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Birthday. [11 Feb 2008|10:25pm]
[ mood | exhausted ]
[ music | The Wreckers ]

So overall it was pretty sweet. Had a fun game night on Saturday. I won "Loaded Questions". Go me, woo! Haha. That game is a lot of fun. So is Taboo. Afterwards, went to Target, and then Laura came over and we watched some Harold and Kumy. Can't wait for the sequel, btw :)

Today I saw Juno with my mom, and we went to Applebees afterwards. That was a pretty good movie. I want the soundtrack. I got mostly money, but my mom got me some sweet stuff for lunch at work (new thermos, lunch box, etc). Noelle got me a magic "date" ball (according to it, Jamie, Laura, and I will all get boyfriends this year. When I asked if mine would be Paul Rudd it said "Sure!" And I'm pretty sure it was just humoring me lol) and also she name a star after me. Awww :)

Also, if Gary decides not to be a major butthead, Lori might be able to come to South Carolina with us in May. My aunt is taking my mom and I, and since I'm terrified of flying, she said one of my sister's could drive. I hope Gary lets her. Cuz it'll be fun, she totally deserves a vacation, and it would mean no airplanes for me. PLUS if we drive through North Carolina, we might have to stay the night there. If we have to stay the night there, it might be in Wilmington. If it's in Wilmington, then I might be asked to join the cast of One Tree Hill. Lol, okay probably not, BUT if I could be an extra on the show, I'd be sooooo happy.

So yes. Pray for Lori to get better and be strong, as always, but also throw in "please let her husband let her come to SC". That would rock :)

Anyway. I was feeling sad, but after singing in the shower and writing I feel a bit better. I hope Lori's okay as well. She sounded sad when she called me earlier. Pray for her to be happy, please, as well :)

K I have to work early so I should go. Later all :)

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