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Cathy's Book [17 Mar 2008|01:13am]
[ mood | tired ]

Title: Cathy's Book
Author: Stewart/Weisman/Brigg
Copyright date: 2006
Publisher: Running Press
How many pages: 143
How long it took me to read: 4 days

Category: Teen fiction
I learned about this book from: Looking around at Target.
This book was purchased at: Borders.
Other books by this author: Cathy's Key

Main characters: Cathy
Favorite characters: Cathy, Victor, Tsao
Least favorite Characters: Ummm... Jun. And those cops.
When and Where the story takes place: California
Plot in a nutshell: Cathy is dating this guy, when he suddenly disappears. Being kinda crazy (she set a previous ex's car on fire lol) she goes to his house and discovers this huge mystery, and it's all documented in her journal.

What I liked best:I really like the journal format, and the mystery. Oh and that Veronica Mars was mentioned in a review, and I did NOT know that until I actually bought the book. I know what you're thinking :P
What I liked least: Some of the acronyms I didn't know :P

What parts could you relate to: I didn't so much relate to this, as I wish I could be way more forward like Cathy is. Minus the setting cars on fire lol. She barfs in the car intentionally so that her DNA is left behind incase these copper dudes mean to kill her.
Did you learn anything from this book: Not really, but it was fun.
Would you read it again, or give it away: I would probably read it again, but actually call the phone numbers and check the websites and stuff, because I think it's set up so that they actually work.
Would this book make a good movie?: Yeah, it could.
Quote from the book that sums it up: "Without us, the world is just things, Cathy. It's our seeing that fills them with meaning." --Cathy's dad, pg 128.

Overall Rating: Fun, interactive.. cool journal format. I liked it! Candace, you might wanna read it :)

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Hells, Bells [17 Mar 2008|04:11pm]
[ mood | bouncy ]

What an emotional day.

It started off at an emotional low. This woman came into our store and was a total bitch. We have our mattresses on racks. Some are sold as singles, some are sold as a set (matt + foundation). The ones that are sold as a set, you price together and write the total and stick it on there. Well it just so happened that SHE wanted a set that came as a set, but each piece was priced individually instead of added together. Also, on the foundation's tag it said "box only" but the mattress tag did NOT say "matt only" (I hope that makes sense).

Anywho, Sandra, the sales associate that was helping her out, called me over to ask me what was up with this. I wasn't quite sure. The lady was pretty bitchy and asked to see a manager, but I went and got Katherine first. BEFORE she asked to see the manager, I said that Katherine would know what was up (she has the same job as me). So I got Katherine, and this woman bitched at her saying "This says box only, but this doesn't say matt only. As a customer, this is confusing to me. I'll take it right now if you give it to me for the mattress price". When she realized that Katherine wasn't a manager she decided to chew me out, because she asked for a MANAGER. Katherine tried to tell her that the manager wouldn't change the price. Psycho-woman wouldn't listen, though.

"I was a manger for 20 years, you don't know what the manager can do! Go get a manager!" Blah blah blah. While Katherine left she went on and on and on to me about all this crap. Finally when Alvin and Kevin showed up, I left. Dumb biotch. Did they give it to her for the matt price? NO. Ugh. Just like we SAID!!!!!!! RARRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!

So needless to say, I was in a pretty P.O'd mood. Until I talked to my friend, Laura.

I had texted her about some non-sense, and she texted back, but added "Oh btw I freaking love Veronica Mars". (She borrowed it from me).

Well, if you know me, you could pretty much say "Say no more!" and realize how happy I was lol. But I'll go on. It was like euphoria.

Laura said she was hooked after the first episode. That she loved the characters and the writing and the situations. She LOVES LOVES LOVES Kristen Bell now. Where as she liked her before (due to me, thank you very much ;), she REALLY loves her now. She's also sad because she knows VM ends rather abruptly *tear*. BUT if we get enough people to watch this show, then maybe we can get more!!!!!!

So I was elated. This happened around 12:30, 1ish and I'm still riding the wave of excitement that Laura loved the show so much. I was so happy and smiley and I could go on and on and on but I won't.

Hey, I may be a nerd. But you all love me :)

PS -- Watch Veronica Mars ;)

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