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What do you love about where you live? [12 Apr 2008|06:08pm]
[ mood | bored ]

Well that's an interesting question, considering the offer that was just made to me.

The most obvious answer to that question is my family and friends. I could probably find happiness most anywhere I lived, as long as they were there with me. That's what really makes a place your home, I think.

But what else? As much as it can by infuriating, annoying, or downright puzzling, I'm often amused by the weather here in Michigan. You often hear people say that if you're concerned about global warming, just move here lol. It's seriously crazy. I remember one day years ago while at Target, it was sunny, raining, snowing, and storming all within a period of an hour or so. Yesterday it was warm enough to wear shorts outside, today it's a bit chilly, and Sunday there is snow in the forecast. Yep, that's Michigan for ya.

I also like how we don't have a lot of crazy weather. Being surrounded by five massive lakes (that Bowling for Soup called oceans once) keeps us relatively safe from that. And they're so gorgeous. I had the pleasure of being along Lake Michigan last summer and it was BEAUTIFUL.

So that's what I love. Great finishing statement, no?

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