual seasons? It's different :P Also, Target had season 7 of Gilmore Girls on sale, and season 1 of Psyche. That's plenty of tv distracting goodness for me. Yum.

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